Feather Flags in Brookfield CT Stand Out for Pepsi Bottling Company!

Located at 30 Pocono Road in Brookfield, the Pepsi Bottling Group is a major local distributor for the soft drink giant. It is fair to say that pretty much everyone knows PepsiCo and recognizes its iconic colors and logo. So, why would a company ask us to create feather flags in Brookfield CT, that show off this very emblem?

feather flags in Brookfield CTFor starters, these flags do indeed show off the logo, lettering, and colors that everyone is familiar with. That said, they also feature marketing messages that are customized for a particular business. Without mentioning the company’s name, these messages alert consumers to happy hour times and the cost of a three-course lunch. By placing the information on the flags, the business achieves three distinct goals:

  1. Co-branding. Putting another business’ logo outside your venue might not be something you would typically embrace. With that said, consider that the presentation of the logo that differentiates one of the most popular consumer products can very well bring in more customers. They know they can get the drink they are looking for at your location; this type of co-branding is ideally suited for hospitality businesses and retailers.
  2. Message importance. As we previously noted, everyone knows the PepsiCo brand. So, if there is a product that displays it prominently, the message must be substantial. Maybe it pertains to a giveaway, special promotion, or anything along these lines. By placing your message on a flag with the popular color and logo features, you heighten the interest in (and the importance of) your message.
  3. Eye-catching presentation. Feather flags are favorites for getting attention from the crowds. They move slightly, which grabs the eye. Children, in particular, respond very well to the slight movements of the flags. By presenting something that a child might enjoy, it is easy to get the adult parent on board with the purchase.

Of course, there are other uses for feather flags in Brookfield, CT, as well. Trade show displays frequently add a flag component to their setups because it increases the visual interest in their booths. For those operating interior as well as exterior display spaces, this type of exhibit pays huge dividends. Another reason for choosing to display feather flags is the presentation of a new business to the community. If you are opening a new company, present these flags for the first few months. Signal that you are now open and display not just your name and logo but also the products you sell. We recommend the use of alternating flags for this purpose.

If we have piqued your interest in adding flags to your marketing and branding signage, discuss your plans with our business sign experts. We work with you to put together an appearance that complements your current set of exterior signage as well as any interior markers you also feature. By coordinating colors, and perhaps creating a window graphic or poster tie-in, you succeed in putting together a clever advertising presentation that catches the attention of those around you.

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feather flags in Brookfield CT

Our Sign Company in Brookfield CT Grand-Reopening a Great Success!

You know Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics as the business that has been helping other businesses look fantastic for the last five years. We have made it our mission to support your success. As the sign company in Brookfield CT, that values customer service, relies on innovative techniques to save you money, and offers a broad range of services and products, we have gained worldwide renown and ship our products across the globe. But just recently, we found another reason to celebrate!

October 2016 Grand Re-Opening Celebration

Sign company in Brookfield CTWhen we opened our doors for business in October 2011, we knew that our corporate philosophy would give us a fair shot at success. However, we did not realize just how well our products and services would be received. As a result, we had to expand to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Double the space. We stayed at our location but increased the signage shop’s space. This allows us to bring in more late-model print and manufacturing equipment. It also enables us to take on more projects and meet even the tightest deadlines.
  • Larger vehicle bay. Now, our shop accommodates vehicles up to 12 feet. Doing so is crucial for the business owners who entrust their work trucks and vans to us for wrap installations.
  • Better product storage. When discussing the plans for the remodeling, we budgeted for a state-of-the-art climate control system. Doing so allows us to store sensitive raw materials such as specialty vinyl films without fear that differences in heat and cold may affect their performances. Having this storage ability now allows us to take advantage of manufacturer specials and buy in bulk, which results in savings we can pass on to you, our client.

Visit Our Updated and Improved Sign Company in Brookfield CT

Sign company in Brookfield CTAlthough we celebrated our grand re-opening with plenty of fanfare, cake, and well wishes from neighbors and members of the business community, we know that we owe our success to you, our clients. We do not lose sight of the fact that the only reason you entrust us with your projects is our commitment to handling the entire process from inception to installation and beyond.

We might have grown a bit larger, but our dedication to your company’s success remains at 100 percent. When you need excellent vehicle-advertising products, engraved plaques, customized ADA signs, wall graphics, building, or lobby signs, we are here to serve you. Quality control, design and permit services, a professional installation, and post-install assistance remain the way we do business. Sure, we are a bit larger now, but we will never outgrow our loyalty to you.

Sign company in Brookfield CTSo, come on by and check things out. See the larger space we now occupy and, if you want to talk shop, we would love to demonstrate our computerized router for you. This nifty tool lets us create fantastic engravings that other shops have to outsource. In fact, we can now engrave glass or wood, PVC, metal, and a myriad of plastic materials. Visit us today, and find out more!

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Event Graphics for the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce Sock Hop a Success!

When designing event displays in Brookfield, CT, the proper selection of color combinations and products can make a huge difference. Case in point is the annual gala held by the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce. Being sponsors of the event, it made sense that our sign shop would handle the event graphics and related displays.

Setting the Mood

Event Graphics in Brookfield CT

This year was the tenth annual return of the gala. The theme was a sock hop. Since poodle skirts, Bobbie socks and saddle shoes were de rigueur, the graphics would have to remind of the 1950s. Our graphic artists handled the counter design, backdrop display and banners for the floor and soda fountain. We set the scene with pink tile appearances, a black and white checker frame, and a teal as well as pink backdrop image that perfectly recreated the soda shop look and feel. With the Chamber of Commerce’s image as well as the gala’s theme display centered against this scenery, attendees could not help but get in the mood.

Beyond the Gala

Although the gala is a social event that allows members of the local business community as well as guests to rub shoulders and get acquainted, the signage nevertheless plays a pivotal role in the success of the affair. The same goes for corporate functions that you may host or for special customer appreciation events that retailers and service providers routinely put on at their venues.

A number of signage displays can set the tone, underline your setting’s ambiance, or just highlight a branding message that you want to incorporate into the event. What are your options?

  • Banner stands. Something as simple as a large logo display can take the attention off the branding messages that your meeting venue – a hotel or convention center – puts out via wall graphics and similar signage.
  • Graphics. Show off the name of your event as well as your logo display via a graphic. Our clients have had excellent success with mounting it on lightweight PVC, which is simple to attach to walls with painter’s tape. Doing so allows you to cover up other branding displays quite effectively.
  • Step and repeat banners. For photo opportunities, a step and repeat banner is a necessity. Enhance your company’s name recognition and brand awareness among consumers simply by having celebrities, dignitaries and others photographed against the background of the banner. In doing so, you may see the image in print, online and possibly also on TV (depending on the event).

Ordering Event Banners and Graphics in Brookfield, CT

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your upcoming event. We work with you to put together a signage display that succeeds in creating the right look and feel for any occasion. Whether you need to outfit a multi-level meeting locale or a ballroom, entrust your next event graphics order to our experts. Contact us today to discuss your project with the specialists and see how you can succeed at making this year’s special occasion one that will be remembered by attendees for years to come.

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Face-in-the-Hole Posters for The Humane Society of the United States!

You already know The Humane Society of the United States for its commitment to stop animal cruelty. A hands-on organization, the Society’s partnership with local groups results in major advocacy events. The Society is involved in the struggle to shut down puppy mills, factory farming, and end captive hunts. When this organization needed event signage, representatives contacted the pros at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics.

Face in the hole posters Danbury CT

We created three identical face-in-the-hole posters for nonprofit events. They display a cartoon pig, with the face cut out, that shows a sign reading, “I love meatless Monday.” At the top of the poster, you see the name and logo for the The Humane Society. During an event, this poster is an ideal part of a photo booth setup and creates the opportunity for excellent press shots, too. The combination of the whimsical design, clear message and logo display works to raise awareness.

Thinking Through Your Next Event Setup

Non-profit groups rely on the fundraising efforts they encourage during special events. Whether these events are open house meet-and-greet occasions or take place in a rented venue, the need for the right signage component is clear. Our graphic artists routinely work with representatives of non-profits in search of new and exciting fundraising markers, including banners.

The type of poster selected by The Human Society has a three-fold advantage.

  1. Budget-friendly. Face-in-hole posters are easy on the budget. After we apply the laminate to the front, the material becomes more durable and can be re-used for years to come.
  2. Effective. Those visiting fundraisers and events sponsored by non-profits appreciate the opportunity to partner with the organizations. Taking a photo with a prop poster is, therefore, a fun part of the event that benefits a chosen cause.
  3. Memorable. Onlookers and those seeing photos in the news are sure to remember the message of the event as well as the logo of the group sponsoring it. As a result, these products work well for all types of organizations.

Combining Signage Components

Face-in-the-hole posters are one example of effective signs that could enhance your next event. Other products also work well in that setting. Use a large photo backdrop with repeat wallpaper to identify the corporate sponsors that support your non-profit. Include their logos and company colors to enhance name recognition. Allowing press photos against this backdrop is an excellent method for nudging other companies to follow suit.

Banners create directional signage that brings in visitors. Displayed on the outside, they also allow for the creation of name recognition. Passersby, who have never heard of your organization, may use the occasion to find out more about your group. Doing so opens the door for new volunteers and donors. Complementing the look of the various signage components is as easy as ensuring a proper name and logo placement on each one.

Discussing Your Group’s Signage Needs with a Professional

Whether you need face-in-hole posters for nonprofit events or want to find a new signage setup for your storefront office to welcome volunteers, our graphic artists can help. We work with you to put together a look that quickly identifies your organization and hints at the type of work that you do. Contact us today to learn more about the design process.

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