A&J Construction Brands with Contractor Equipment Vinyl Graphics in Brookfield CT

Do you remember the dump truck decals we recently did for A&J Construction? The professionals at the paving, milling, and reclaiming business contacted us earlier this year to put together this graphics product for a dump truck. When the business’ management team called us again, it needed contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CT.

Customization Calls for Color and Placement Adjustments

contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CTAfter consulting with our client, we learned that the equipment we would treat consisted of a skid steer and an excavator. These are familiar sights on construction sites, which make them excellent tools for presenting the company’s branding and marketing communications. We adapted the look of the graphics with the substrate in mind.

Although both vehicles are yellow, the manufacturer placed its lettering for one conveyance on a black surface. It was decided to do likewise with the client’s information. We created the graphics to feature A&J Construction’s well-known red lettering alongside a white lettering setup for the niche explanation. The other piece of construction equipment does not present this option. For this reason, we introduced the niche statement with black lettering, which contrasts better with the yellow color.

Both vehicles now present the company’s information. The letters fit in perfectly with the other data already displayed on the equipment. That said, the red color of the lettering makes it stand out and highly noticeable.

Why Including Even Equipment in Your Mobile Marketing Presence is Important

contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CTMarketing and branding with your gear is just as important as doing so with your trucks, vans, and company’s cars. This understanding is not just the case for the vehicles you drive every day, but also for the ones you only use on occasion or in the field. Moreover, if you rent out equipment, it is always a good idea to have your marketing message on display. This practice allows those renting from you, and those doing business with them, to become familiar with your business and corporate branding.

Our graphic design specialists frequently work with business clients who ask us about applying full or partial wraps to tow equipment, trucks, vans, and similar conveyances. Machinery that undergoes heavy use in the field may benefit from the application of durable decals and similar products that we treat with specialty UV laminates. If frequent exposure to moisture is a problem, let our graphic artists know. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of lettering and graphics that are specially made with weathering adverse conditions in mind.

Buy Contractor Equipment Vinyl Graphics in Brookfield CT

If you have recently added new equipment to your business’ overall setup, or if you have a fleet of untreated vehicles and equipment pieces, we can help with your graphics needs. Whether you envision wraps, graphics and lettering combinations, or lettering packages only, our experts gladly put together a product for your review. By adding your brand message to equipment that others see, you succeed in widening the reach of your brand and advertising. After all, even if peers surround you, remember that they may be asked for recommendations of specific professionals and if your name pops up, the decal pays for itself countless times over.

Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

contractor equipment vinyl graphics in Brookfield CT

Pillar to Post Brands with Vehicle Graphics and Vinyl Lettering in Fairfield CT

Located at 10 Morehouse Lane in Norwalk, The Dave Leopold Team specializes in providing home inspection services for Fairfield County. Having built a strong reputation for expertise, easy scheduling, and impeccable ethics, the Post To Pillar franchise owner knew he wanted to increase his impact across the area. He contacted us at this point to discuss the design and installation of vehicle graphics in Fairfield CT.

Creating a Standout Product that Features Corporate Colors against a White Paint Jobvehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CT

After consulting with our client, we created a vehicle graphics and lettering package that hits all the right notes.

  • Rear window. We applied the company’s name and niche explanation in the form of green and blue vinyl lettering and images that represent the brand colors of the firm.
  • Hatch. The hatch features the company’s phone number as well as the website address. Because the business has invested in a personalized license plate, the combination of letters and colors results in a great mnemonic device.
  • Rocker panel. We installed a broad blue stripe along the rocker panels. It features a thinner green line that accentuates it. This design, which uses the corporate colors again, displays around the vehicle’s body.
  • Vehicle sides. The sides show off the same information you find on the rear window and hatch. Because there is more space, the style elements are proportionately larger.

All the way around, the business vehicle is an excellent example of corporate branding and marketing that is budget-friendly, reinforces brand awareness, strengthens name recognition, and enhances product knowledge.

Vehicle Graphics Options for Your Budget and Need

vehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CTWe work with fleet operators, single-vehicle business owners, and contractors who rely on work trucks, vans, and trailers. In short, if you drive it, we can put graphics on it. Depending on your vision, budget, and exposure needs, we have the right product.

  • Full wrap. Do you like the idea of driving a mobile billboard that turns heads? You cannot go wrong with a full wrap that covers the exterior of your vehicle. To prevent a message cut off at the rear windows, we recommend the addition of a perforated cover. Your driver sees out; consumers only see your message.
  • Partial wrap. We integrate your automobile’s paint job with the wrap. Choose coverage options featuring 75 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent.
  • A graphics package. When display coverage goes below 25 percent, we refer to the treatment as a graphics package. Splash graphics feature integrated letters that overlay the images. We would mount these graphics on your van’s hood, doors, sides, or rear doors.
  • Lettering only. Present your company’s name, contact information, a niche explanation, and perhaps a menu of services or an explanation of your service territory.

Ordering Vehicle Graphics and Vinyl Lettering in Fairfield CT

vehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CT.Which graphics treatment is right for your business? Contact our vehicle vinyl graphics experts to learn more about your options and see how we can transform the nondescript look of a work car, truck, or van into a marketing and branding powerhouse. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

vehicle graphics  and vinyl lettering in Fairfield CT

Van Decals and Lettering for Dry Cleaning Companies!

You find Jeeves of New York at 39 East 65th Street. You find additional locations worldwide and in London, where the business has been appointed to handle the Prince of Wales’ dry cleaning. The company functioned in this capacity for more than 34 years. To advertise the service and make the brand more visible locally, the company’s management team contacted our experts to discuss the design and installation of van graphics and lettering for dry cleaning companies.

Because the company’s Mercedes Sprinter Van features an attractive shade of black, it made sense to present the corporate name and logo with off-white colors. We spelled out the business’ name and tagline, logo, contact information, address as well as the opportunity to connect online. The rear doors feature a listing of all the cities where Jeeves operates branch locations. They also repeat the company’s website address and phone number. When the van is on the road, it now presents prospective customers with a professional look and appealing informational tidbits.

Join the Mobile Marketing Movement!

van graphics and lettering for dry cleaning companiesStationary billboards are out; traveling advertising displays are in. More and more business owners catch on to the importance of presenting their corporate information with vehicle graphics. Doing so introduces their brands to demographics that they would not otherwise reach with print ads or building signs. Typically, you have three options open to you.

  1. Full vehicle wrap. We transform every exterior inch of the car – minus the windows, of course – into a branding and marketing message. Be as subtle or bold as you prefer. Opt for an artistic presentation or go for elaborate displays of your products.
  2. Partial wrap. We offer 75-percent, 50-percent, and 25-percent coverage options. Depending on your taste, we put together a combination of graphics that incorporate your vehicle’s color.
  3. Graphics and lettering package. Take a page from the playbook of Jeeves and select a design that is heavy on lettering and limited on graphics. What makes this setup pop is the presentation of interesting facts and eye-catching font changes that draw the eye naturally to the boldest display first. Doing so offers you plenty of advantages for your ad message.

van graphics and lettering for dry cleaning companiesThat said, you also have the option of selecting only a lettering setup. Although you succeed in presenting your corporate name to consumers, the absence of the logo slows down the formation of brand awareness. For this reason, our experts always recommend adding at least one graphic: the logo. If you have one vehicle for your business and personal use, and if you feel uncomfortable committing your daily driver to around-the-clock marketing, we suggest the design of car magnets. Put them on the vehicle’s sides during working hours and take them off after you are done. They store flat in the trunk until the next workday.

Buy Van Graphics and Lettering for Dry Cleaning Companies or Other Service Businesses

Contact the vehicle graphics specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics to discuss your ideas for turning a car, truck, or van into a moving billboard. We work with you on the development of the artistic concept, integrate any artwork you already have, and show you the finished look on paper before you commit to the purchase. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

van graphics and lettering for dry cleaning companies

Advertise with Van Wraps for Urgent Care Centers in Bethel CT!

Located at 6 Stony Hill Road, Beyond Urgent Care is your go-to location for emergency services. But the company does more than provide urgent care assistance to patients. Caregivers there handle lab work, give vaccinations, and do school and work physicals. When the company’s management team decided to discuss vehicle wraps for urgent care centers in Bethel, CT, its representative contacted our sign specialists for assistance.

Putting Together a Wrap to Advertise an Urgent Care Facility

Vehicle Wraps for Urgent Care Centers in Bethel CT

We worked with the company’s representatives to put together a look that defines the branding message of the business. The vehicle now features a list of the clinic’s services, in the form of a prescription, and displays bandages toward the front and back. On the front, we placed the company’s name and phone number. This presentation is noticeable, matches the color scheme of the vehicle perfectly, and draws attention to the business’ name and niche.

What can Your Company do with a Wrap?

Van Graphics for Urgent Care Centers in Bethel CT

For the majority of businesses, a wrap is a tool for advertising a storefront or service enterprise. However, there are additional benefits to investing in this product.

  • Introduce consumers to a new business. If you are a newcomer to the local business community, you have an advantage over other newcomers if you introduce your business with a professional vehicle wrap. By presenting your company’s name, logo, and a menu of services with a graphics product, you hit the ground running and quickly become a household name.
  • Align advertising strategies. When your targeted demographic is already aware of your business – frequently because they have seen your treated vehicles around town – they may respond more favorably to your flyers and direct mail ads. Combining multiple marketing strategies in this way yields results because of your success of creating name recognition early on.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition. The sides of your truck or van are large billboards that can help you to show how your company is markedly different from nearby competitors. Whether you offer additional services or popular products that others may not carry in their inventories, use a wrap to stand out from other businesses.

Designing Your Wrap

Whether you need van wraps for urgent care centers in Bethel, CT, or for contracting businesses, we can help. Contact our graphic artists to schedule your design consultation. At that time, we discuss the artwork that you want to include in the appearance. If you already have some images on file, we can incorporate them into the design. If you are just starting out, or if you would prefer to have a whole new look, we gladly create your product from the ground up.

Remember that we can treat any vehicle. Whether you ride a scooter, drive a company car, or operate heavy machinery, we can design wraps for each type of conveyance. By the way, we also create wraps for the private consumer. Color-change wraps are among the most popular products to adjust the look of a vehicle so that it is more to the owner’s taste. Get started on your project today!

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Tips for Buying Vehicle Graphics in Brookfield CT

Doing business with the best vehicle graphics provider in Brookfield, CT, is as easy as calling us. Does this sound like a self-serving statement? Find out for yourself! An educated consumer quickly separates the print shops from the signage pros who not only create a winning graphics package but also stand behind their work from start to finish – and beyond. We have put together a list of must-know tips that put you in the driver’s seat when shopping for a graphics provider for your mobile marketing needs.

Visit the Design Shop

Best Vehicle Graphics in Brookfield CT

The sign shop operator offers to come to you. Great! But if it turns out that this business does not have a physical address, you are probably not dealing with a well-established operation. Besides, you not only need to verify that you can locate the sign maker if there is a problem with the graphics package, but you also want to inspect the branding presentation of the shop itself. If you are not impressed with the look and feel of the venue, or the vehicle graphics that associated professionals use for their company cars, you are most likely not going to be impressed with the quality of the work that they will do for you.

Schedule a Design Consultation

Vehicle Graphics for Businesses in Brookfield CT

Although a good many of our clients already have some idea of how they want their graphics packages to look, some are unsure about the layout. Others are still searching for that one missing style element that ties together the look. Still others want a vehicle wrap with a wow factor but do not know exactly what that looks like. For this reason, a design consultation is a crucial part of the process.

Seasoned graphic artists sit down with you to discuss your ideas and goals. They then create sketches that show you what your package would look like before the first decal is ever printed. This saves you time and money. It also ensures that you are completely satisfied with what you get before you commit to buy. A sign shop that can have technician “fit you in” for a “quick look” at your graphics is not a good option.

Peek at the Equipment

Best Vehicle Vinyl Lettering in Brookfield CT

Look for late model, state-of-the-art equipment and 3M or similar high-quality vinyl. A sign shop that saves money on equipment might be able to meet payroll, but it does not produce lifelike images on a vinyl substrate that lasts the five to seven years a good quality setup offers you. Ask some questions about the process. Ideally, the vinyl installers should be able to laugh at rivets and create the appearance of having the wrap or graphic look as though it is painted on.

Ask about What-if Scenarios

Vehicle wraps and graphics in Brookfield CT

If everything checks out, ask about the company’s willingness to fix problems. There should be a warranty on the workmanship as well as on the material in case of failure. Find out what the business can do for you if something happens to your graphics. For example, if you are in a fender-bender and one of the graphics is scratched, can the shop print out another graphic and reinstall it? A good shop will keep your artwork on file. Contact us today to learn more about buying vehicle graphics in Brookfield, CT.

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Truck Lettering for Property Maintenance Contractors in Brookfield CT

Located at 115 Long Meadow Hill Road, Jim’s Property Maintenance specializes in all aspects of janitorial and estate care services. When this company’s management team decided to join the mobile marketing revolution, its representative contacted us to discuss the installation of truck lettering for property maintenance contractors in Brookfield, CT.

Standing out from the Competition with Your Work Vehicle

1-Fullscreen capture 5232016 42153 PM

Jim’s relies on a four by four truck to transport crew members and equipment to the various job sites the teams visit. Before the treatment, the car displayed with an attractive color scheme but did not reveal anything about the business. After consulting with the client, we designed, manufactured and installed a lettering package that identifies the company’s name and its niche. Contact information makes it easy for neighbors to call the business to discuss services at their locations.

Top 3 Advantages of Presenting Your Company’s Information via Vehicle Lettering

As a loyal reader of our blog, you already know that dollar for dollar, mobile marketing gives you the biggest bang for the buck. Nevertheless, did you also know that there are other advantages, too?

  1. Build your local territory. Having a vast territory is a good thing. But having to drive a lot between jobs costs you money. Build local name recognition and become the go-to business in your niche by actively marketing to your customers’ neighbors. Building your territory in this manner allows you to drive less and take on more jobs.
  2. Generate product awareness. Displaying your company’s name on the side of a work vehicle builds name recognition. Adding a niche explanation generates product awareness. Prospective customers who already know about your firm can now put together a name with a service. This is a simple step that nevertheless yields dividends when you follow up with targeted neighborhood campaigns that incorporate newsletters, flyers and special offers for new or returning clients.
  3. Create a positive image. Studies have proven that 98 percent of consumers form a positive image of the company that relies on vehicle lettering or graphics to advertise a business. There is a good chance that the mere act of investing in this advertising tool enhances the overall reputation you enjoy as a company that is here to stay and confident in its ability to provide superior customer service or consumer goods for years to come.

Putting Together a Lettering Package

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your options when ordering truck lettering for property maintenance contractors in Brookfield, CT, or for any other kind of business. We work with you to put together a visually attractive layout that highlights your company’s information and informs the consumer about your niche. If you want to include graphics, we can help you with the selection of the right images. When you want to stay with the lettering, we ensure that we use fonts and colors that capture the attention of passersby, catch the eye and keep onlookers’ attention long enough to take in your message. Contact us today to get started on your design.

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Adult Daycare Center Brands with Vinyl Car Lettering and Logos

Located at 52 Federal Road, Almost Home Adult Daycare LLC is a facility that offers personal care, exercise and nursing services to its clients. Art classes, visits from friendly comfort dogs, golf, bingo, and onsite entertainment are some of the activities that patrons look forward to during a typical month. When this facility needed vinyl car lettering in Danbury, CT, its management team contacted our graphic artists.

Vinyl car graphics for Adult Daycare Centers in Danbury CT

The vehicle is a minivan with a silver color. It features Almost Home’s name and logo, just as it displays on the service provider’s website. Doing so is advantageous because it fosters name recognition among consumers. Those who had previously researched the business online will recognize the name and logo when they see in on the vehicle. This may prompt these prospective clients to make the phone call and schedule an appointment. For others, it is the first exposure to the adult daycare and prompts an Internet search for further information.

Getting Results with Vehicle Graphics and Lettering

Cars, trucks, minivans or large box trucks provide ideal surfaces for the display of your marketing and branding messages.

  • Name recognition. The more frequently a consumer sees your name and logo, the more likely it is that s/he will recognize it simply by the slant of the font or selection of colors.
  • Branding. Evoking the right types of emotions in passersby convinces consumers that you and they share a common goal, worldview, understanding or similar value. A prospective buyer is far more likely to do business with you if your values match.
  • Product awareness. It is not enough for the consumer to know your name or recognize your logo. The buyer must also know what product you sell or service you provide. This is of particular importance if the nature of your business is not immediately apparent from either your name or your logo.

Since the frequency of exposure is a significant component of success, it makes sense to treat all vehicles associated with your company.

How to Display Vinyl Car Logos in Danbury, CT

The most basic package consists of lettering and a reproduction of your logo. This setup identifies your business by name and offers contact information. The next step is the addition of a graphics package. Doing so has the advantage of adding images that catch the eye. Once you have the attention of the consumer, s/he takes in the rest of your message as well.

A partial wrap incorporates your vehicle’s color in the design of a vinyl skin that covers a good portion of the surface. A full wrap is a marvel of intricate designs, colors, text and similar style elements. It looks very much like a scene from a television commercial and appeals to the customer on the same level. We like to refer to full wraps as the Corvettes of the vehicle graphics spectrum.

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your vinyl car lettering, logos and graphics questions. We work with you to put together a package that expertly brands your business and invites prospective buyers to imagine how your products or services could make their lives better.

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