Tips for the Best Signage

When it comes to signs, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best of the best. You can’t hope to grab attention and bring in business without the best signs in the business. That’s why you need to trust a professional sign company like Unlimited Signs to make sure that your signs are getting you noticed in your market and bringing customers into your doors.

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The Right Color

The first thing you need to decide on for the perfect signs is the colors that will be used. You need colors that will mesh with your current marketing materials and branding but that will also standout. You’ll want colors that will be easy to read, so that means you’ll want high-contrast.

The Right Copy

You’ll also want to make sure that your signs have the perfect copy. This means that all of the words on your sign are clearly sending the message you want. You need to make sure that your sign copy is free of spelling errors or grammar mistakes. These simple mistakes can totally change what your signs say and can change your company’s image. You’ll also want to keep your copy short and sweet, making sure people can read it quickly.

The Right Placement

The right placement is incredibly important to your signs. Finding a spot where your sign will reach the broadest audience possible is vital to getting maximum exposure for your brand. Depending on your budget, a large sign on your building or on a pole can help you build familiarity with your community. Or a monument sign on the ground may be all you need to let people know where to turn to find your business. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that your sign is placed in an optimal area.

The Right Permits

Sign permitting is an incredibly important step in the signage process. You need to make sure that your signs are meeting all of the rules and regulations in your community. You may not think about it, but a number of communities have strict rules regarding the types of signage that can be used or where they can be placed. So, obtaining all of the proper permits is vital in the perfect signage. Otherwise, you may wind up having to remove the signs or having to pay a fine to your local government.

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The Right Company

The best way to make sure that your signs are perfect is to trust a company that knows the ins and outs of the signage industry. When you trust a professional team like ours at Unlimited Signs, you can be sure that you’re getting the perfect signs every time. We can design the right sign, install it exactly where it will work best for you and even get all of the necessary permits to make sure you sign is right for you and your neighborhood. We’ll work with you to make sure that your vision becomes a reality and that you get business coming through your doors.

If you need signs, contact our team today!

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Vinyl Banners Have Many Uses!

The vinyl banner is the signage workhorse that reels in foot traffic. It comes in indoor as well as outdoor styles. Outdoor-rated products are tougher than their indoor equivalents since they have to endure multiple weather patterns and withstand windy conditions. What could you do with vinyl banners in Brookfield, CT?

Announce the Arrival of a New Business

New location vinyl banners Brookfield CT

When MacDaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar wanted consumers to know that an old flower shop location was being built out to accommodate the arrival of this popular eatery, the company’s management team commissioned a big banner measuring four feet by 20 feet. It goes across the façade of the business’ future location, where it displays the company’s name, signature logo, and colors. It also offers the address to another location that is already open.

This clever “Coming Soon” banner succeeds in advertising two restaurant locations while creating brand awareness in the strip mall setting where its newest restaurant will open. In the process, the sign creates a bit of a buzz and gets prospective guests talking about the new eatery that will take over the now defunct flower shop location. While renovations are ongoing and until the old business’ sign is removed, this vinyl banner is an integral part of the company’s on-site marketing.

Offer Brand Information and Generate Product Awareness

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Do consumers know what your business is all about? Sure, they may drive past your location on a daily basis and know the general niche you represent, but the actual scope of your work is not always clear. For this reason, the Newtown Car Care Center commissioned a large banner that details the company’s foreign and domestic automotive experience. Adding a phone number, vehicle owners have the opportunity to connect with the company, make an appointment for a problem analysis or set up a time for a regular service check.

Other Banner Uses

Event Banners Brookfield CT

Do you have an upcoming special event? An event banner details the occasion and offers passersby an opportunity to join in. Parade banners usually measure three feet by eight feet and are suitable for schools as well as political candidates who take their campaigns on the road during rallies. For the interior, some companies have found it useful to commission motivational banners that help customers or clients stay on track with their goals. Typical sizes might be two feet by six feet. Sports banners let traveling teams see a bit of a home advantage by having fans mount or hold these vinyl displays that show the team’s name and mascot.

Discuss Banner Printing for Brookfield, CT, Venues with an Expert

Contact our graphic artists for more information on the broad range of banner products that are available. Although vinyl is by far the most popular choice, it is not the only material to select. Depending on your needs and the type of outdoor exposure the product will endure, other materials may be more advantageous in your setting. During this time, also consider the way you wish to mount the banner. Do you want to tie it to objects that can hold it in place or do you prefer a grommet setup? Contact us today to get started on your project.

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HALMA Lobby Sign

Melissa Fernandez  From HALMA came to our shop and ask if we do lobby signs.  She wanted a routed letter sign for her lobby. Of course we said “Yes”.  To do the process of the routed letter sign, we did the following: We used a 9 x 9 inch single sided white PVC and routed the each letter 1/4 inches in width. It took a 1/2 to install.


Could your business use a lobby sign? Give us at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics a call at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at

Artrageous Banner and Building Sign

Ingrid from Artrageous came to us and needed a banner and a building sign. To process the building sign we did the following: We printed the logo and graphic on vinyl material using our x rite coloring system.  We then install the printed vinyl on a  36 x 144 inches single sided Lexan. This install took 1/2 hour.  Once that was completed, we installed the sign to the building.

Artragous building sign

You too can get a custom banner and building sign! Give us at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics a call at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at

Green Drop Building Sign and Window Graphics

Green Drop Channel Letters Unlimited Signs

GreenDrop wanted several signs on their new store.  Channel Letters, Window Graphics, and Road signs. The picture on top shows the Channel Letters  and the picture below shows the Window Graphics. To process the both the Window Graphics and Channel Letters you need to take measurements, that is a key for any type of signs.  To make Channel Letters you need aluminum & acrylic for the faces & LED lights. For window graphics, we had to print it to match their specific colors then cut out the letters and logos.  Each type of signs takes a key eye to cut and shape. Channel Letters of course takes a long time to install.  You need a raceway to attach the Channel Letters and an electrician to make the final connection.

Green Drop Window Graphic by Unlimited Signs

Simply pack your items into large plastic bags or boxes and drop them off at one of the convenient GreenDrop locations where their attendants will unload them.  GreenDrop has been selected by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia, to raise funds through the generation and collection of donated clothing and household items. To learn more visit their website,

Do you need a custom sign for your building, window or road?  Give us at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics a call at 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at

Reis Learning Center’s New Sign

Jessica from Reis Learning Center called us and wanted a hanging sign to be put up on her building.  She was so excited about the sign that she wanted to hold the sign when we took the picture. To make the sign, we used  20 x 30 MDO material. We use a Jig Saw to make the curvy shape on the top and used our x-rite color system when we printed the sign.  To hang the sign we used scroll brackets.
You can check out the Reis Learning Center on their website, give them a call at (860) 354-0854, or visit 65 Bank Street, New Milford, CT 06776. 
For more information contact Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at

Danbury Memorial and Cremation Services’ New Sign

Confessor Rodriguez called us from Danbury Memorial and Cremation Services and wanted a building sign. First we measured the wall to see what size to make the sign. We determined that it could be 10 feet wide and the design scaled out to be 4 feet tall. We printed the sign on vinyl and mounted it onto a sheet of Max Metal (a sheet of PVC sandwiched between 2 thin sheets of aluminum).

Danbury Memorial

Danbury Memorial and Cremation Services is your premier alternative to costly funerals. It is their mission to facilitate meaningful and respectful ways for families to grieve their loss and celebrate the memories of their loved ones.  They do this by providing information, options, and guidance with the highest level of compassion, competence and courtesy.  They provide the most respectful and affordable funeral, cremation and memorialization your loved ones deserve in a comfortable environment.

You can learn more about Danbury Memorial and Cremation Services on their website. You can also visit them on 117 South Street in Danbury, CT or give them a ring at 203-616-5128.

For more information contact Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at

Doctor Express New Logo & Updated Sign

Tom Kelly called to let us know that Doctors Express changed their logo, but instead of replacing his whole sign, we just changed the logo, saving them from a bigger expense. The logo is 2’ x 2’ contour cut out of aluminum with an acrylic face. Since it lights with LED’s you have to use translucent vinyl.

Doctor Express New Logo

Doctors Express provides urgent care in Danbury, CT with no appointment necessary, meaning you can just walk in. They treat illnesses, injuries and preventions. Their mission was born out of a desire to change the way urgent health care is delivered in the United States. They believe that urgent care should be provided by highly trained physicians, backed by a well-qualified staff, in comfortable yet modern facilities. Their hours are Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm and on the weekends, 8am to 5pm.

You can learn more about Doctors Express on their website, Visit their office on 2 Main Street in Danbury, CT. You can also shoot them an email at or call them at 203.826.2140.

For more information contact  Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at

Mitchell Fuel Company’s New Sign

Tom Defeo from Mitchell Fuel called us and wanted a sign put up in front of his store.  The sign had to be sturdy from the wind and bad weather.  We used 44 inch x 28 inch Avery material to create the sign and we printed the logo and lettering from our x rite color system. The frame we used is made for wind and bad weather. The frame is Plastic, double-sided sign stand that is resistant to high winds. Satin Aluminum frame and PVC Clear protective cover to make signs weatherproof. It has built in wheels, easy to move around, and coil springs to with stand a heavy wind.

Mitchell Fuel Sign

Mitchell Fuel provides many services including: installation and maintenance of oil or gas broilers and furnaces, air conditioning, service contracts, plumbing, hot water storage tanks, and tank replacement. Their products include heating oil, kerosene, diesel, coal, and propane. As an added benefit to their customers, they provide an oil additive at no extra cost. They also always have Emergency Service available.

Mitchell Fuel is located at 1209 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor, CT. You can contact them at (860) 644-2561. Be sure to check them out on their website,

J & C’s Snack Shack New Building Sign

Chris Martin called us and wanted a building sign for his new J & C’s Snack Shack in New Milford. We took the project on and are proud of the final product showcased below. This sign was made 1.28 in wide x 10 feet long print. We mounted the sign on Max Metal material. It took us an hour to install it on the building.
Be sure to like J & C’s Snack Shack on Facebook for their updates on the specials. Something on the menu catching your eye? Eat it at their location 46 Danbury Rd, New Milford, Connecticut. They are open for business, breakfast, lunch, and other hot food. Have questions not answered here? Give them a ring, (860) 799-5570.
J & C's Snack Shack
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