Monument Signs are a Regal Choice

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When you need to make a strong and dignified statement, monument signs are the way to go. This kind of exterior signage is a bold and effective choice for a variety of businesses and organizations. They are both durable and distinguished. Learn more about this attractive signage option.

Monumental Materials

These signs are generally made of stone or brick, although wood and imitation materials can also be used. This means that they are generally a bit pricier than other kinds of signs. However, the price tag is absolutely worth it, because in the end, you get a regal-looking exterior sign.

Also, consider that stone and brick are both very tough and long-lasting materials. If you invest in the construction and installation of your monument sign, you will reap the benefits of it.

Design of the Sign

Monument signs generally have two pillars, placed almost like bookends, on either side of the actual sign that has your desired information on it. The “monument” part is really the pillars and the base of the sign, because the panel in the middle could technically be designed however you like. It is advised, however, that your panel section look like it belongs with the rest of the sign. People often make the mistake of combining two separate kinds of materials or colors on their monument sign, making it look a little odd or incongruous.

Match Your Brand

If you feel that a monument sign would greatly benefit your business or organization, make sure that the materials used and the design match your brand message. For example, if you are an owner of an upscale housing development, maybe a stone sign would be best, with brand-appropriate colors and lettering. You could even take it to the next level with a carved or sandblasted monument sign. This would be a stately option that would definitely draw in potential home buyers.

Another great example of a business that could gain from installing a monument sign is a well-established law firm. You could build your sign out of brick, perhaps, and place it at the front of your building or property. That allows your clients to see who you are and what you’re about.

Get Your Regal Monument Sign Now

Since you’ve learned a bit more about how monument signs can be great choice for your business, go ahead and give Unlimited Signs a quick call. We offer “unlimited support to your success,” after all, and will gladly go the extra mile to make your monument sign amazing. Act now and get a free quote.

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