Restaurant Signs and Menu Boards for Mall Food Courts in Danbury CT

In case you have not yet heard the good news, Mima’s Meatballs & More is opening a location in the Danbury Mall food court. Located on the second level, this eatery offers hand-made meatballs, mozzarella balls, sliders and salads. When the company’s management team decided that it needed signs and graphics for mall food court restaurants in Danbury, CT, it contacted the professionals at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics.

Putting Together a Sign Package

Restaurant Signs for Food Courts in Danbury CT

In this case, the package consists of two distinct products. The first one is a combination of wayfinding product and branding solution. It is the store’s sign that displays above the countertop front. Mima’s Meatballs & More chose signage foam to display the lettering and logo portion of its name. To give the sign the illusion of floating, we attached the individual components to clear acrylic rods.

The menu board is the second sign that we designed, manufactured and installed. It is the heart of the company’s marketing approach in the mall setting. As such, its look has to be visually appealing, show off the products to their fullest advantage and present a legible advertising of the available food option. We digitally printed the menu board that we then mounted onto foam board for a more substantial 3D presentation.

Standing Out with Restaurant Signage

Food Court Menu Board Signs Danbury CT

It is no secret that the food court is one of the most competitive areas of the mall. Frequently situated side by side with the competition, these companies have to make a great first impression, stand out from the crowd and entice consumers to choose their food choices as opposed to others. Signage is usually the only advertising method on the premises. Although some malls allow for banner stands, window graphics on lower levels and similar advertising products, this is not true for all venues.

Our restaurant clients have had excellent success with store signs, menu boards and wall signs. Creating a buzz before the business is ready to open helps. We usually recommend the use of “Coming Soon” banners. When the mall does allow for additional level signage, consider the use of post and panel signs that display at strategic corners leading to the food court. By providing visual cues, many a hungry guest becomes a customer. Window graphics on glass dividers and exterior glass panes reel in foot traffic.

Making the Mall’s Setup Work in Your Favor

Exterior signage solutions are sometimes another means of advertising your food court location. Banner stands work well and easily set up. Although storefront signage and menu board signs for mall food court restaurants in Danbury, CT, remain the most important products that get your venue noticed, remember that it always pays to add more signage components if the mall management allows you to do so.

Our graphic artists gladly sketch out proposed products that we can then show to the management company for their approval. If it is your management team that is unsure about the look and feel of the signage that should represent your venue, following this process allows you to see the products through the eyes of a first-time customer. Contact us today to find out more about these product solutions and to get started on your order.

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