Cabinet Sign and Pylon Sign Insert for Farmers Insurance in Danbury CT

Located at 56 Padanaram Road, William Iacovo is a Farmers Insurance agent who operates his office out of a small shopping center. Nearby businesses include the Valley Angler, a deli, and a tackle shop. Like many shopping centers in Danbury, this one features a pylon sign that allows the business owners to display their companies’ names and logos. Its frame allows for the display of individual box cabinets. Illuminated after dark, wayfinding is a snap for the customer who is in search of these businesses.

Cabinet Signs for Insurance Agencies in Danbury, CT

Cabinet Signs Danbury CT

When the agent contacted us, we met with him for a design consultation. Using the artwork that he presented and following his instructions, we started with the design, manufacture, and installation of a pylon sign tenant insert. His business has top billing, which allows for the display of the insert right at the upper part of the sign. The background of the insert is blue. This color choice makes it stand out in the mix of panels with white backdrops.

Cabinet Sign Installation Danbury CT

Installing the sign with our bucket truck!

Our graphic artists also designed a second sign. This one is a box cabinet that hangs from the overhang of the roof line near the office’s entrance. In this setup, the facing features a white backdrop and displays the company’s name in blue and red. The agent’s name shows to the right in white on blue lettering. This sign, too, lights up after dark to offer directional assistance to clients. Also, illumination makes the sign stand out, which is an extremely effective marketing tool.

What Role Does the Pylon Tenant Panel Insert Play?

Pylon Sign Tenant Panel Inserts Danbury CT

Is a pylon sign as useful as shopping center management companies assert? Should I not rather focus my attention on the shop’s signage? When consulting with clients in need of signage, we frequently encounter these questions. The fact of the matter is that pylon signage is extremely effective.

  • Freestanding signs with a clear message. The size of the pylon demands attention. The fact that it is freestanding – as opposed to being attached to a building – makes its messages clearer. Onsite signage may be overshadowed by nearby products that are larger or more colorful. A freestanding sign gives equally sized billing to every business.
  • Addresses passing motorists. The majority of customers or clients usually arrive by car. A pylon directly addresses the driver. It makes your company visible from down the road, which allows plenty of time to change lanes and pull into your parking lot.
  • Landmark value. When giving directions, folks frequently use landmarks to explain turns and places you have to pass. A pylon is an ideal landmark. Being included in directions by local consumers is a great way of building name recognition.
  • Around the clock advertising. Even when your business is closed, your advertising message continues to be displayed.

Discussing Your Signage Need with a Professional

Whether you need a box cabinet or pylon sign tenant inserts for insurance agencies in Danbury, CT, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about your signage options and to find out how we can make them work for your business.

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