UCONN FSAE Racing With Unlimited Signs

This year we were fortunate enough to sponsor the UCONN Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE). This is a student run organization that designs, manufactures, and races a Formula-Style car competitively all from scratch. These engineering students have the opportunity to get real hands on experience.


This year the car they created completed FSAE Michigan International Speedway and placed 20th our of 120 teams. UCONN FSAE also was named the number one team in New England at this event. The team has also competed for a few years at the Formula North located in Canada.10369126_631760390225498_5454019873642856025_n


How does it work putting all the logos on the car? Each logo design is cut in pieces using one color vinyl. Then using a squeegee each logo is applied seperately. Our logo was featured on the side of the car.


After nearly a year of  design, development, and construction the vehicle has its first test drive: 

Finally the vehicle was unveiled to the public: 

Follow UCONN FSAE’s adventures on Twitter. We wish the team many more successes!

Are You Paying High Costs Of Bulky Material For Advertising?

Stop paying high shipping costs of bulky material for advertising

Ultdsigns.com  provides material you transport without shipping


Stop paying high shipping costs with bulky material for advertising. Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics provides material you can transport without shipping.  Get creative and transport your ideas, humor, personality, and advertisement wherever you want to go.

Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics provides materials you can peel and stick.  They are removablereusable, and re-positional. They are made of a patented polyester fabric adhesive media material.  They can be installed on almost any surface, in any type of weather. They are nontoxic, green, and phthalates-free.

This material will not leave a sticky residue on 99% of any surface when removed.  It can withstand all weather conditions and will not shrink or curl like other materials. Also, it won’t rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation. (Outdoor longevity varies based on ink type and weather conditions.)

Everyone is using this material! Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Miller, McDonald’s, Victoria Sporting Events, and many more companies.  Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics will use this material and design what you want on it.  Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics uses state-of-the art HP Latex Printers that are eco-friendly and Energy Star rated.  We use HP latex ink that produces odorless prints, and the ink cartridges are recyclable.

We are a full-service sign company who are able to produce a large variety of signs that have high visibility and create a positive impact.  We specialize in indoor/outdoor signs, banners, large format printing, vehicle graphics and wraps, and fleet lettering that we install in our climate-controlled garage. Our goal is to provide the customer with a convenient, easy, and stress-free experience. Our mission is to ensure every customer is a satisfied customer.

Feature A Face in Hole At Your Event

If you need ideas for Trade ShowsFundraisers, or Carnivals – life-size Face-in-Hole / Standins cut-outs are a great  idea.   It is an ice breaker for conversation, it is fun, it brings people together and it is something unique to distinguish yourself.  Also you can make money. All you need to do is take a picture, make sure it is a high density picture so it can be life-size and cut out the face.

Face in Hole

Trade Show Lead Generation Sign

For Trade Shows, you can take pictures of people with their face in the hole.  This display can attract more traffic to your booth and help generate additional leads.

Fundraisers and Carnival Attractions

For Fundraisers, Carnivals and Golf Games, you can charge to throw balls in the cut-out hole.

How to create a Custom Face-in-Hole Sign

To create the Custom Sign / Face-in-Hole Sign / Standins, we measure the picture of your choice to match the foam board material we use.  It is important to measure because you have to be aware where to cut out the face. For instance the average person is 5 foot 5.  We need to cut out the foam board face around 5 foot.

To do the build a Custom Sign / Face-in-Hole / Standins, we use a 40 x 60 foam board.  We then print the picture of your choice. The print method depends on the color of the picture you are using; if the picture is multi colored, we use our printer with colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System; If the picture is one color, we use our plotter. We then print the custom sign / face-in-hole sign/standins on vinyl material and we squeegee the printed vinyl material to the foam board. Once that is done we cut out the face.  To support the foam board we use easel backs. This will help  the foam board stand up freely.

Custom Sign / Face-in-Hole Sign / Standins prices ranges from $25 for small cut-outs to more depending upon the size.

Depending how many cut outs you need, the turnaround time can be two to three days.

Contact us Today at 203-546-7267 or Fill out Request Quote on line

Ten Tips For A Successful Trade Show

1)      People need to know you are going to be at the show.  Social media is a great tool to let your customers or guests know that you are in a trade show. Twitter, Facebook and LinkIn are most common.

Trade Show

2)      Make sure you advertise weekly that you are in a trade show and invite people to bring guests.  Tell people about a give-away or promotion if they come to your booth.

3)      Make appointments at the show to meet in the next week or two. Response to any requests from the show as fast as you can, that night if possible.  Follow up with everyone who came into your booth.  Prepare a response e-mail ahead of time, and then modify it to make it personal to the attendee.  People will forget so remind them what they saw or what was of interest to them.

4)      Be kind to everyone.  If a person feels they are not being treated right, word will get around.

5)      Look professional and be alert. Be assertive and talk to everyone.  Prepare to give a 30 second presentation on your business.  Have a set of questions to ask to help qualify attendees.

6)      Be unique and stand out.  Make sure you are heard.  Don’t sit in the booth; be facing out ready to welcome prospects.   What product do you sell that is different from the rest. Be ready with success stories and knowing your unique value so people will remember you.

7)      Trade lead with every other vendor, you never know who might have a prospect for your business.

8)      Don’t sell at the show, the goal is to get an appointment for a follow-up visit.

9)      Give away cool sway after talking to people at the trade show

10)   No matter what, you need to BRAND ALL YOUR PRODUCTS THAT YOU GIVE OUT.

For ideas and products on Trade Show Exhibits & Displays, check out our page –Trade Show Exhibits

If you need a banner or sign for your trade show, Contact us at 203-546-7267 or use our Quote Request Online

Marketing At Gold Tournaments In Signs


Golf tournament signs are a great for marketing businesses. People want to see who invested or sponsored displayed on their signs. Golf tournament signs are important because it raises money and awareness of a charity and it promotes businesses who sponsored. The business will be praised for the charity and community involvement.

Since there is 18 holes in golf, there needs to be 18 sponsors. Each sponsor or business will have their logo, name, address, phone number and website to promote their business.

Why, Choose Golf Tournament Signs?

Golf is a professional business sport that relaxes the experience professional. It not what you know, it is who you know. Knowing the right people is the main ingredient of any business or profession.

How to create a Custom Signs/ Tournament Signs

To process the custom sign/golf tournament sign, we did the following: Since the lettering of the sign is one color, we use the vinyl cutter/plotter.  To do the processing of vinyl lettering in one color, the sign maker will program the logo /design to the plotter. The plotter will then cut the vinyl material in specific section, then we have to weed it out the material , and put application tape over it. We then put the logo/design on the coroplast material that is used for the custom signs/golf tournament signs.

Custom Signs/Tournament Signs prices ranges from $9 and up depending  upon the volume of signs.

Need ideas for your sign?  See our gallery of custom signs!

Depending how many signs, the turnaround time can be one day to several days.

Contact us Today at 203-546-7267 or Fill out Request Quote on line

Why are Directional Signs important in an office building?


People like me have no sense of direction.
We get lost in office buildings around the corner if all the halls look the same. Some offices are so huge, with cubicles throughout and bathrooms who knows where.  Everything tends to looks the same, it’s so easy to get lost.  Especially, if you have a job interview.  It’s not enough that you have to get through traffic and be on time for an interview, but to be lost in the building!  Or lost on the floor that you’re supposed to be meeting someone on!  Or lost in the office itself!  Where’s the receptionist, where’s the directory, which way’s the bathroom?  Ever walk into a storage room thinking it’s the bathroom?  I have.

Don’t you wish there were some Directional Signs?  Signs that could guide you through the halls and assist you with where you’re going.

There are various types of directional signs.  First, there’s the exterior directional sign.  The exterior sign basically tells you the name of the building and who the tenants are.  Exterior signs should be big enough so someone can see it from the road.  With my eyesight, the sign should probably be “40 Font”. It should be weatherproof, so it can withstand rain, wind, snow and the blazing summer sun.  Most of these type of signs are placed in front of the building, and possibly in the back also, wherever there’s and entrance.  For me, it would help if there were also directional signs for parking.

Then, there are interior directional signs, usually in the front or back of the lobby.  Again, wherever there’s an entrance.  Interior directory signs are generally used for multi-tenant buildings, to provide a directory of tenant locations within the building.  If it was up to me, the lobby sign should say “You are here” and have a big X to mark that spot.  And, with every step I take, that X would move also.  There are also interior directional signs that provide exact locations of the tenants within the building.  If you are in a huge corporation, one that might consume several floors, you might need directional signs.  These interior directional signs might be on every single floor.   They would be a great help to all people, especially me.

To learn more about Directional Signs, to go www.unltdsigns.com for information.

Check Out MacDaddy’s Macaroni And Cheese Bar’s Custom Sign!

Store Front Custom SignIn August of 2011, MacDaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar called us. Their current sign company (not us !) misspelled the word sauce…they spelled it shauce …on a large sign they ordered. When they complained to that company, they were told that it was too late, since they had already approved it. Too late? While speaking with MacDaddy’s owners, we told him that mistakes happen, but it is how the mistake is handled that is important. If we make a mistake, we will do whatever we can to correct it, whatever’s necessary to make our Customers satisfied and happy. MacDaddy’s opened in June. They serve all different kinds of macaroni and cheese, with any toppings you want…..ham, mushrooms, veggies, you name it. People rave about their food and their uniqueness. After a few discussions, proofreading the logos and redesigning, we came up with the exact signs they wanted.

For the exterior sign, that can be seen from Route 25, we used an exterior illuminated lighted sign. It has a translucent acrylic face with a painted aluminum frame. Illuminated lighted signs serve several purposes. During the day, they serve as exterior building signs that identify your business using big bright vinyl lettering, unique colors, and the logo. It is highly visible, so it can be seen from a distance. At night, the sign with the lights can be seen shining bright with your name and your logo. To create this process, we use acrylic face panel with translucent vinyl or cut colored vinyl. When we use printed vinyl, it’s laminated to protect the ink from weather conditions. We then apply the vinyl to the acrylic face and install it on the light box frame.

Most business put their hours of operation on their windows or doors, so customers can easily see what time they open and close. Some stores have a time clock sign to show when they are open and when they are closed. Some have a simple sign that’s a “stick on”, all you have to do is write in the hours. Others have a neon Open sign. With MacDaddy’s, we chose a more professional way, we used vinyl lettering. To do this, we printed their logo on vinyl and laminated it to protect the ink. We cut the vinyl to size, to fit the window. Then we used white vinyl to cut out the hours and days. Then, it is applied to the window with the mighty squeegee. It’s a process, but one that we are very knowledgeable about and take great pride in.

Needless to say, MacDaddy’s was happy with our work. We also did their company vehicles, putting their catchy logo on the sides of their SUVs. As you can see, it was not “too late” to make the Customer happy…..we feel it’s never “too late” to satisfy our Customers.

At Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics we offer “Unlimited Support to Your Unlimited Success”. For more information about us, please go to www.unltdsigns.com or call us at 203-546-7267. For more information about MacDaddy’s, go to www.macdaddyrestaurants.com or call them at 203-880-5400.

Is Vehicle Wrapping Right For You?

Have you considered wrapping your vehicle? Not sure where to begin? We outline it for you below.

Car Full Wrap Mr. Rooter

You want your vehicle wrapped, but you are not sure if you want the whole car done? You have a logo, but it is not creative enough.  Below are questions you should ask yourself to help you decide what is right for you.

1)      How much are you willing to spend?  If you want the whole car wrapped, it can be costly.  Chose a budget that is right for you.  Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics can work with you on your budget and make your car look great. We can offer you choices such as fleet lettering, designs, graphics, and partial wraps.

2)      Who is your targeted audience?  If you are a service person, such as a plumber, painter, or construction worker, you need to advertise your van.  What design or logo do you want to use to represent your business or company?  If you are a plumber, for instance, you might want to show a person with a wrench or pipe to give a visual effect of your services.  A partial wrap and fleet lettering might do.  However, if you have a tour bus, a whole wrap will be more effective.

3)      Do you have a logo for your business?  How big is the logo?  Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics can work with you on your existing logo, or create a logo to enhance and design your advertising needs.  If you are interested, please contact us at 203-546-7267 or visit www.unltdsigns.com.