Use Window Graphics to Gain New Customers

If you are a new or small business opening up, you may feel that you really don’t have a lot of options when it comes to signage. You’re watching your budget, counting your pennies, and you probably don’t have a ton of time to spare. Maybe you feel like you’re stuck using a multitude of yard signs to advertise your grand opening or seasonal sales.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Window graphics are a great and affordable option for you. These signs can be used as interior or exterior signage, and are very cost-effective. This alone makes them an excellent choice for emerging local retail stores, but there are even more advantages to these vinyl graphics. Let’s look at a few of them.

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They’re Very Easy to Customize

You can pretty much design window graphics to your exact liking. They can be large or small, bright or subdued (though we’d recommend going big and bold for a grand opening, for example) and can even reflect seasons. Put graphics shaped like autumn leaves or notebooks on your storefront windows for a back-to-school clothing sale. This is just one example; your options are endless.

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They’re Also Easy to Apply

Need a quick-to-apply and simple to remove sign? Look no further than custom window graphics. These are made of vinyl, so all you need to do is stick them on your windows and let them work their magic. When the sale or grand opening celebration is done, just peel them off. They should leave no residue behind, and if there is any, it’s easy enough to clean.

They’re Inexpensive

You don’t need to break the bank in order to pay for these vinyl signs. On the contrary, window graphics are some of the more affordable types of signage out there. This makes them a great option for your new business. And even if you’re a more established company looking to rebrand itself, these signs can still help you out. Use them as a temporary form of sign until your rebrand is complete.

Get Your Custom Window Graphics

You’re now aware of all the wonderful ways in which vinyl window graphics can benefit you, so once you’ve made your decision, get in touch with Unlimited Signs. We are a full-service sign shop that would love to help you out with your next project. Contact us now to see all that we can do for you.

window graphics in New Milford CT

How to Draw in Customers with Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to draw people into your business. They give you a unique opportunity to attract people who are just walking by. You either make a great first impression and entice them into your store – or you don’t. If you’re looking for some ideas about how to maximize the impact of your window graphics, here are a few good ones.

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Be Consistent with Your Branding

Keep the theme of your graphics in line with the central idea of your business. If you’re known for being environmentally friendly, include that in your graphics. If you’re a more upscale business, make sure you don’t give off the impression that you’re a discount store. Give the people walking by an idea of what they should expect to find once they get inside.


If you’re in the process of rebranding, window graphics can also help with that. They are a great form of temporary signage, so if you don’t have, say, channel letters with your new name and color scheme installed yet, you can put up window graphics for the interim.

window graphics in Danbury CT

Use Window Graphics to Help Showcase Your Products

Don’t just use a window graphic in place of a cool window display that shows off what you’re selling. A well-placed graphic used in conjunction with an artistic product display can be eye-catching and very effective at bringing customers into your store.


Let’s say you own a clothing boutique. Along with displaying the new summer outfits you’re selling, you can put up window graphics that advertise any deals or special offers you have.

Font, Letter Size, and Color

Remember that people are driving past your business on a regular basis. Your window graphics should be in a font and a letter size that’s easy to read from far away. Color makes a big difference, too. Be sure to consider lighting when choosing a color. Windows get a lot of glare and reflections during the daytime and are backlit at night so make sure you choose something that stands out. And of course, consider your brand.


People walk and drive past your business all the time and most of them probably don’t even notice you’re there. Using the right window graphics can help your business stand out, bringing in new customers and racking up sales. For quality window graphics, contact Unlimited Signs today and get a free quote on your next signage project.

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Window Graphics in New Milford CT Promote Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Facility!

An incoming business, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers is now open at 43 Main Street. In addition to treating sports injuries and osteoarthritis, the experts at the facility also deal with sprains, workers’ compensation injuries, and post-op rehab. Before considering its setup finished, the management team contacted our signage professionals to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of window graphics in New Milford CT.

Enhance Privacy and Branding with Frosted and Etched Glass Panels

window graphics in New Milford CTThe facility that the treatment center chose distinguishes itself because of its large number of glass panels that allow the natural light to enter the setting. Of course, this advantage quickly turns into a disadvantage when you take into consideration the privacy needs of patients. After consulting with our client, we proposed the design of frosted vinyl panels. They look like the glass panes underwent a factory treatment – but for pennies on the dollar.

Out of two glass panels (the client selected the middle one counting from each side of the door), we cut the company’s logo to give the vinyl an etched appearance. It prevents the appearance of a visual monotony that detracts from the company’s good signage looks. Now, the appearance of the exterior appeals with its upscale design and privacy functions. In addition to the visuals, the marketing message comes across loud and clear, which is important not just for wayfinding purposes but for creating name recognition and brand awareness among consumers.

What Can You Do with Window Graphics?

You do not have to limit yourself to the use of frosted panels with etched images. In your setting, you may need something else altogether.

  • Attract attention. If you obscure the majority of your window panels’ surfaces with frosted vinyl but have us etch out specific portions, you can induce customers to step closer and peek through the open spaces. For clothing retailers, this is an excellent way of creating a buzz about a new collection or incoming boutique. Because you can choose to leave up the vinyl for a short-term or long-term display, there are plenty of usage options that open up.
  • Create colorful brand images. Did you know that vinyl comes in a broad range of colors? Granted, the off-white hue of the frosting is the one most frequently requested, but you do not have to limit yourself to it. If this tone does appeal to you, why not consider the imprint of colorful logo displays rather than cutting out the images? Some business clients have had excellent success with the presentation of imprinted mottos or quotes in vivid colors alongside etched logo displays.
  • Present a sophisticated appearance. Achieving a stylish look for interior and exterior glass panels is possible when featuring the frosted displays as stripes, circles or other geometric shapes. For businesses that have plenty of glass partitions instead of walls, the use of frosted and etched vinyl boosts privacy but also the optics of the location. After all, with so much glass in a room, there is a need for spatial separation.

Call us today to learn more about the design and installation of interior or exterior window graphics in New Milford CT!

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Get Noticed with Window Graphics for Urgent Care Centers in Bridgeport CT

A little more than a year ago, we introduced you to our client, AFC Urgent Care. Construction was going on to build an additional location for the urgent care center. Back then, we designed and manufactured “Coming Soon” and “Now Open” banners. This time, we worked with the friendly folks at 161 Boston Avenue to create and install window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT. These products take up all glass panels of the front.

Branding, Marketing, and Explaining a Niche with Window Graphics

window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CTThe Urgent Care facility is still introducing its services at the location. Because there are always new residents moving into the area, it makes sense to spell out the most popular services the group provides. Additionally, answering the most common questions via window graphics is an excellent idea for inviting new patients to walk in. In fact, these professionals succeeded in covering quite a bit of ground with just a few words and images.

  • Services menu. Across the window panes, there are red boxes that feature white lettering, which spells out various services that patients can receive at this location. Examples include lab screenings, workers’ comp services, and vaccines.
  • Hours. One of the boxes alerts patients that the facility is open seven days a week. A white window panel, which takes up the middle third of the glass pane, spells out the actual hours with red lettering.
  • Payments. Insurance questions are always a big deal. To help prospective patients understand their coverage options, the facility shows insurance information on another red on white panel.
  • Policies. Answering the question whether clients need appointments, the professionals want to ensure that patients know that they are always welcomed without calling ahead.

To break up the collection of informative red on white panels, we added graphics depicting customers and professionals at regular intervals. We reserved one panel to display the group’s logo.

What Could Vinyl Window Images and Lettering Say about a Different Business?

Imagine a wine store that features a partial window wrap depicting wineries in California, Italy, and other regions. It creates an ambiance that draws in the shoppers. When selecting a perforated vinyl material, those on the inside can still see outside. For the financial services company, the combination of lettering and numerals can create advertisements for deep discount mortgage and personal loan deals. Taking advantage of these specials could save clients thousands! At the hearts of these messages are product-centered displays that resonate with the targeted demographic. As a result, these graphics quickly turn shoppers into buyers.

Do Window Graphics Make Sense at Your Location?

You may not need window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT, but you might consider the installation of a window wrap for retailers, a graphics package for financial services providers, or the combination of images and lettering for any other kind of company. Our business sign experts are available to answer your questions, come out for a site evaluation, and provide you with sketches that show you what your façade could look like with treated windows.

Call us today to schedule a site survey!

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