Get the Most Out of LED Readerboard Signs with Simple Tips

Dynamic content is one of the top advantages of LED Readerboard signs. While other signs can get your brand information across, LED Readerboard signs are a great solution when you have regular event information and other messages to get to the community. Even better, having one of these signs will make your business stand out as a landmark.

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This is because a lot of times, people use landmarks to give directions and LED Readerboard signs stand out and are easy to describe. Adding relevant information for the community such as the time and temperature can also add to the landmark effect. However, keeping messaging to your brand is also effective. The most important thing is for the content to engage the audience. This is done by adding a call to action, such as visiting a website or coming to an event.

Tips for Good Content

There are a few big tips to ensure you have quality content on your LED Readerboard sign. By following these few guidelines, you will have a well-designed and cohesive message without having to put in too much work.

  • Messaging should go beyond commanding passersby to purchase your products. Instead, an effective message will communicate information about the product or services and give a call to action to help solve a problem or achieve a goal. This is more effective when prompting an audience.
  • Adding motion to an LED display makes a more engaging sign than simply changing the wording. With these types of signs, there are often preprogrammed moving images to gives options to even those without any technical skills.
  • Remember to keep the design simple and clean. The look and feel should be a direct translation of your brand. By using the right fonts and colors, your brand’s personality will shine through without being cumbersome to the design process. Staying simple makes a bigger impact than trying to convey every piece of information.
  • Update with relevant information as often as possible. Using stale, static messages won’t improve your brand and could be communicated through other signage. Be sure to take full advantage of the opportunities of an LED sign.

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Working with the right local sign company helps. We train our clients on how to use the signage we create to ensure they get the most out of their investment. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Unlimited Signs Add Vinyl Graphics to Bucket Truck!

We are not just the designers and manufacturers or vinyl graphics for bucket trucks in Brookfield, CT; we are also the recipients of the installed product. Case in point is our latest addition to the vehicle fleet. This bucket truck is a must-have in the field. It helps our technicians to install signs and comes in handy when we need to take measurements or do other tasks. Being the premier sign shop in the area, we could not show up at job sites with an unmarked truck.

Advertise with vinyl truck graphics in Brookfield CT

Our artists decided to have a little bit of fun with the design of the graphic. We advertised our business and branded it by displaying the company’s name at the top of the bucket. This placement – quite literally – makes us stand out heads and shoulders above the crowd. Of course, when not in use, the bucket and its graphic are easy to view for motorists who are driving right behind our truck. The shop’s contact information rounds out the visual display. Although large, we managed not to obstruct the caution sticker that is affixed to the bucket.

Turning Graphics into Marketing Tools

Vinyl graphics have the power to turn any vehicle into a marketing tool. If you can drive or push it into the shop, we can install a graphic on it. Doing so has opened up doors of marketing possibilities for our business clients that they did not previously realized were available to them.

  • Magnets. Car magnets are not always considered when discussing graphics. Yet these useful surfaces succeed at holding attractive imprints that you may choose to display on your vehicle whenever you are ready to advertise a business.
  • Spot graphics. Attach them to the hood of your car, the door or ask us to install them on the roof of your van. This type of graphic combines lettering with images. It enables you to present a message blurb without taking up a lot of space on the vehicle. It also allows you to place your ads in areas that are more unusual.
  • Lettering and logos. This combination of displays is the gold standard for a basic marketing package. It combines your logo graphic with the lettering that spells out your name, business niche and contact information. Any business that wants to become or remain competitive should add this type of display to its company vehicles.
  • Wraps. Partial or full wraps are the next step up. These colorful image collections turn heads, catch eyes and get you plenty of attention. There is a broad range of style elements that can make your vehicle stand out. Anything from fluorescent colors to 3D images has the power to make a memorable impression on would-be clients.

Ordering the Right Graphics Package

Whether you need bucket truck vinyl graphics in Brookfield, CT, or have been toying with the idea of having your utility trailer wrapped, we can help. Call our specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics to learn more about the process and the graphics options.

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The Vision Shoppe

Daniel found us because the previous owner used us.  He needed channel Letters and a pylon sign. To process the Channel letters we must take measurements on the front of the building. We determined the word Vision should be 18 inches and the Word Shoppe should be 18 inches. We used Acylic for the face with aluminum sheet backing.  For the pylon sign we printed Vision Shopped logo and graphics on our x rite color system using vinyl material  and applied it on 2 24 x 60 Lexan material.

The Vision Shoppe Unlimited Signs

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UCONN Football Face and Hole

Kevin from Uconn Athletics called and wanted several Face and Holes for there facility. To do the process of the face and hole, we cut out 2 72 inches by 48 inch vinyl material with the football players graphics and mounted it on Max Metal material.  it took 4 hours to cut out the face and apply the vinyl.

UCONN Football Unlimited Signs

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Alices’s Flower Shop

Kathleen called and wanted her car partial wrap with flowers and lettering.  To do the processing of a partial wrap, we measured the car to see where the graphics and logos should go.  We used our x rite printer to print the flowers and used our plotter to create the lettering. It took several hours to install.  The customer was very happy.

Alice's Flowers Shop Unlimited Signs

Check out Alice’s Flower Shop’s website for the beautiful arrangments they offer or you can go visit in person at 30 Grassy Plain St in Bethel, CT.

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Faith Church’s Wall Graphic

Pastor Rich from Faith Church called, he wanted wall graphics and signage for a special needs program in their facility. The program is wonderful because it gives support to the parents as well as the children for social needs and well as fine motor skills activities.  Rich wanted a wall mural to represent the program. To do this we printed the logo and graphics on a 72 x 36 vinyl material, printed on our x rite printer. It took several hours to install.  The kids really enjoyed looking at the mural.

Faith Church Champions Club

Faith Church aims to influence people to “believe, grow, and serve in Jesus Christ”. They focus on being a support to people by offering groups to invest in relationships through this small group setting for personal development. Faith Church believes “that big impact results from the life change that happens in community, because we are not made to do life alone. Impact results from the life change that happens in community, because we are not made to do life alone.” On their website, you can watch sermons, both live and archived.

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Boat Stripes Graphic

Joe Romano wanted his boat with stripes- To do this we re-created the boat stripes using Illustrator and Photoshop. We printed the graphics on our 61 inch printer using our x rite color system.  It took 1/2 hour to install.  We did the installation onsite at Candlewood East Marina.

Joe Romano Boat Stripes Unlimited Signs

You can have your boat decked out with graphics like Joe’s! Give us at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics a call at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at

Custom Letter Lawn Signs

A customer of ours is an elderly man and wanted to sit in the store while waiting for his wife.  The problem he had was that the benches in the store were hard.  Since he waits around 2 hours in the store until his wife is finished shopping and talking, he brings his own lawn chair. The lawn chair is more comfortable. He asked us if we can customized a lawn chair so no one would steal his chair or the store think it was from the shelf.  We did just that.  We cut out the letters using our plotter and applied it on the lawn chair.  The customers loves us even more.  It is nice to have a satisfied customer.


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Scalzo’s New Branding Look

Scalzo is re-branding.  Check out their new name.  Doreen from Scalzo group wanted their new name on Real Estate A- frames (similar to sandwich boards) and on a sign that they can hang off a post. To do the signs we did the following: For the real estate signs on frames we used 18 x 24 coro material. We printed the logo and graphics using our printer and install the signs within the frames.  For the sign that you can hang up, we use 30 x 24 double-sided Black Max Metal.  We cut the letters using our plotter and applied it to the signs..  It took several hours to install.  Doreen was really impressed by our signs.

Scalzo Unlimited Signs

Scalzo Property Management, Inc. is a Danbury, Connecticut, based company specializing in all areas of real estate management including Residential, Commercial, and Condominium Association Management. You can learn more about them on their website,

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