Illuminated Signs: Perfect Visibility

One of the first rules of business is good visibility. There’s no way that you can build a business without people being able to see who you are and what you do or what you sell. So, when it comes to signage you want to make sure that everything is as visible as it can possibly be. In the industry, we try to make sure that your sign designs are able to be seen and be read by everyone who encounters them. That means high-contrast colors and the right sized signs in the right places. Sometimes, that means you need illuminated signs that can be seen at night. Here are a few of the important things to remember about illuminated signs from Unlimited Signs:

Illuminated signs - Brookfield CT

The Right Style

Illumination is a must for night-time visibility, but there isn’t just one way to illuminate your signs. There are a number of styles and lighting types that you can use in your signs. It’s important that you find the lighting type and style that will fit your image and your budget. For example, traditional lighting fixtures may be more affordable immediately, but LED lights will save you money in the long run by offering you saving in maintenance and on your electric bill.

The style of the sign can also dramatically change the way people look at it. We offer a number of possible styles that can be used on your building, on a pole in your parking lot or as a monument at the end of a driveway. This allows us to provide the perfect illuminated sign for your needs.

Personalized Looks

Along with these styles there are also ways to personalize the look of some of them. For example, you can choose several different lighting styles for channel letter signs on your building. The lighting fixture can shine through the front of the letters or through the back for a halo look. Either way, we can find a style that fits your store, office or facility and maximizes your exposure.

The Right Permits

Illuminated signs can be difficult despite all of their definite positive qualities. You need the electricity to run them, their maintenance is a little bit more complicated and usually the local ordinances in your area can be a little more strict regarding this type of sign. So, the permitting and planning stages can be difficult.

Especially in residential areas, illuminated signs can be tough. People don’t generally like a bright sign shining in their bedroom windows while they’re trying to sleep. If this turns out to be a problem, we can work within your local regulations to make sure you get a great sign without having to remove it or pay a fine. Instead of the lighting coming from the sign, spotlights can be used to make sure your sign can be read at night. These spotlights will only shine on the sign, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Illuminated signs - Brookfield CT

Illumintated Signs for You

If you’re looking for illuminated signs, make sure you’re working with a professional team to make sure you’re getting the best product for your needs!

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Shoe Service Plaza Adds Lightbox Cabinet Sign in Brookfield CT!

Shoe Service Plaza is a business that repairs, cleans and dyes shoes and boots. The pros even restore Ugg boots to their great looks. In addition to shoes, the company also cleans and repairs other leather products such as purses, briefcases, and belts. Already operating two locations, the Shoe Service Plaza recently opened a third location at 317 Federal Road, which is the Bennett Square. To ensure that customers would find the venue, the company’s management team contacted our professionals for assistance with the design of a box cabinet.

Lightbox Cabinet Signs in Brookfield, CT

Lightbox cabinet signs in Brookfield CT

After consulting with the client and conducting a site survey, we created a product that fits in perfectly with the other signage solutions to the right and left of the business. A box cabinet featuring similar measurements as those used at the nearby venues displays the company’s name and niche designation as well as the logo. It features white on purple printing, which makes it stand out. We installed the product to the overhang above the entryway. After dark, the illumination makes wayfinding a snap and signals customers in search of leather or shoe repair services.

Behind the Popularity of Box Cabinets

When customization is the name of the game, you cannot outdo the electrical cabinet.

  • Shape variations. The typical rectangular shape is just one option. For companies that like to use their logo symbols as the form of the building markers, the aluminum construction offers superior adaptation opportunities. We can form the marker into any shape that you desire.
  • Facing options. Acrylic or polycarbonate? Stamped or flat? A stamped display brings a three-dimensional look to the signage. A flat front allows for the installation of an imprinted vinyl overlay.
  • Message layout. What do you want your sign to say? If it faces a busy street, the name and logo of your company are probably enough. But when you use it as a building sign that addresses pedestrians, consider the display of professional affiliations and co-branding information.
  • Installation options. The adaptability of the sign shines through when considering how and where to mount it. We can fit cabinets directly to facades, integrate them into a monument display, install them to poles or pylons, and set them up as post and panel signage.

Discussing Your Signage Design with the Experts

When you are ready to make your next building marker a cabinet, contact our graphic artists. We have a long track record of designing, manufacturing and installing electrical cabinet signs in Brookfield, CT, as well as in the surrounding areas. We work with you to put together the kind of message that appeals to your targeted demographic.

If you are replacing an existing sign, we help with taking down the old signage components. For those businesses that are taking over a property with existing cabinet signage, we can assist with the refurbishing. This process saves you money and gets your name and brand information out quickly. Discuss your signage needs with our experts today; schedule a consultation with our experts now.

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Lightbox Cabinet Signs for Vape Shops in Danbury CT

The Twilight Vapor Lounge is a vape shop that will be doing business in Danbury and Bethel. More than just a retail establishment, the company stresses the outstanding atmosphere of its enterprise by providing a space for customers to linger and try out different brands while providing a vast assortment of flavors and products. When this company needed a sign, it opted for a box cabinet to accommodate the setup of its roof line. This sign lights up after dark and is instrumental in wayfinding for consumers in search of the venue.

Cabinet Sign Installation Danbury CT

Before the cabinet sign installation

Investigating Additional Signage Options

Lightbox Cabinet Signs for Vape Shops in Danbury and Bethel CT

What a great new “illuminated” look!

The box cabinet is a popular product because it allows for the display of a company’s name, logo, and niche-specific information. Had the vape shop been located in a storefront where the façade was set up differently, it could have benefited from the use of channel letters, but lightbox cabinet signs for vape shops in Danbury, CT was the smart choice.

  • Same basic construction as a box cabinet. Both products consist of an aluminum body and a polycarbonate facing. LEDs stay inside the components to ensure proper illumination after dark. That said, if you opt for a backlit channel letter design, the front of your letter may also be constructed of aluminum rather than of the translucent material.
  • Available in lit and unlit versions. As a general rule of thumb, box cabinets are lit signage products. Channel letters, on the other hand, may be lit or unlit, depending on your preferences and venue needs.
  • Ideal for branding with fonts. When the font is the part of your signage setup that assists with branding, channel letters do a great job at showing it off on your façade. Since these letters are bigger than the lettering you might commission for a cabinet sign, drawing attention to the font is easiest with the letters.

Even so, you still have other options. For example, you might consider the use of dimensional letters crafted from foam, metal or acrylic. Another alternative is the display of a routed or sandblasted marker.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Business

Should you select channel letters? For vape shops in Bethel, CT, and its surrounding areas, this could be an excellent product. Then again, depending on the look and measurements of your façade, and the makeup of the signage that your nearby competitors display, box cabinets, shingles or dimensional letters may also be suitable.

We recommended letting us do a site survey that takes into account the appearance of your storefront, the display of nearby signage from competitors, and the speed with which cars drive past your business. The latter influences the ideal size of your lettering, which may be a determining factor when deciding on your marker’s makeup. During our meeting, we also discuss color options and local zoning rules. Once again, the rules set forth by officials can make a difference when you select your sign.

Contact us today to learn more about ligthbox cabinets or channel letters as well as other illuminated signage products for vape shops in Danbury or Bethel. Our graphic artists look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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LUV Ink Tattoo Brands with Illuminated Cabinet Sign in Danbury!

Do you remember when we just recently discussed the tenant panel inserts for LUV Ink Tattoo? The business was taking over a storefront and in the process of building out the studio that it would need to provide its clients with cool body art and modifications. Once the project was finished, the company contacted our graphic artists again to discuss the manufacture of lit building signage.

Standing out with Illuminated Cabinet Signs in Danbury, CT

Lightbox Cabinet Signs for Danbury CT

Illuminated signs help your business stand out!

With opening day right around the corner, the business needed the type of signage that would support its brand message and help with the creation of name recognition at its new location. Achieving this one-two punch is easy with the right product. In this case, an illuminated box cabinet welcomes clients who visit the studio well after dark. Since business hours go until 10 p.m., this is a necessity for the company.

Set into a gray cabinet, we designed and manufactured a white backdrop with black lettering. The font mix makes it easy to remember the name of the business. We used red for the small heart, which is an integral part of the branding message. Using specialized equipment, we mounted the sign to be flush with the edge of the entry door rather than centered. This creates an excellent visual division between this business and the one next door.

What Should (or could) Your Cabinet Sign say about Your Business?

Lit Cabinet Signs Danbury CT

Installing the new sign!

When you decide against dimensional or channel letters for your enterprise, you have the option of making good use of the space the cabinet’s front provides.

  • Shape. For LUV Ink, it was a rectangle. What is the right form for your cabinet? Some of our business clients like the idea of having a cabinet that is shaped like their logos. Others prefer to stick with classic geometric shapes.
  • Color. The typical sign displays a white polycarbonate front with black text and a painted aluminum body. Should you follow suit? You do not have to. Opt for any color of the rainbow – as long as the hue combination of the lettering and facing contrasts well. If the hues are too close on the color wheel, you will find that readability suffers.
  • Illumination. The majority of business clients order a box cabinet because it allows for the installation of LEDs. That said, you do have the choice of requesting a sign without the lighting. Doing so enables us to narrow the body of the product, which can be an extremely attractive look on your façade.
  • Text. Your name and perhaps a niche explanation are excellent options. Car dealerships like to mention professional associations. Physicians and other medical offices frequently add specialty mentions onto the sign. Others display the address or contact information. The logo may also feature on your sign’s front.

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about your options when considering lightbox cabinet signs for businesses in Danbury, CT. We can show you how to position your brand as either a traditional one or one that will be regarded more like an avant-garde service or product (or something completely different). Contact us today to find out how we can make this happen – and how we can adjust the look of the signage product for all niches.

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