3D Letter Lobby Signs in Danbury CT Brand Businesses in the Matrix Corporate Center

Located at 39 Old Ridgebury Road, the Matrix Corporate Center is now home to Helen of Troy Limited. This company is a competitive player in the markets featuring housewares, healthcare items, and personal care products. When the company’s management team decided to look at lobby signs for businesses in the Matrix Corporate Center in Danbury, CT, its representative contacted our specialists.

Three-dimensional Letters Add Pizzazz to a Lobby

3D Letter lobby signs in Danbury CT

After consulting with our client, we designed a sign that consists of dimensional letters with a 3D effect. The company’s name and the segment of its product line now display in satin blue letters against a cream-colored wall. The combination of fonts is attractive and draws attention to the business’ niche. Visiting clients, partners, and investors know instantly that they have come to the right place. This signage solution also succeeds in reminding those coming to the office that beauty products are only one segment of the firm’s overall successful approach to doing business.

Choosing Your Reception Area Signage

Selecting the look that is perfectly suited for your venue comes down to a variety of choices. When combined, they provide the customization required to communicate your brand.

  • Material. Do you want your signage components to consist of metal, acrylic, foam, or something else altogether? Each element brings a different message to your foyer. For example, metal bespeaks stability while acrylic highlights out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Letters or logo board. Dimensional letters mounted flush to the wall look professional and appealing. Add standoffs, and your lettering gives off the illusion of floating on the wall’s surface. A logo board, on the other hand, provides your reception area with a style element that transforms the signage into wall art.
  • Measurements. Size matters. Erring on the side of going too large rather than staying too small is usually a good way to decide on the dimensions. A sign that is too small calls attention to its diminutive size because it does not fit in well with the space. If your sign is too large, it is possible to work with your office’s furnishings to make it fit in better.

Getting Help

Buying 3D letter lobby signs in Danbury, CT, should not have to be difficult. When you contact our graphic artists, we can work with you to put together a design that is ideally suited for your space and budget. If you like, we gladly visit your location to take measurements and offer you advice on the right size and placement for the product. Moreover, we can show you what a lettering design would look like when compared to a logo board.

Now is also a good time to think through illumination. Backlit lobby signs are quickly catching on as being the definitive wow factor for any office. Choose this enhancement whether you run a small software company out of a storefront in a mixed zone neighborhood or are taking a suite at the Matrix Corporate Center. It is interesting to note that this presentation makes you look like a million bucks without costing a lot. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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