Why Small Businesses Need Vehicle Graphics

One of the most difficult parts of operating a small business is trying to find the balance between budget and your marketing needs. Small businesses often can’t throw a lot of money at their advertising and marketing campaign. They need to invest in top-quality campaigns and methods that will get them major returns for their investment. One of the ways that small businesses can get the exposure they need from their campaigns is by using vehicle graphics that can get their name and contact information out to their market or beyond. And vehicle graphics can be used in different ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

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One of the major benefits of vehicle graphics is their mobility. Vehicle graphics turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard. That means you get exposure everywhere you go in your vehicle. This is especially useful if your small business uses vehicle in your work. For example, plumbers, contractors or landscapers use vehicles to get themselves to and from different jobs and even haul equipment. You can turn your truck or trailer into a billboard that provide people with the name of your business and the information they need to contact you. Even ride share drivers can make use of vehicle graphics.

For Your Own Vehicle

Vehicle graphics aren’t limited to these types of mobile businesses, though. You can use vehicle graphics on your personal vehicle too. So, as you go about your daily business, you can be advertising your small business. Whether you’re at the grocery store or making your daily commute to the office, you can make sure your name, your brand and your contact information is reaching everyone you pass on the way. This gives you the opportunity to grab business in your market but also outside of your market as you travel to new places.

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The Right Graphics for You

Another great thing about vehicle graphics is that they’re customizable. Depending on what you need from your vehicle graphics we can help you find a solution that fits your budget. You can opt for a full vehicle wrap, which will cover your whole vehicle in branded images, logos, designs and copy. This is a bit more expensive, but you’ll get about five years of use out of a wrap. That means you get five years of maximum exposure as you travel. If a full wrap is in your budget, you can still get big graphics with a partial wrap. With a partial wrap we use your vehicles base color in the design and only cover part of the vehicle. And if you need something a little bit smaller, we can use vinyl lettering and decals to make sure that at the least, your name, logo and contact information are displayed on your vehicle. This is an affordable option and will help you build your business where ever you go. So, depending on your budget and your needs, we can find a solution for your small business and your vehicle.

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4 Tips for Designing Effective Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap is an easy, effective way to get noticed. Everyone who sees you out on the road will get exposure to your business. To make sure you make the most of it, follow these tips when deciding on a vehicle wrap design. That way, you’ll be able to design a quality wrap that will be cost-effective and also raises brand awareness, which is the point of mobile marketing.

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1. Know the Vehicle

Before you can decide on the best design for a vehicle wrap, you should know the vehicle you’re going to cover. Vehicle wraps will obviously vary greatly from a van to an SUV to a hatchback. Make sure you’re familiar with the measurements of the parts of the vehicle you want to cover. This will ensure the design is as effective as it can be.

Also related to this: choosing the right type of vehicle wrap, whether full or partial, is very much dependent on your particular type of vehicle. Full wraps, while great for larger vans, may not work so well for a coupe.

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2. Use the Right Colors and Design

The key is to be bold. Choose bright, eye-catching colors and bold designs to get your vehicle noticed. You have a large canvas. Think big and try to develop something that will not only attract attention but also be memorable.

If you are a food truck owner, use red in your design. It encourages appetite and will get customers coming to you quickly. If you are a plumber, perhaps blues and grays would be appropriate.

Vehicle wraps and graphics in Brookfield CT

3. Be Obvious but Not Over Zealous

Yes, your design should be bright and eye-catching, but you want to balance your design with some simple elements. Don’t make it so vibrant and overcrowded that the important details get lost in the design.

A vehicle wrap gets a lot of exposure, but also keep in mind that you don’t have a lot of time to capture people’s attention. Sometimes, it might only be as long as the time it takes to stop at a stop sign or traffic light. Make sure people can easily tell what kind of business you’re in with a quick look at your vehicle.

4. Stay on Brand

If you’ve already spent time developing your brand and have a logo or slogan that you’ve been using in your advertising, make sure that it’s included in your vehicle wrap. You want to make sure that people put the pieces together, and know that the van they see at their neighbor’s house and the company that has the cool logo are one in the same.


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