Custom Menu Board for Hawleyville Deli

Hawleyville Deli, in Brookfield, Connecticut, came to Unlimited Signs after our company produced materials for them through a Pepsico order. The deli enjoyed our previous work and was looking for a new menu board for their location. The sandwich shop serves an array of sandwiches with options in subs, rolls, breads and wraps for customers, which they were looking to have prominently displayed in an eye-catching new menu. The company was also looking to showcase their daily lunch specials and option to order ahead.

When creating the new menu board, our designer Alex Batista created a simple design that communicated the options in different bread types while keeping the focus on the sandwich types. We added a simple line to prompt customers to ask about lunch specials and a prominent corner design letting customers know they could call ahead for easier ordering. The boards were created with coroplast with printed vinyl, giving a finished and cohesive look. From start to finish, the project took only two weeks. The client was happy with the end result, as it gave a simple solution for many elements in the menu without wasting space.

hawleyville menu board

Menu Board Design

The way a menu board is designed can make a big impact on any business in the food industry. Making a menu easy to navigate and accessible for customers can determine their impression of the company, even without tasting the food. After all, a company that serves decent food and is very convenient will likely get more regular traffic than one with great food but customers can’t figure out. Of course, the goal is to have great food, but the menu board has a bigger part of the customer experience than most business owners account for.

This is especially true for sandwich shops. For most of these shops, customers are grabbing something on the go either while running errands or on a lunch break. By letting customers know what types of deals there are on lunches, there is a focus on the customers that frequent the store. Even further, it helps keep them on the go, which will prompt them to come to the establishment more often due to the convenience.

If you are in the food industry, contact our team today. We have the experience to create a cohesive design that puts the focus on the best parts of your menu while keeping the customer experience in mind.

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Branded Menu Boards Get Hungry Visitors to Stop By

Let’s say you’re the owner of a deli or small coffee shop. You’ve noticed some slowing in your volume of customers coming in for a latte or lunch. You’re sure you haven’t started to do anything different, let alone anything that would be detrimental to your business. But your sales are suffering. What can you do?

Designing and installing branded menu boards is a fantastic way to get people in your door and ordering your food. These signs can be hung in the window of your restaurant, or you can use them in conjunction with other exterior signs to get people inside. Once they’re in, they’ll see your brand everywhere and associate delicious food with you.

Let’s see how else these signs can benefit you.

menu boards in Brookfield CT

They Don’t Have to Be Expensive

If you’re looking for a high-quality sign that advertises your deli without a huge price tag, menu boards are a great option. They can be made of imitation wood materials for a cozy, down-to-earth look and feel. The imitation material is much less expensive than real wood and lasts longer, making it an ideal choice for a sign that may very well get grease stains on it.

They’re Fun to Customize

You can really do a lot with menu boards. They’re pretty much a blank slate for your brand and business. Choose funky, interesting fonts that reflect your brand and its message, colors that catch people’s eyes and even put some cute drawings of the food you offer on your board. This makes it a fun experience to view your board, so people will really want to order food from you. Don’t be afraid to get bold!

menu boards in Brookfield CT

They’re Easy to Display

Since branded menu boards are generally made of lightweight materials, they’re quick to put up and display. Just hang them on your wall or put them up in a storefront window for all to see.

Get Your Own Custom Menu Boards Today

As you can see, branded menu boards can do a lot from your restaurant, deli or other kind of eatery. If you’re ready to order these versatile signs, give Unlimited Signs a call. We are your one-stop shop for signage, and we would love to help you design and install not only menu boards, but many other kinds of signs. Contact us today to get a free quote and see how we can help your business flourish.

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Restaurant Signs and Menu Boards for Mima’s Meatballs in Ridgefield CT

When we first started working with Mima’s Meatballs and More, the pros at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics created a “Coming Soon” sign as well as additional products for the food court eatery. This company is already setting its sights on opening new locations in Westchester and lower Fairfield County. When the company’s management team recently contacted us again, we met up with the eatery’s representatives to discuss additional restaurant signs for Ridgefield, CT.

Informative and Branding

Menu Boards for Restaurants in Ridgefield CT

The company needed a menu board that would make it easy for customers to order its products. Since the counter is always a busy place, providing information at a glance is instrumental in keeping the line moving, serving guests their meals quickly and helping as many hungry customers as possible. Black on white print is easiest on the eyes, and the use of bolded menu categories makes food recognition a snap.

Restaurant welcome/lobby signs Ridgefield CT

The restaurant sign itself is round and displays Mima’s name with white on black. A satin finish creates an attractive look that makes branding of the eatery a snap. Add to that the reddish orange wall color, and guests will soon know where to head for the best meatballs in town. The combination of the menu board and restaurant sign succeeds not only at identifying the venue for first-time guests, but it reinforces the brand name, which will soon be displayed in other locations as the business expands.

Ordering Branding Signage with Future Expansions in Mind

With a company that is on the move, it makes sense to invest in signage products that not only introduce a brand but also create the name recognition needed to make the business a household name. In so doing, the opening of additional locations addresses an audience that is already familiar with the company and quickly becomes an integral part of its repeat clientele. A variety of signage options assists in this endeavor.

  • Company signs. Whether it is a building sign for a façade or a restaurant sign for a food court opening, the display of the logo and company name is instrumental in creating a sense of familiarity with the brand.
  • Posters. Framed posters that explain your products or services are ideal communication tools. Not only allow they space for your branding information, but they also give the customer a back-story that creates a brand buy-in. When the client likes your business philosophy, she or he will not mind traveling a little extra just to interact with your company.
  • Menu boards (restaurants/service businesses). For the restaurant, the menu board is one of the fundamental marketing tools of the day. Countless customers see it. The board must be functional but also create a feeling of acquaintance with the product and the pricing structure. This is true for the menu board used in an eatery as well as the equivalent board sign used in a hair salon or similar service business.

When you are ready to discuss your branding and marketing needs with the help of company signage and restaurant menu boards for Ridgefield, CT, hospitality venues, contact our graphic artists to get started on your project.

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Restaurant Signs and Menu Boards for Mall Food Courts in Danbury CT

In case you have not yet heard the good news, Mima’s Meatballs & More is opening a location in the Danbury Mall food court. Located on the second level, this eatery offers hand-made meatballs, mozzarella balls, sliders and salads. When the company’s management team decided that it needed signs and graphics for mall food court restaurants in Danbury, CT, it contacted the professionals at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics.

Putting Together a Sign Package

Restaurant Signs for Food Courts in Danbury CT

In this case, the package consists of two distinct products. The first one is a combination of wayfinding product and branding solution. It is the store’s sign that displays above the countertop front. Mima’s Meatballs & More chose signage foam to display the lettering and logo portion of its name. To give the sign the illusion of floating, we attached the individual components to clear acrylic rods.

The menu board is the second sign that we designed, manufactured and installed. It is the heart of the company’s marketing approach in the mall setting. As such, its look has to be visually appealing, show off the products to their fullest advantage and present a legible advertising of the available food option. We digitally printed the menu board that we then mounted onto foam board for a more substantial 3D presentation.

Standing Out with Restaurant Signage

Food Court Menu Board Signs Danbury CT

It is no secret that the food court is one of the most competitive areas of the mall. Frequently situated side by side with the competition, these companies have to make a great first impression, stand out from the crowd and entice consumers to choose their food choices as opposed to others. Signage is usually the only advertising method on the premises. Although some malls allow for banner stands, window graphics on lower levels and similar advertising products, this is not true for all venues.

Our restaurant clients have had excellent success with store signs, menu boards and wall signs. Creating a buzz before the business is ready to open helps. We usually recommend the use of “Coming Soon” banners. When the mall does allow for additional level signage, consider the use of post and panel signs that display at strategic corners leading to the food court. By providing visual cues, many a hungry guest becomes a customer. Window graphics on glass dividers and exterior glass panes reel in foot traffic.

Making the Mall’s Setup Work in Your Favor

Exterior signage solutions are sometimes another means of advertising your food court location. Banner stands work well and easily set up. Although storefront signage and menu board signs for mall food court restaurants in Danbury, CT, remain the most important products that get your venue noticed, remember that it always pays to add more signage components if the mall management allows you to do so.

Our graphic artists gladly sketch out proposed products that we can then show to the management company for their approval. If it is your management team that is unsure about the look and feel of the signage that should represent your venue, following this process allows you to see the products through the eyes of a first-time customer. Contact us today to find out more about these product solutions and to get started on your order.

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