Vinyl Banners Have Many Uses!

The vinyl banner is the signage workhorse that reels in foot traffic. It comes in indoor as well as outdoor styles. Outdoor-rated products are tougher than their indoor equivalents since they have to endure multiple weather patterns and withstand windy conditions. What could you do with vinyl banners in Brookfield, CT?

Announce the Arrival of a New Business

New location vinyl banners Brookfield CT

When MacDaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar wanted consumers to know that an old flower shop location was being built out to accommodate the arrival of this popular eatery, the company’s management team commissioned a big banner measuring four feet by 20 feet. It goes across the façade of the business’ future location, where it displays the company’s name, signature logo, and colors. It also offers the address to another location that is already open.

This clever “Coming Soon” banner succeeds in advertising two restaurant locations while creating brand awareness in the strip mall setting where its newest restaurant will open. In the process, the sign creates a bit of a buzz and gets prospective guests talking about the new eatery that will take over the now defunct flower shop location. While renovations are ongoing and until the old business’ sign is removed, this vinyl banner is an integral part of the company’s on-site marketing.

Offer Brand Information and Generate Product Awareness

Building Banners Brookfield CT

Do consumers know what your business is all about? Sure, they may drive past your location on a daily basis and know the general niche you represent, but the actual scope of your work is not always clear. For this reason, the Newtown Car Care Center commissioned a large banner that details the company’s foreign and domestic automotive experience. Adding a phone number, vehicle owners have the opportunity to connect with the company, make an appointment for a problem analysis or set up a time for a regular service check.

Other Banner Uses

Event Banners Brookfield CT

Do you have an upcoming special event? An event banner details the occasion and offers passersby an opportunity to join in. Parade banners usually measure three feet by eight feet and are suitable for schools as well as political candidates who take their campaigns on the road during rallies. For the interior, some companies have found it useful to commission motivational banners that help customers or clients stay on track with their goals. Typical sizes might be two feet by six feet. Sports banners let traveling teams see a bit of a home advantage by having fans mount or hold these vinyl displays that show the team’s name and mascot.

Discuss Banner Printing for Brookfield, CT, Venues with an Expert

Contact our graphic artists for more information on the broad range of banner products that are available. Although vinyl is by far the most popular choice, it is not the only material to select. Depending on your needs and the type of outdoor exposure the product will endure, other materials may be more advantageous in your setting. During this time, also consider the way you wish to mount the banner. Do you want to tie it to objects that can hold it in place or do you prefer a grommet setup? Contact us today to get started on your project.

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