Graduation Signs in Brookfield Garner Us a Great Testimonial!

A high school graduation is a significant milestone in the life of a teenager transitioning into the world of young adulthood. When we took on the commission to make graduation signs in Brookfield, CT, that would be celebrating the Brookfield High School class of 2016, we ensured that the markers display in yellow with black print for the highest level of visibility. These products are suitable for lawn displays with stakes; you can see some of them that folks have put out around their mailboxes for students to see as they are passing by. The durable material does well even if it gets wet.

When a Customer Says “Thank You!”

School Graduation Signs in Brookfield CT

But in addition to encouraging students as well as their teachers and congratulating them on a job well done, these signs also led to an encouragement for our business. A client sent us this message:

“Thanks Mike! Looks great, really nice to see you yesterday, appreciate the tour, glad all is going well. I have to say, your staff is always so friendly and helpful, it’s a pleasure to do business with Unlimited Signs.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Pat McRedmond”

Receiving such a nice testimonial from a satisfied client is always a true pleasure. That said, we love the work that we do. Helping clients who sometimes may have an idea of what they would like to see but not really any details or graphics to go with it is as challenging as it is enjoyable. We believe in not just doing our job but doing it well, and it shows.

Cases in point are the graduation signs we made. Although at face value, they were a small commission, they were of the utmost importance to the client and to the folks who would see them. We, therefore, approached this order in the same way that we would tackle a signage suite for a new class “A” office building.

Do You Still Need Signs Honoring Grads?

Speaking of graduation signs, did you know that we are frequently called upon to create a broad range of signage solutions for this type of occasion? In some cases, our clients are proud parents; at other times, we work with school administrators, members of the local business community or neighbors. The most commonly requested signage is the lawn sign, which is quick and easy to put up and take down.

But, every once in a while, banners are more suitable. Outdoor graduation banners in Brookfield, CT, can span the street when attached to two buildings. We recommend the use of vinyl mesh, which does well even if the wind picks up. Standard vinyl works well when you like to suspend the banner from the rafters of an indoor setting or the façade of your building.

If you are thinking of celebrating some graduates this year, it is not yet too late to order your banners. Contact us today to discuss your plans for the signage. We work with you to send off the freshly minted grads to their next station in life with style.

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