How to Use Vehicle Lettering to Bring Customers In

What’s a great way to get people stuck in traffic to notice your business and come to your store? Why, with custom vehicle lettering, of course! Vehicle graphics are an excellent way to use the hot trend of mobile marketing to your advantage. After all, most people have either driven or been a passenger in a car this past week. That’s your captive audience right there, so why not make the most of it? Learn more about how to use these graphics to get customers.

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Getting the Design Right

One of the things companies get stuck on when trying to decide on vehicle lettering and graphics is the design. They don’t want to get too crazy, but also don’t want to play it safe, either. Truthfully, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

First, you want to be aware of your brand. Are you a large business or a small one? What do you sell? What is the “message” you want to get across? These questions and more will help you decide on a solid design for your lettering.

Placement is Key

The second thing you want to do with your graphics is properly place them. You want them to be big enough to be seen, but not so large that they’re obnoxious or worse, you end up getting in trouble with a local township or city. Remember, there are usually rules about signage in every town.

For best results, put your vehicle lettering on the side of your company’s car, truck or van as well as on the back. That way, people on either side of your vehicle will see your sign, and the people stuck behind you will too.

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Use Your Brand to Your Advantage

As stated above, being aware of your brand message and what you want to get across to your customers will go a long way in making your lettering effective. Are you a small construction company? You don’t have to be shy about how good your work is. How about a civil engineer? Put your logo and contact information in a prominent place. The options are endless for those who know what to do with them.

Get Custom Vehicle Lettering for Your Fleet

While vehicle lettering can seem like a puzzle to figure out, it doesn’t have to be. Unlimited Signs is your source for high-quality custom vehicle lettering, so get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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How Vehicle Lettering Benefits Appliance Repair Businesses

If you’re an appliance repair business, mobile marketing can be a huge boost for your company. While traditional forms of signage are still important, it is also a great idea to take advantage of what on-the-go advertising has to offer you.

Vehicle lettering is just one example of mobile marketing. These vinyl vehicle signs are an excellent option for any business wanting to get their name out there and can especially benefit home repair companies. These companies are often on the road because they travel to their clients, not the other way around, and it is useful to continue your brand message while traveling to and from appointments. Imagine someone seeing your company’s van with custom vehicle lettering advertising your services parked in someone’s driveway. Anyone passing by will see the signage and will remember your name.

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It Gets Your Brand Out There

If you’re a business that travels frequently, like an appliance repair company, having a plain-colored truck or van won’t cut it. You need to brand your vehicle fast and do it in a way that accurately advertises what you do best. Get rid of your white or gray van and put some colorful lettering on it that reflects your brand.

What Colors to Choose?

For a home repair business, you should obviously stick with your brand’s color scheme. If you are in the process of rebranding, or if you’re a newer business, choose cool colors that are on the darker side for best results. Use red to grab attention, but use it sparingly, as it evokes feelings of passion and appetite. You probably don’t want your customers getting hungry while they wait for you to finish working, after all!

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Easy to Apply and Clean

These handy vehicle graphics are made of vinyl, which is easy to apply to your company’s truck or van with the help of a professional. While vinyl requires some special care in order to prevent it from fading, getting scratched or dinged or peeling off, beyond that, it will last you a while.

Get Your Custom Vehicle Lettering

Now that you’ve learned about how custom vehicle lettering can benefit you as an owner of an appliance repair business, get your own quality vehicle lettering from Unlimited Signs. We are an experienced professional sign shop with the latest and greatest in equipment, and we’d love to help you design and install your next big project. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Looking for Mini Cooper Vehicle Graphics? We Can Help!

Vehicle aficionados appreciate the impression that a striping package makes. This little extra takes an ordinary car and transforms its looks from drab to fab in no time. Cases in point are the Mini Cooper vehicle graphics we just recently did for a client’s ride. The Mini features an iconic yellow color with a black roof package. The front shows off the cool chrome and grill appearance that turns heads. But the vehicle needed something else: a stripe kit.

The typical setup features two lines, and we did not deviate from the plan. We took our cues from the British designers who favor the use of black stripes with white bordering. Next, we added a thin black line to run on the outside of this set. The lines take up the length of the hood. A gradually widening stripe rides near the running board area of the side. Toward the rear tire, it dissolves into the racing squares that gear heads are so familiar with. This vehicle went from being a visually beautiful ride to being a showstopper that gets attention.

Cars or Boats, We Do Stripes!

Mini Cooper vehicle graphicsWhether you drive a Mini Cooper, a Mustang, or any other type of car, the right line setup makes a world of difference in the way it looks and the stares it gets. Could you just buy a stripe kit and do it yourself? Sure; but why? Our graphic artists design a setup that fits the proportions of your vehicle, which makes it unique. If you want to incorporate separate colors and a second or even third stripe with varying measurements, we can do that, too.

Our experts also work on boats, which enthusiasts bring by for striping before taking them on the road for the season. When the white gel coat does very little to add definition to a vessel’s sleek lines and designs, the right set of stripes – perfectly installed – looks fantastic. Some folks also ask us to add lettering, which identifies the name of the vessel and a hailing port.

When working on vehicles for members of the local business community, we typically install vehicle wraps or graphics packages that advertise a company or introduce a brand message. Newcomers to the area welcome the opportunity to make a big splash by taking their commercial messages to the consumer. Of course, there are plenty of additional options open to you. Whether you plan to stand out, create name recognition, or simply want folks to connect you to a ride, the right graphics combination makes it happen.

Do You Need Mini Cooper Vehicle Graphics?

Mini Cooper vehicle graphicsPerhaps you have a muscle car that requires a set of stripes to bring out its attitude. You do not have to wait with turning any ride into the perfect car that suits your personality. Contact the vehicle graphics experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics for assistance. You find our shop at 72F Grays Bridge Road in Brookfield, CT. We serve the business communities and car owners of the greater Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, New Milford, New Fairfield, and Newtown areas.

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Landscaper Brands with Truck and Equipment Lettering in Brookfield CT

Located at 258 Whisconier Road, Priority Landscaping LLC provides a full-service approach that includes design, installation, care, and everything in between. When the company decided to join the mobile marketing revolution, its management team opted to ease in with the application of truck and equipment lettering in Brookfield CT. We discussed the project with the client and assisted with the design of gold lettering that emphasizes a unique approach to branding.

truck and equipment lettering in Brookfield CTWe treated four different vehicles, one of which is a piece of construction equipment. Because this particular conveyance lacks the tall side doors for the display of the message, we designed a sticker that shows the company’s gold lettering against the backdrop of a red decal. We sized it for the presentation on the digging tool’s arm, which sits perfectly level to the ground when the machine is parked and not in use. Doing so allowed us to create a consistent corporate message appeal that looks professional and assists the company with building name recognition while reinforcing brand awareness among consumers.

What Should Businesses Incorporate in Mobile Marketing Efforts?

truck and equipment lettering in Brookfield CTIn a word: everything. If you use a vehicle in the course of doing business, it should pull its weight where advertising is concerned. Doing so ensures that you present prospective clients with your marketing information whenever they notice one of your vehicles. Typically, our customers are very conscientious about doing so where work trucks and vans are concerned. But sometimes they do not realize that their construction equipment is just as capable of advertising as their other conveyances.

Why Adding Construction Equipment to Your Treated Vehicles Inventory Matters

truck and equipment lettering in Brookfield CTIn some cases, only peers notice the branding information on the equipment. However, remember that these folks have families who may be in the market for the services that your business provides. In situations where you do contracting work at a larger job site, crews from other companies may need to enlist the services you offer at another location. When your marketing and branding information is right there on the equipment, you are more likely to get a call.

Then, there are the business professionals who occasionally rent out their equipment. Why not have the conveyances advertise your business even though someone else is using them. If nothing else, another contractor or prospective rental customer sees the equipment and makes a note of the company that owns it. This process could lead to new business now or at some point in the future. In short, the presentation of a brand message – which includes your company’s name in an easy-to-recognize font and color with or without the addition of logos or niche graphics – can have a significant impact on your firm’s overall bottom line.

Do You Need Truck and Equipment Lettering in Brookfield CT?

truck and equipment lettering in Brookfield CTDo all of your company’s vehicles display cohesive branding and marketing messages? If some of your conveyances are not yet part of your mobile marketing efforts, we can help you integrate them into the overall appearance of decals or lettering you have already chosen for other vehicles. Call us today to find out more!

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Vivid Events Brands Business with Van Graphics in Brookfield CT!

Located at 536 Federal Road, Vivid Events provides special occasion videography, photo booth setups, event lighting services and DJ entertainment. These professionals are much sought after by couples planning their weddings. Of course, they also assist with corporate and other types of events. When the company’s management team decided that it was time to order van lettering for event management companies in Brookfield, CT, it contacted our experts.

Van Graphics for Event Companies in Brookfield CT

After consulting with the client, we created a combination of lettering and style elements that show off the company’s name and logo layout. What makes the lettering so memorable is the mix of bold and fine-line fonts. The company’s name includes a niche explanation, which quickly tells passersby about the line of business the firm is in. The website address invites visitors to check out what the company has to offer. Opting for this type of contact information instead of a phone number is a good idea when targeting drivers who may not have the ability to jot down the numbers.

Defining Your Message

Vivid Events Chose to brand its business with an easy-to-read message that drivers and pedestrians can take in quickly. Deciding on the website display made sense because the company invested in a domain name that is almost identical to the business name. How should you define your message?

  • Choose the location for the display. Do you want to display your layout on the doors of a truck, the rear quarter of a van or the sides of a car? The space we have to work with frequently determines the sizing of your letters, which must be sufficiently tall to be seen by everyone.
  • Plan your message. Your name, a logo symbol and contact information are the bare necessities. We usually recommend adding a niche explanation that tells customers a little something about your company. If it is not clear from your business’ name what your field it, it makes sense to present consumers with this information.
  • Consider an expansion. Lettering is great, but why not add graphics to the mix? Or an entire vehicle wrap?

There are Plenty of Reasons to Treat Your Vehicle

Choosing to display van graphics in Brookfield, CT, is a savvy business decision. For starters, you reap the benefits of investing in an advertising message that remains in excellent condition on your vehicle for about five years. This longevity eclipses billboards, print ads, and television spots. Secondly, you are in firm control of the display locations for your message. Since you know your target audience, you can take your vehicle to the areas where members of the demographic work, play and live.

It is always possible to add on to your message. Quite a few clients choose to add on seasonal graphics as they pertain to the trade. Others update the layout with QR (quick response) codes to allow for a website tie-in of the marketing message. Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about your options and to discuss the layout that you envision for your marketing and branding communication.

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