Why Should I Buy an Outdoor LED Sign for My Business? (and other FAQs)

There is little doubt that an outdoor LED sign is an ideal marketing and branding product for your façade or window. But there is some confusion about the advantages that LEDs bring to the table. To make your choice easier, the experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics have put together this frequently asked set of questions – with the respective answers, of course.

Q: What is a LED and why is it better than neon bulbs?

outdoor LED signA: LED is short for light-emitting diode. It is a newer lighting product that most sign makers now use for lit signage such as channel letters or electrical cabinets. Neon tubes, on the other hand, have been a staple ever since the Art Deco Era. They have won a place in the hearts of the public old enough to remember their displays or among those well versed with film noir productions. LEDs are brighter than neon tubes, have a potential decade-long lifespan with little to no maintenance, use about ten times less power, and cost less to buy.

Q: What is a LED sign?

outdoor LED signA: This product has less to do with the LED vs. neon question, which is frequently at the forefront of business clients’ minds, and far more with the presentation of changeable messages. Envision how one LED lights up a sign from the inside. Now, imagine a huge number of small LEDs mounted one next to the other in a frame. When lit, each LED is a pixel for one-color presentations. (For full-color images, you would need sets of three LEDs in red, green, and blue tones.)

Q: Are these the signs that car dealers like to use near the off ramps?

outdoor LED signA: You are not too far off the mark. Those in the automotive sales industry have begun using large-scale, full-color, high-resolution LED signs to present vehicle commercials and marketing messages. Because of the LEDs’ bright light, the markers are eye-catching and create compelling messages that consumers just cannot look away from. It is fair to say that many of the larger dealerships display commercials that are on par with the ones you would see at home on your high-definition large screen TV.

Q: Don’t these signs cost a fortune?

A: The cost of LED signs increases with color capabilities, size, and resolution. When you envision replaying your television advertisements or similar graphics, color is your best bet, and a high resolution is better. That said, for other advertising needs, companies frequently opt for a monochromatic display, which greatly decreases costs.

Q: So, are you saying that LEDs are better all the way around?

outdoor LED signA: LEDs are better for your lit signage products. LED signs can make a significant difference in the way consumers interact with your brand. While each business is different and caters to a particular demographic, we have not encountered a company that was hurt by the installation of LED signs (or lighting).

Q: I have more questions about outdoor LED sign design, manufacturing, and installation.

A: No problem! Contact our building sign specialists to get more help. We serve the business communities in and around Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Newtown, and New Milford, CT. Of course, we accept questions and ship products across the state, country, and the world.

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