A&J Construction Brands with Contractor Equipment Vinyl Graphics in Brookfield CT

Do you remember the dump truck decals we recently did for A&J Construction? The professionals at the paving, milling, and reclaiming business contacted us earlier this year to put together this graphics product for a dump truck. When the business’ management team called us again, it needed contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CT.

Customization Calls for Color and Placement Adjustments

contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CTAfter consulting with our client, we learned that the equipment we would treat consisted of a skid steer and an excavator. These are familiar sights on construction sites, which make them excellent tools for presenting the company’s branding and marketing communications. We adapted the look of the graphics with the substrate in mind.

Although both vehicles are yellow, the manufacturer placed its lettering for one conveyance on a black surface. It was decided to do likewise with the client’s information. We created the graphics to feature A&J Construction’s well-known red lettering alongside a white lettering setup for the niche explanation. The other piece of construction equipment does not present this option. For this reason, we introduced the niche statement with black lettering, which contrasts better with the yellow color.

Both vehicles now present the company’s information. The letters fit in perfectly with the other data already displayed on the equipment. That said, the red color of the lettering makes it stand out and highly noticeable.

Why Including Even Equipment in Your Mobile Marketing Presence is Important

contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CTMarketing and branding with your gear is just as important as doing so with your trucks, vans, and company’s cars. This understanding is not just the case for the vehicles you drive every day, but also for the ones you only use on occasion or in the field. Moreover, if you rent out equipment, it is always a good idea to have your marketing message on display. This practice allows those renting from you, and those doing business with them, to become familiar with your business and corporate branding.

Our graphic design specialists frequently work with business clients who ask us about applying full or partial wraps to tow equipment, trucks, vans, and similar conveyances. Machinery that undergoes heavy use in the field may benefit from the application of durable decals and similar products that we treat with specialty UV laminates. If frequent exposure to moisture is a problem, let our graphic artists know. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of lettering and graphics that are specially made with weathering adverse conditions in mind.

Buy Contractor Equipment Vinyl Graphics in Brookfield CT

If you have recently added new equipment to your business’ overall setup, or if you have a fleet of untreated vehicles and equipment pieces, we can help with your graphics needs. Whether you envision wraps, graphics and lettering combinations, or lettering packages only, our experts gladly put together a product for your review. By adding your brand message to equipment that others see, you succeed in widening the reach of your brand and advertising. After all, even if peers surround you, remember that they may be asked for recommendations of specific professionals and if your name pops up, the decal pays for itself countless times over.

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contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CT