Road Signs for Historic Towns and Cities in Connecticut

Our state has a wealth of historic buildings, roads, and towns. Case in point is Wilton, which currently features restaurants, retailers and other modern amenities that nevertheless rub elbows with the historic parts of town like the Cannondale Historic District, the Marvin Tavern and the Georgetown Historic District. Another important place is the Gilbert & Bennett Cultural Center that functions as an art gallery, art museum, and music lesson studio.

Custom Road Side Signs Connecticut

When this venerable location needed a monument sign, it was clear that a typical commercial product simply would not do. We worked closely with the client to put together a post and panel sign that displays in a pleasing white color with black print. It identifies the G&B Cultural Center and the Town of Wilton. Also, it provides two – currently blank – message areas that operators of the property may use for announcements such as class times or special events.

Signs for Historic Towns in Connecticut Support Preservation

The need for signage is a functional concern. The importance of preserving the nation’s past is another valid consideration. The nearby city of Ridgefield, which is home to the J. Alden Weir Farm Historic District and the Keeler Tavern, has come to understand the connection between appropriate signage and the preservation of its heritage. Drafting a conservation plan that discusses issues of funding, ownership and signage, officials take a proactive approach and point to signs as a means of raising awareness.

From the perspective of the sign maker, this poses questions of material usage, manufacturing methods, and display options. For example, whereas a building sign for a retailer in any city might be made up of acrylic dimensional letters, a store owner in a historic district may opt for a product that is more in harmony with the character of the area. Rather than commissioning acrylic dimensional letters, this professional might opt for a routed, round HDU sign that we can install with a wrought iron arm.

Marker Options

You have a number of choices available to you.

  • Cast metal plaques. Bronze is a beautiful material that is ideal for casting. Service providers such as attorneys and accountants routinely use this signage type when setting up their offices in historic buildings.
  • Post and panel signage. The advantage of this signage product is its versatility. It looks at home in the industrial part of the city as well as in the historic part of town. Since we can manipulate the size, color, panel display shape and level of ornamentation, we can adapt the creation of a functional sign to a look that fits right into a historical setting.
  • Shingle signs. Routed or sandblasted, these signs bring an old-world flair to the setting. They mount directly to the wall or attach with an arm to the wall for a perpendicular display.

Whether you are adding building or road signs for historic towns in Connecticut, our graphic artists can help you with the design, manufacture, and installation of the products. Contact us today to learn more about material options, manufacturing techniques and installation alternatives that make the products suitable for your setting.

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