Restaurant Sponsors Athlete of the Week with Plaque in Brookfield CT

Located at 300 Whittlesey Drive, Bethel High School is home to the Wildcats. Soccer, field hockey, swimming, track, and football are just some of the disciplines. The friendly folks at the nearby Chick-fil-A at 156 Federal Road understand the critical role that high school athletics play in the lives of the students and their parents. To honor the student-athlete of the week, the restaurant hired us to design a plaque in Brookfield CT.

After consulting with our client, we created a product that displays the sponsoring company’s name and logo on the bottom portion by featuring its iconic white print on a red background. The top portion of the plaque features the school’s paw print emblem and identifies the honor’s recipient as the student-athlete of the week. Adding a student’s image or name to the paw’s center is a snap. Now, Chick-fil-A proudly shows its support of the local students and their sports achievements.

Plaques are Ideally Suited for Fast Food Restaurants

Plaque in Brookfield CTChain restaurants, in particular, typically operate under local franchise ownership. Because these entrepreneurs have deep roots in the local community, they like to give back. Doing so takes many forms, some of which include the sponsorship of the local school’s athletic teams. You frequently see evidence of this support on game field boards, along fences, and on walls. Our experts assist business owners with a broad range of signage solutions that advertise their sponsorship of the teams. Plaques make a great impression on an eatery’s guests and give a deserving youngster plenty of bragging rights.

Additional Signage Options for Team Sponsors

If you are not sure that you want to commission a plaque, there are other options open to you.

  • Fence banners. We recommend mesh vinyl for the job. It allows the wind to pass through the material, which keeps it in great shape for multiple seasons.
  • Fence signs. Aluminum is a perfect material for a strong wall sign that shows your name, logo, and sponsorship information. We can imprint it directly or present your graphics as vinyl overlays that add a chic glossy touch to the presentation. Acrylic is another option for a material that wears well and looks classy.
  • Wall graphics. For the walls of the concession area, the athletes’ dressing rooms, and along the backs of the stands, the use of vinyl images is ideal for the display of spot graphics.
  • Vinyl lettering. Spell out messages of support that feature your name and logo at the center. Highlight the reasons for your sponsorship, congratulate the team on its season, and share an encouraging message.

Of course, when you do want to opt for a plaque, we gladly help you decide between a cast and etched model. Our experts can also assist with the material choice and color selection.

Need Sponsorship Plaques in Brookfield, CT?

Whether you need a custom plaque to show your support of a local athletic team or for a different setting altogether, we can help. Discuss your plans for the signage with our custom business product experts today!

Plaque in Brookfield CT

Post and Panel Sign in Newtown Welcomes Students at Sandy Hook Elementary Opening!

In 2012, ten days before Christmas, a 20-year old man killed 20 elementary school students as well as six employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This savage act has left the city of Newtown reeling. Elementary students started going to Monroe to continue their education. By December 2013, the old Sandy Hook Elementary School was demolished. Now, a new Sandy Hook School has taken its place, and the city contacted the specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics to prepare a welcoming sign for students, parents, and staff members.

A Post and Panel Sign Welcomes at Sandy Hook Elementary

Post and Panel Sign for Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT

Set in the new flowerbed, we installed a white post and panel marker that features the name, “Sandy Hook School” in black writing. The marker’s appearance has an old-world style that suits the single-story building with its mix of bricks and white siding. It is important to note that the architects designed the building to be a complete contrast to the demolished structure from 1956. Our sign, too, is a departure from the old norm. It is a mix of wayfinding tool and affirmation that life is moving forward in Newtown – although its tragedy will never be forgotten.

School Signage Sets the Tone for a New Student Experience

While we took great care to ensure that the signs put a fresh face on the facility, it is important to note that we took our cues from the architectural design of the structure. This process is a step we take with all school signage orders we receive.

  • Support architectural style elements. Good signage underscores the atmosphere architects create. The ways they apportion space, use decorative touches and opt for color combinations determine the look as well as the feel of a setting. We design signs to mimic the most important aspects to continue the theme.
  • Informative displays. School signs must provide information that is of value to students, faculty members, and parents. For outdoor signs, this includes the name of the school, a depiction of its mascot, where applicable, and similar data. On the interior, the wayfinding aspects of the signage must give clear directions to those seeking specific areas.
  • ADA-compliant markers. Wayfinding signs must also meet the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Doing so enhances the way that people can interact with the facility and make use of what it has to offer.

Why Choose Post and Panel Signs?

It is fair to say that post and panel setups are among the most versatile signage solutions currently available. They can double as monument signs by displaying the name of an establishment. Our designers created the new Sandy Hook School sign to take on this role. Other uses include directional assistance and informative data displays. The latter usually refers to a setup with an angled panel at a museum or similar venue.

Whether you need post and panel signs for schools in Newtown, CT, or for any other setting, we can help. Contact our specialists to find out more about your options and to get started on your project today.

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