A List of Popular Building Signs for Brookfield CT

Whether your company does business close to the Brookfield Four Corners or near the Historic District, you need the right building signs for Brookfield, CT. Because of the broad range of possible designs and material combinations, your company’s location can stand out – tastefully – no matter where your storefront or office is located. What are your options?

Light Box Cabinets Offer Adaptable Shapes

Building Signs Brookfield CT | Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Although the typical electrical cabinet displays as a rectangle, you are not obligated to observe this convention. Our clients have chosen shapes that resemble their logos, other geometric forms, or designs that adjust to the features of a building such as steeples or overhangs. No matter what setup you select, we use sturdy but lightweight aluminum for each design. Illumination comes from LEDs or fluorescent lamps. The facing consists of a polycarbonate sold under the Lexan trademark.

Channel Letters Highlight Your Font and Underscore Company Colors

Building Signs in Brookfield CT | Channel Letters

The typical channel letters remind of the box cabinet’s manufacture. That said, we take care to shape each letter in your chosen font, which assists with branding. You have the opportunity of illuminating these building signs with façade lamps or opting for built-in LEDs, which make it easy to present with an attractive display after dark. Choose from front or back-lit lettering. Our installers either mount the letters directly to your façade or opt for the raceway method when the first option is not feasible. Doing so ensures that we can always service your signage if needed.

Dimensional or Pin-mounted Letters

Building Signs Brookfield CT | Dimensional Letters

Sometimes, our clients like the idea of ordering a building sign that they can then reprise on the interior in a size-adjusted setup. In these cases, dimensional letters are ideal. Choose from metal or plastic lettering that our technicians cut, cast, mold, or fabricate. It makes sense to mimic the look of your online presentation, which helps consumers with wayfinding as well as brand recognition. We correctly color-match the letters to your preferred tones, which enhances the overall cohesion of your marker displays. Depending on your façade’s setup, our installers may suggest a flush or a stud mount.

Monuments or Pylons

Building Signs Brookfield CT | Pylon Signs

Depending on the setup of your business and the zoning rules of your particular location, you may opt for a monument, which usually is no taller than six feet or a pylon that rises into the air and displays your message for motorists to see from a distance. Monuments may have brick bases although contemporary products also feature pre-fabricated foam or aluminum construction. Pylon signs feature sturdy support poles that display your company’s marker in between them. Frequently, these are electrical cabinets.

How to Buy Building Signs for Brookfield, CT, Locations

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your product requirements. If you are unsure which sign would be the most suitable for your location, our experts gladly visit your venue for a site survey and evaluation. At that time, we take measurements, gauge the speed of traffic, and investigate the makeup of the façade. Once our survey is done, we are equipped to give you recommendations. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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