Why Small Businesses Need Vehicle Graphics

One of the most difficult parts of operating a small business is trying to find the balance between budget and your marketing needs. Small businesses often can’t throw a lot of money at their advertising and marketing campaign. They need to invest in top-quality campaigns and methods that will get them major returns for their investment. One of the ways that small businesses can get the exposure they need from their campaigns is by using vehicle graphics that can get their name and contact information out to their market or beyond. And vehicle graphics can be used in different ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

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One of the major benefits of vehicle graphics is their mobility. Vehicle graphics turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard. That means you get exposure everywhere you go in your vehicle. This is especially useful if your small business uses vehicle in your work. For example, plumbers, contractors or landscapers use vehicles to get themselves to and from different jobs and even haul equipment. You can turn your truck or trailer into a billboard that provide people with the name of your business and the information they need to contact you. Even ride share drivers can make use of vehicle graphics.

For Your Own Vehicle

Vehicle graphics aren’t limited to these types of mobile businesses, though. You can use vehicle graphics on your personal vehicle too. So, as you go about your daily business, you can be advertising your small business. Whether you’re at the grocery store or making your daily commute to the office, you can make sure your name, your brand and your contact information is reaching everyone you pass on the way. This gives you the opportunity to grab business in your market but also outside of your market as you travel to new places.

Vehicle wraps and graphics in Brookfield CT

The Right Graphics for You

Another great thing about vehicle graphics is that they’re customizable. Depending on what you need from your vehicle graphics we can help you find a solution that fits your budget. You can opt for a full vehicle wrap, which will cover your whole vehicle in branded images, logos, designs and copy. This is a bit more expensive, but you’ll get about five years of use out of a wrap. That means you get five years of maximum exposure as you travel. If a full wrap is in your budget, you can still get big graphics with a partial wrap. With a partial wrap we use your vehicles base color in the design and only cover part of the vehicle. And if you need something a little bit smaller, we can use vinyl lettering and decals to make sure that at the least, your name, logo and contact information are displayed on your vehicle. This is an affordable option and will help you build your business where ever you go. So, depending on your budget and your needs, we can find a solution for your small business and your vehicle.

If you need vehicle graphics, contact us today!

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We Can Design Logo Car Signs in Ridgefield CT!

Located at 963 Ethan Allen Highway, Professional Water Systems is in the business of water filtration and purification. Homeowners concerned about chlorine taste in their drinking water or hard water problems work with this company to find solutions to their problems. When the business wanted to expand the reach of its brand, a management team representative contacted our experts to assist with the design, manufacture, and installation of logo car signs in Ridgefield CT.

logo car signs in Ridgefield CTAlthough the company already had a couple of vans treated with lettering and a corporate name, the new vehicle the business uses, a Mazda CX-3, was to add some pizzazz to the mix. We worked with the team to design a logo that would augment the presentation of the Professional Water Systems name. Instead of the stripes in use, the firm wanted something that would look different and contemporary. We slightly tweaked the presentation of the name and added the illusion of movement by way of a rushing water graphic. It perfectly highlights the lines of the vehicle. The hood features the rushing water image in a near circle with the corporate name in the middle.

Combining Niche Images with a Company’s Name

logo car signs in Ridgefield CTSome business owners have a logo and stick with it. Others are comfortable with their brand identity and do not mind playing with the style elements a little. Doing so on a small scale, such as the installation of a graphics package for one vehicle, is an excellent way to test the waters, so to speak, before committing to a full re-branding process. By adding niche images to the company’s name and featuring them in a manner that the business has not previously done, it is also possible to attract new consumer demographics.

For example, prospective customers who previously believed that the company primarily advertised its services menu might come to view the new graphic as the beginning of an open-ended conversation. Instead of providing a list of services, this graphic suggests that the business can customize a solution based on an individual client’s needs. When putting both types of logos and corporate names on the roads, the company succeeds in appealing not only to a current set of customers but also to a group of clients with a different take on doing business.

Do You Need Us to Design Logos for Cars in Ridgefield CT?

logo car signs in Ridgefield CTThe vehicle image specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics routinely work with corporate clients who are unsure exactly how to approach consumers with a marketing message. Our visual artists are well versed in logo design techniques and gladly show you how various displays can highlight different aspects of your brand message.

We serve the business communities in and around Danbury, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Newtown, New Milford, and Bethel. Whether you know exactly how you want your logo presentation to look on a vehicle, or you need help and want us to put together something from scratch, we can assist. Contact us today to discuss your vision for the finished product and the types of signage solution style elements that appeal to you the most. We do the rest.

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Pillar to Post Brands with Vehicle Graphics and Vinyl Lettering in Fairfield CT

Located at 10 Morehouse Lane in Norwalk, The Dave Leopold Team specializes in providing home inspection services for Fairfield County. Having built a strong reputation for expertise, easy scheduling, and impeccable ethics, the Post To Pillar franchise owner knew he wanted to increase his impact across the area. He contacted us at this point to discuss the design and installation of vehicle graphics in Fairfield CT.

Creating a Standout Product that Features Corporate Colors against a White Paint Jobvehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CT

After consulting with our client, we created a vehicle graphics and lettering package that hits all the right notes.

  • Rear window. We applied the company’s name and niche explanation in the form of green and blue vinyl lettering and images that represent the brand colors of the firm.
  • Hatch. The hatch features the company’s phone number as well as the website address. Because the business has invested in a personalized license plate, the combination of letters and colors results in a great mnemonic device.
  • Rocker panel. We installed a broad blue stripe along the rocker panels. It features a thinner green line that accentuates it. This design, which uses the corporate colors again, displays around the vehicle’s body.
  • Vehicle sides. The sides show off the same information you find on the rear window and hatch. Because there is more space, the style elements are proportionately larger.

All the way around, the business vehicle is an excellent example of corporate branding and marketing that is budget-friendly, reinforces brand awareness, strengthens name recognition, and enhances product knowledge.

Vehicle Graphics Options for Your Budget and Need

vehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CTWe work with fleet operators, single-vehicle business owners, and contractors who rely on work trucks, vans, and trailers. In short, if you drive it, we can put graphics on it. Depending on your vision, budget, and exposure needs, we have the right product.

  • Full wrap. Do you like the idea of driving a mobile billboard that turns heads? You cannot go wrong with a full wrap that covers the exterior of your vehicle. To prevent a message cut off at the rear windows, we recommend the addition of a perforated cover. Your driver sees out; consumers only see your message.
  • Partial wrap. We integrate your automobile’s paint job with the wrap. Choose coverage options featuring 75 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent.
  • A graphics package. When display coverage goes below 25 percent, we refer to the treatment as a graphics package. Splash graphics feature integrated letters that overlay the images. We would mount these graphics on your van’s hood, doors, sides, or rear doors.
  • Lettering only. Present your company’s name, contact information, a niche explanation, and perhaps a menu of services or an explanation of your service territory.

Ordering Vehicle Graphics and Vinyl Lettering in Fairfield CT

vehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CT.Which graphics treatment is right for your business? Contact our vehicle vinyl graphics experts to learn more about your options and see how we can transform the nondescript look of a work car, truck, or van into a marketing and branding powerhouse. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

vehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CT

Advertise with Van Decals for Pet Transportation Companies in Southwestern CT

Contact the East Coast Dog Transport LLC by dialing (203) 456-0678. The business specializes in helping move dogs from one side of the country to the other without the dangers commonly associated with airplane travel. Having heard the horror stories of missing and injured dogs (or worse), the company’s founder decided to provide a service that offers comfort for the pet during transport, plenty of rest stop breaks, and the human touch that is lacking in the airplane’s cargo hold. When the business’ management team contacted the experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics, Inc., it wanted to know about adding van decals for pet transportation companies in Southwestern CT.

Inform, Brand, and Market a Business with Vehicle Decals

Van decals for pet transportation companies in Southwestern CTThe mobile marketing revolution is taking the business community by storm. This development is not surprising. After all, studies have repeatedly proven that featuring advertisements on the sides of trucks, cars, or vans generates name recognition, creates brand awareness, and may also result in new leads.

For our client, we created images that depict adorable dog faces. These are the kinds of pets that you would shudder to place in a plane’s cargo hold. Not surprisingly, the images are ideal for informing consumers about the service. When combined with the lettering that spells out the company’s name, niche explanation, contact information, and website address, the effect on the vacation-minded dog lover is evident.

Niche Businesses (specifically) Benefit Greatly from Adding Vehicle Graphics

What sets apart niche businesses from other companies is the narrow field of consumers to whom they appeal. However, this presents a problem when it comes to finding customers. Although word-of-mouth advertising is an excellent method for locating new business connections, company owners need to make sure that the community as a whole knows that their services exist. For example, unless you saw this blog post or spotted the van driving down the highway, would you know that there is a coast-to-coast dog transport company in existence? By relying on vehicle decals, making the business model known is easy.

Fleet Operators Multiply the Advertising Advantages of Treated Cars, Trucks, and Vans

On the other end of the spectrum are fleet operators of companies that appeal to a broad range of consumers. Because one treated vehicle attracts lots of attention, imagine the impact a fleet of treated conveyances can have. It is immaterial if the cars represent the same make and model. In fact, the same display on different types of conveyances can make the impression even more pronounced.

How to Order Vehicle Decals

Whether you need van decals for pet transportation companies in Southwestern CT or you run a different type of business altogether, having the right mix of lettering and graphics makes a huge difference. Our visual artists routinely work with members of the local business community to put together innovative means of presenting a company’s information to the public. We collaborate with you to select the right images, message, and spacing. If you already have some artwork on file, we can integrate it into the design. When you prefer to show off something entirely new, we can help you with that, too. Call us!

Van decals for pet transportation companies in Southwestern CT

Looking for Removable Car Stickers?

Look at our Cheetah Evolution stickers. Available in red or black print, they reference the Cheetah Roller, which is an iconic kit car design that makes car guys’ hearts beat just a bit faster. Showing off your love for the famous ride is easy with removable car stickers for Brookfield, CT, hobbyists. After all, these rides are not the ones that you want to cover with sticky bumper stickers and decals.

Who Appreciates the Use of Removable Car Stickers?

Removable Car Stickers Brookfield CT

Those driving vintage cars are usually first in line when it comes to purchasing removable car stickers. Commissioning them for auto shows, racing events or gear head meets, they show off their club affiliations during the festivities. Once the events are over, the static cling product goes back on its protective paper backing for future use. That said, it is not just the specialty car owner who likes the idea of not gluing a message to the window, bumper or another part of any vehicle.

Businesses That now use Static Cling Stickers

Plenty of companies understand that window and bumper stickers make excellent advertising tools. That said, these same companies also realize that car owners shy away from committing themselves to the endless display of a sticker – until this product has faded in the sun. The alternative is the use of static cling products.

  • Schools. You have seen the “My Child is Student of the Month” stickers that identify the elementary school or other institution. To allow parents to display their children’s achievements proudly while also being able to make room for next year’s crop of stickers, schools now hand out removable stickers. During the summer, parents usually remove them.
  • Specialty sports shops. Surfing, boating, hiking and similar sports have loyal followings. Advertising your business with a sticker aimed at your target demographic is a snap. Of course, the vehicles your customers are likely to drive do not necessarily have the bumper space to show off stickers. Folks use their windows instead for showing off their affinity for the activity. Make it possible for your customers to replace worn stickers by handing out removable products.
  • Service providers. Your clients do you a favor by putting your advertising messages on their vehicles. Sweeten the deal by using products that feature witty sayings, clever images and the promise of speedy removal when desired.

They are Great for Personal Use, Too!

When you like to express your personality with stickers that you design, you cannot go wrong with removable car stickers for Brookfield, CT, vehicles. For example, give your window stick figure family the right sports equipment or change out the appearance seasonally. Also, you might consider the addition of snowflake decals (removable, of course) to your vehicle in the winter. In the summer, you might favor the display of sunflowers. Alternatively, perhaps you like to do it the other way around.

If we have piqued your interest in investigating the use of removable static cling stickers a little more carefully, contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on the design process.

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Unlimited Signs Add Vinyl Graphics to Bucket Truck!

We are not just the designers and manufacturers or vinyl graphics for bucket trucks in Brookfield, CT; we are also the recipients of the installed product. Case in point is our latest addition to the vehicle fleet. This bucket truck is a must-have in the field. It helps our technicians to install signs and comes in handy when we need to take measurements or do other tasks. Being the premier sign shop in the area, we could not show up at job sites with an unmarked truck.

Advertise with vinyl truck graphics in Brookfield CT

Our artists decided to have a little bit of fun with the design of the graphic. We advertised our business and branded it by displaying the company’s name at the top of the bucket. This placement – quite literally – makes us stand out heads and shoulders above the crowd. Of course, when not in use, the bucket and its graphic are easy to view for motorists who are driving right behind our truck. The shop’s contact information rounds out the visual display. Although large, we managed not to obstruct the caution sticker that is affixed to the bucket.

Turning Graphics into Marketing Tools

Vinyl graphics have the power to turn any vehicle into a marketing tool. If you can drive or push it into the shop, we can install a graphic on it. Doing so has opened up doors of marketing possibilities for our business clients that they did not previously realized were available to them.

  • Magnets. Car magnets are not always considered when discussing graphics. Yet these useful surfaces succeed at holding attractive imprints that you may choose to display on your vehicle whenever you are ready to advertise a business.
  • Spot graphics. Attach them to the hood of your car, the door or ask us to install them on the roof of your van. This type of graphic combines lettering with images. It enables you to present a message blurb without taking up a lot of space on the vehicle. It also allows you to place your ads in areas that are more unusual.
  • Lettering and logos. This combination of displays is the gold standard for a basic marketing package. It combines your logo graphic with the lettering that spells out your name, business niche and contact information. Any business that wants to become or remain competitive should add this type of display to its company vehicles.
  • Wraps. Partial or full wraps are the next step up. These colorful image collections turn heads, catch eyes and get you plenty of attention. There is a broad range of style elements that can make your vehicle stand out. Anything from fluorescent colors to 3D images has the power to make a memorable impression on would-be clients.

Ordering the Right Graphics Package

Whether you need bucket truck vinyl graphics in Brookfield, CT, or have been toying with the idea of having your utility trailer wrapped, we can help. Call our specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics to learn more about the process and the graphics options.

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Titan Earth Services Vehicle Graphic

Brian from Titan Earth Services gave us a call to print and install a vehicle graphic on their truck. We were happy to take on the project! We used cut vinyl to make the dump truck lettering. To finish the lettering we weeded the excess vinyl. The colors you see in the graphic are silver ultra metallic with black vinyl shadow.
Titan Earth Services

Titan Earth Service is a relatively new Domestic Limited Liability company founded in 2013. They are located in Danbury, CT on 48 Aunt Hack Rd.

Brian loved the job we did. Are you interested in a vehicle graphic or vehicle graphic lettering? Give us at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics a call, 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at www.unltdsigns.com.

Magnetic Signs-Care and Instructions

Do you want something to advertise your business that is inexpensive?  Magnetic signs are the answer.  Your sign is made from the finest state-of-the-art magnetic material available to bring you the best in magnetic mobile advertising.  It is portable, so you can carry it around.  You can put it on your vehicle, laptop, or any other metal material.  The majority of people put them on their vehicle.


Before you purchase a magnetic signyou need to know how to care for it:  1) Wash and wipe your vehicle clean and dry it.   2) Wax the vehicle surface over which the magnetic sign is being placed with high quality wax for the protection of your vehicle.  3) Do not slide the sign.  Just remove and replace it.  Do not apply a magnetic sign to the newly repainted vehicle.  4) Allow at least 60 days for fresh paint to cure.

To clean the sign, remove it from your vehicle once a week and wipe both the vehicle and the front and back of the sign clean and dry. Re-wax the vehicle. Put the sign back on a slightly different spot each time.  To clean the face of the sign, use a sponge and mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Do not take it through a car wash.

Do not store the signs unrolled and unprotected inside a hot vehicle.  These extremely high temperatures can distort and destroy your signs unless they are rolled up into a tube. The best way to store magnetic signs when they’re not in your vehicle is to keep them rolled in a simple, inexpensive mailing tube.  For more information on magnetic signs, please contact us at 203-546-7267 or visit www.unltdsigns.com.

Construction Trailer Graphics for Regional Hospice in Danbury, CT

Linda from Regional Hospice in Danbury, CT called us and wanted her trailer Car Decals/Construction Trailer Graphics. To do the process of car decals/construction trailer graphics, we measured the trailer first and marked out the position of the windows. Then we used 11 sheets of 10 foot by 5 foot coroplast material to smooth out the ridges on the sides of the trailer. This way we have a smooth surface to apply the special vehicle vinyl material. Once we establish the measurement, we print the car decals/construction trailer graphics on our printer since the colors are multi-colors.  Our colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System.   To install, use masking tape to hold the special vehicle graphics in place, peel back the backing paper and then apply the special vehicle materials to the trailer with the mighty squeegee. It took 6 hours to apply the coroplast material and the special vehicle vinyl material.


Palliative care

At any stage of illness, relief of pain and symptoms can be provided together with curative treatment.

Hospice care

The more time they  work with you and your loved ones, the more you will benefit from all the services they provide.


Join the  fundraising efforts or sign up for one of their programs.

Linda loved was very excited about the job we did.  If you are interested in Car Decals/Construction Trailer Graphics,Unlimited Signs, Designs and graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at www.unltdsigns.com or contact us at 203-546-7267.

Car Decals for Connecticut Institute For Communities in Danbury

Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc. is a not-for-profit, Community Development Corporation that was founded out of a commitment to help meet basic human needs in the fields of health, education, human services and housing for disadvantaged children, families and adults in our service area. It is the only organization in Western Connecticut that combines health care, education, human services and housing in a coordinated approach.


Holly Denise called us and wanted the Company’s Recreational Vehicle car decals/recreational vehicle graphics. The 1994 RV was donated and they wanted us to remove the existing graphics and put their logo and graphics on it.  To do the process of removing the car decals/recreational vehicle graphics we use acetone and a special vehicle scrapper. The acetone is a glue remover and the special vehicle scrapper will help scrape the vinyl material off, without damaging the vehicles paint.  It took several hours to scrap off the existing graphics because it was on since 1994.  To do the process of car decals/recreational vehicle graphics, we measured the RV first and marked out the position of the windows. Once we establish the measurement, we print the car decals/rv graphics on our printer since the colors are multi-colors.  Our colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System.  Some of the lettering was only 1 color, so we also used our vinyl cutter, to cut out those letters.   To install, use masking tape to hold the special vehicle graphics in place, peel back the backing paper and then apply the special vehicle vinyl to the rv with the mighty squeegee. It took 6 hours to apply the special vehicle vinyl.

Holly Denise was very excited about the job we did.  If you are interested in Car Decals/Recreational Vehicle  Graphics,Unlimited Signs, Designs and graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at www.unltdsigns.com or contact us at 203-546-7267.