Flags Beckon Churchgoers In

feather flag for church

One fun and innovative way that churches and other places of worship can encourage newcomers to join is through the use of flags. These are an eye-catching and bold form of exterior signage. They can be any size and shape, and any color too. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing these quirky and unique signs. Learn more about how you too can use flags at your place of worship.

Advertise Your Events

An exciting yet basic use for flags at your church is event awareness. Let’s say you have a monthly bingo at your church. You could make signs out of poster board, or spend a ton of money on something that’s fancier—or you could use a flag. Have it say, “CHURCH BINGO TONIGHT” on it, and all you have to do is put it outside the day of your bingo event.

Got a community yard sale or “mommy market” event coming up? Get a custom-made flag to showcase these popular kinds of occasions. You will get many people coming in for the event, and you may even get some new congregants.

Show Off Your Charity

If your congregation is about to go on a mission trip, or has already done so, you can show off their hard work with a flag. Impress upon your visitors your great capacity for charity, along with informing them about your church.

Invite Others to Join You

A simple and effective way to advertise your church is with a flag that clearly and simply states your worship times. Make your church seem both entertaining and comforting with wise color choices and a brief message.

feather flags in Brookfield CT

Options Galore

Flags come in several different shapes, including teardrop and falcon. They can come in any color you need, including gradient shades. Another added benefit of using a flag for a sign is that you can get a small flag or a large flag, or anything else in between. A smaller size could be great for a tabletop display at a community fair. Go big for advertising your worship and Sunday school times.

Get Your Church Flags Today

Now that you have some options for using flags at your church, and since you now know how they can help get new members to join your congregation, give Unlimited Signs a call. We will work with you to design the perfect flag for your church. Get a free quote today.

feather flags in Brookfield CT

Feather Flags in Brookfield CT Stand Out for Pepsi Bottling Company!

Located at 30 Pocono Road in Brookfield, the Pepsi Bottling Group is a major local distributor for the soft drink giant. It is fair to say that pretty much everyone knows PepsiCo and recognizes its iconic colors and logo. So, why would a company ask us to create feather flags in Brookfield CT, that show off this very emblem?

feather flags in Brookfield CTFor starters, these flags do indeed show off the logo, lettering, and colors that everyone is familiar with. That said, they also feature marketing messages that are customized for a particular business. Without mentioning the company’s name, these messages alert consumers to happy hour times and the cost of a three-course lunch. By placing the information on the flags, the business achieves three distinct goals:

  1. Co-branding. Putting another business’ logo outside your venue might not be something you would typically embrace. With that said, consider that the presentation of the logo that differentiates one of the most popular consumer products can very well bring in more customers. They know they can get the drink they are looking for at your location; this type of co-branding is ideally suited for hospitality businesses and retailers.
  2. Message importance. As we previously noted, everyone knows the PepsiCo brand. So, if there is a product that displays it prominently, the message must be substantial. Maybe it pertains to a giveaway, special promotion, or anything along these lines. By placing your message on a flag with the popular color and logo features, you heighten the interest in (and the importance of) your message.
  3. Eye-catching presentation. Feather flags are favorites for getting attention from the crowds. They move slightly, which grabs the eye. Children, in particular, respond very well to the slight movements of the flags. By presenting something that a child might enjoy, it is easy to get the adult parent on board with the purchase.

Of course, there are other uses for feather flags in Brookfield, CT, as well. Trade show displays frequently add a flag component to their setups because it increases the visual interest in their booths. For those operating interior as well as exterior display spaces, this type of exhibit pays huge dividends. Another reason for choosing to display feather flags is the presentation of a new business to the community. If you are opening a new company, present these flags for the first few months. Signal that you are now open and display not just your name and logo but also the products you sell. We recommend the use of alternating flags for this purpose.

If we have piqued your interest in adding flags to your marketing and branding signage, discuss your plans with our business sign experts. We work with you to put together an appearance that complements your current set of exterior signage as well as any interior markers you also feature. By coordinating colors, and perhaps creating a window graphic or poster tie-in, you succeed in putting together a clever advertising presentation that catches the attention of those around you.

Call us today to get started on the project!

feather flags in Brookfield CT