EarthFit Benefits from Tenant Panel Signs for Pylon Signs in New Fairfield CT

Passionate fitness enthusiasts find EarthFit at 25 Route 39. The facility offers group and personal training. You receive assistance with healthy meal planning, and folks help you track your results. Rather than spending time in an impersonal gym where you jostle for space on a treadmill, here you have the opportunity to work on – and achieve – fitness goals. When the business needed tenant panel signs for pylon signs in New Fairfield CT, its management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Tenant Panels Make a Company Visible

Tenant panel signs for pylon signs in New Fairfield CTWhen you do business out of a busy shopping center, there is plenty of foot traffic to capitalize on. But when you want to bring in your own clients and customers, you need to be visible to motorists. Do so with a tenant panel that takes advantage of an already existing monument or pylon sign. You typically find these signage solutions at the entrances to office parks, shopping centers, and multi-tenant commercial developments.

Some company owners believe that they do not need to invest in this signage solution. We disagree. Although most everyone in the setting will have building signs – channel or dimensional letters, building panels, or lightbox cabinets – these are typically not enough to address motorists. In fact, tenant boards for monuments or pylons usually target drivers rather than pedestrians. These signs make wayfinding easy and encourage the impulse stop. A building sign alone will not suffice.

The Anatomy of a Good Panel Design

Take a page from the playbook of EarthFit and invest in a perfectly sized panel that features your information.

  • Brand message. By displaying the company’s name with its carefully chosen font and color alongside a logo, the business ensures that its brand message comes through. Consumers in search of the enterprise, typically after doing some online research, recognize the font and color play, which results in brand awareness and name recognition.
  • Bold colors. Choosing bold colors is always an eye catcher. Consumers respond well to signage that features vibrant hues and sharp lines. Doing so also allows you to boost the display of your branding.
  • Contact information. A phone number encourages passersby to contact the company and learn more about its products or services. By adding a website address, the business makes it possible for the consumer to interact with the brand online. This practice opens the door to social media interactions, online marketing, and web page advertising. We recommend adding an online component to your signage whenever possible.

Once the panel is in place, keep an eye on its overall look. Sometimes, these products need a good cleaning. At other times, a storm or similar occurrence may lead to an unsightly crack. Prevent any lapse in sign effectiveness by calling our technicians out for repairs, routine cleaning, and associated maintenance tasks.

Buy Tenant Panel Signs for Shopping Centers in New Fairfield CT

Whether you are a business owner or a property management company representative, our experts gladly work with you to design, manufacture and install tenant panels. Contact our experts today to schedule a design consultation!

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Post and Panel Sign in Newtown Welcomes Students at Sandy Hook Elementary Opening!

In 2012, ten days before Christmas, a 20-year old man killed 20 elementary school students as well as six employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This savage act has left the city of Newtown reeling. Elementary students started going to Monroe to continue their education. By December 2013, the old Sandy Hook Elementary School was demolished. Now, a new Sandy Hook School has taken its place, and the city contacted the specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics to prepare a welcoming sign for students, parents, and staff members.

A Post and Panel Sign Welcomes at Sandy Hook Elementary

Post and Panel Sign for Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT

Set in the new flowerbed, we installed a white post and panel marker that features the name, “Sandy Hook School” in black writing. The marker’s appearance has an old-world style that suits the single-story building with its mix of bricks and white siding. It is important to note that the architects designed the building to be a complete contrast to the demolished structure from 1956. Our sign, too, is a departure from the old norm. It is a mix of wayfinding tool and affirmation that life is moving forward in Newtown – although its tragedy will never be forgotten.

School Signage Sets the Tone for a New Student Experience

While we took great care to ensure that the signs put a fresh face on the facility, it is important to note that we took our cues from the architectural design of the structure. This process is a step we take with all school signage orders we receive.

  • Support architectural style elements. Good signage underscores the atmosphere architects create. The ways they apportion space, use decorative touches and opt for color combinations determine the look as well as the feel of a setting. We design signs to mimic the most important aspects to continue the theme.
  • Informative displays. School signs must provide information that is of value to students, faculty members, and parents. For outdoor signs, this includes the name of the school, a depiction of its mascot, where applicable, and similar data. On the interior, the wayfinding aspects of the signage must give clear directions to those seeking specific areas.
  • ADA-compliant markers. Wayfinding signs must also meet the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Doing so enhances the way that people can interact with the facility and make use of what it has to offer.

Why Choose Post and Panel Signs?

It is fair to say that post and panel setups are among the most versatile signage solutions currently available. They can double as monument signs by displaying the name of an establishment. Our designers created the new Sandy Hook School sign to take on this role. Other uses include directional assistance and informative data displays. The latter usually refers to a setup with an angled panel at a museum or similar venue.

Whether you need post and panel signs for schools in Newtown, CT, or for any other setting, we can help. Contact our specialists to find out more about your options and to get started on your project today.

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Road Signs for Historic Towns and Cities in Connecticut

Our state has a wealth of historic buildings, roads, and towns. Case in point is Wilton, which currently features restaurants, retailers and other modern amenities that nevertheless rub elbows with the historic parts of town like the Cannondale Historic District, the Marvin Tavern and the Georgetown Historic District. Another important place is the Gilbert & Bennett Cultural Center that functions as an art gallery, art museum, and music lesson studio.

Custom Road Side Signs Connecticut

When this venerable location needed a monument sign, it was clear that a typical commercial product simply would not do. We worked closely with the client to put together a post and panel sign that displays in a pleasing white color with black print. It identifies the G&B Cultural Center and the Town of Wilton. Also, it provides two – currently blank – message areas that operators of the property may use for announcements such as class times or special events.

Signs for Historic Towns in Connecticut Support Preservation

The need for signage is a functional concern. The importance of preserving the nation’s past is another valid consideration. The nearby city of Ridgefield, which is home to the J. Alden Weir Farm Historic District and the Keeler Tavern, has come to understand the connection between appropriate signage and the preservation of its heritage. Drafting a conservation plan that discusses issues of funding, ownership and signage, officials take a proactive approach and point to signs as a means of raising awareness.

From the perspective of the sign maker, this poses questions of material usage, manufacturing methods, and display options. For example, whereas a building sign for a retailer in any city might be made up of acrylic dimensional letters, a store owner in a historic district may opt for a product that is more in harmony with the character of the area. Rather than commissioning acrylic dimensional letters, this professional might opt for a routed, round HDU sign that we can install with a wrought iron arm.

Marker Options

You have a number of choices available to you.

  • Cast metal plaques. Bronze is a beautiful material that is ideal for casting. Service providers such as attorneys and accountants routinely use this signage type when setting up their offices in historic buildings.
  • Post and panel signage. The advantage of this signage product is its versatility. It looks at home in the industrial part of the city as well as in the historic part of town. Since we can manipulate the size, color, panel display shape and level of ornamentation, we can adapt the creation of a functional sign to a look that fits right into a historical setting.
  • Shingle signs. Routed or sandblasted, these signs bring an old-world flair to the setting. They mount directly to the wall or attach with an arm to the wall for a perpendicular display.

Whether you are adding building or road signs for historic towns in Connecticut, our graphic artists can help you with the design, manufacture, and installation of the products. Contact us today to learn more about material options, manufacturing techniques and installation alternatives that make the products suitable for your setting.

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