Litchfield Crossings Adds Directory Signs in New Milford CT

You find the stores of Litchfield Crossings at 169 Danbury Road. The largest shopping center in New Milford, there is a nice mix of retailers and service providers. When the mall’s management team decided that it was time to add an illuminated directory signs, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

Putting Together Directory Signs in New Milford CT

directory signs in New Milford CTThe signs we designed feature a post and panel appeal. We placed them into the landscaping for an attractive presentation. Painted in the color prevailing on the buildings’ exteriors, we added the mall’s name with dark lettering. The directories take on the forms of lightbox cabinets that we incorporated as the panel portion of the signs. They feature the names of the retailers in their brand colors and display arrows directing motorists to the right parking areas for these venues. Each directory shows a facing with arrows adjusted for the installation location. Our technicians installed three signs that now make wayfinding a snap for locals and out-of-town shoppers.

Directories Affect the Ways Consumers Interact with Your Brand

directory signs in New Milford CTOne of the most frequently mentioned frustrations among customers is the lack of directional signage. Common complaints involve signs that are too small, placed behind obstructions such as tree branches, or just do not provide enough information to the shopper. These criticisms affect exterior as well as interior signage products.

On the other hand, when your company displays directories and similar informative signs that anticipate visitor questions, consumers are more likely to enjoy a positive interaction with your brand. There are several characteristics of informative signage.

  • Illuminated when outside. Directories on the outside of buildings should feature built-in light sources. This requirement ensures that visitors can read the information after dark as well.
  • Large font. Whether inside or out, resist the temptation to select a small font that requires the shopper to stand right in front of the directory to make out the text. In some situations, doing so is impractical and frustrates consumers.
  • High visibility. If your venue experiences plenty of foot traffic, we recommend placing signs overhead so that the directions are still visible for everyone.
  • Information is spelled out. Avoid the use of niche-specific jargon. Although it might abbreviate the listing and make it fit easier into the directory without taking up two spots, it takes away from its wayfinding function. Someone visiting for the first time may not know what the acronyms mean.
  • Up to date. If there are changes to the names that the directory displays, let the signage reflect them. For the motorist who visits your location because it promised the presence of a specific shop, only to find out that the sign is outdated, this brand interaction is decidedly negative.

Buy a Monument Sign, Pylon, or Directory Post and Panel Setup Today

If your shop, medical facility, or shopping center needs one or more directory signs in New Milford CT, discuss your vision for the product with our experts. We work with you to put together a sign that fits into your setting without interrupting the beauty of the architectural setup.

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