Adult Daycare Center Brands with Vinyl Car Lettering and Logos

Located at 52 Federal Road, Almost Home Adult Daycare LLC is a facility that offers personal care, exercise and nursing services to its clients. Art classes, visits from friendly comfort dogs, golf, bingo, and onsite entertainment are some of the activities that patrons look forward to during a typical month. When this facility needed vinyl car lettering in Danbury, CT, its management team contacted our graphic artists.

Vinyl car graphics for Adult Daycare Centers in Danbury CT

The vehicle is a minivan with a silver color. It features Almost Home’s name and logo, just as it displays on the service provider’s website. Doing so is advantageous because it fosters name recognition among consumers. Those who had previously researched the business online will recognize the name and logo when they see in on the vehicle. This may prompt these prospective clients to make the phone call and schedule an appointment. For others, it is the first exposure to the adult daycare and prompts an Internet search for further information.

Getting Results with Vehicle Graphics and Lettering

Cars, trucks, minivans or large box trucks provide ideal surfaces for the display of your marketing and branding messages.

  • Name recognition. The more frequently a consumer sees your name and logo, the more likely it is that s/he will recognize it simply by the slant of the font or selection of colors.
  • Branding. Evoking the right types of emotions in passersby convinces consumers that you and they share a common goal, worldview, understanding or similar value. A prospective buyer is far more likely to do business with you if your values match.
  • Product awareness. It is not enough for the consumer to know your name or recognize your logo. The buyer must also know what product you sell or service you provide. This is of particular importance if the nature of your business is not immediately apparent from either your name or your logo.

Since the frequency of exposure is a significant component of success, it makes sense to treat all vehicles associated with your company.

How to Display Vinyl Car Logos in Danbury, CT

The most basic package consists of lettering and a reproduction of your logo. This setup identifies your business by name and offers contact information. The next step is the addition of a graphics package. Doing so has the advantage of adding images that catch the eye. Once you have the attention of the consumer, s/he takes in the rest of your message as well.

A partial wrap incorporates your vehicle’s color in the design of a vinyl skin that covers a good portion of the surface. A full wrap is a marvel of intricate designs, colors, text and similar style elements. It looks very much like a scene from a television commercial and appeals to the customer on the same level. We like to refer to full wraps as the Corvettes of the vehicle graphics spectrum.

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your vinyl car lettering, logos and graphics questions. We work with you to put together a package that expertly brands your business and invites prospective buyers to imagine how your products or services could make their lives better.

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