Advertise with Van Wraps for Urgent Care Centers in Bethel CT!

Located at 6 Stony Hill Road, Beyond Urgent Care is your go-to location for emergency services. But the company does more than provide urgent care assistance to patients. Caregivers there handle lab work, give vaccinations, and do school and work physicals. When the company’s management team decided to discuss vehicle wraps for urgent care centers in Bethel, CT, its representative contacted our sign specialists for assistance.

Putting Together a Wrap to Advertise an Urgent Care Facility

Vehicle Wraps for Urgent Care Centers in Bethel CT

We worked with the company’s representatives to put together a look that defines the branding message of the business. The vehicle now features a list of the clinic’s services, in the form of a prescription, and displays bandages toward the front and back. On the front, we placed the company’s name and phone number. This presentation is noticeable, matches the color scheme of the vehicle perfectly, and draws attention to the business’ name and niche.

What can Your Company do with a Wrap?

Van Graphics for Urgent Care Centers in Bethel CT

For the majority of businesses, a wrap is a tool for advertising a storefront or service enterprise. However, there are additional benefits to investing in this product.

  • Introduce consumers to a new business. If you are a newcomer to the local business community, you have an advantage over other newcomers if you introduce your business with a professional vehicle wrap. By presenting your company’s name, logo, and a menu of services with a graphics product, you hit the ground running and quickly become a household name.
  • Align advertising strategies. When your targeted demographic is already aware of your business – frequently because they have seen your treated vehicles around town – they may respond more favorably to your flyers and direct mail ads. Combining multiple marketing strategies in this way yields results because of your success of creating name recognition early on.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition. The sides of your truck or van are large billboards that can help you to show how your company is markedly different from nearby competitors. Whether you offer additional services or popular products that others may not carry in their inventories, use a wrap to stand out from other businesses.

Designing Your Wrap

Whether you need van wraps for urgent care centers in Bethel, CT, or for contracting businesses, we can help. Contact our graphic artists to schedule your design consultation. At that time, we discuss the artwork that you want to include in the appearance. If you already have some images on file, we can incorporate them into the design. If you are just starting out, or if you would prefer to have a whole new look, we gladly create your product from the ground up.

Remember that we can treat any vehicle. Whether you ride a scooter, drive a company car, or operate heavy machinery, we can design wraps for each type of conveyance. By the way, we also create wraps for the private consumer. Color-change wraps are among the most popular products to adjust the look of a vehicle so that it is more to the owner’s taste. Get started on your project today!

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