Event Graphics for the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce Sock Hop a Success!

When designing event displays in Brookfield, CT, the proper selection of color combinations and products can make a huge difference. Case in point is the annual gala held by the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce. Being sponsors of the event, it made sense that our sign shop would handle the event graphics and related displays.

Setting the Mood

Event Graphics in Brookfield CT

This year was the tenth annual return of the gala. The theme was a sock hop. Since poodle skirts, Bobbie socks and saddle shoes were de rigueur, the graphics would have to remind of the 1950s. Our graphic artists handled the counter design, backdrop display and banners for the floor and soda fountain. We set the scene with pink tile appearances, a black and white checker frame, and a teal as well as pink backdrop image that perfectly recreated the soda shop look and feel. With the Chamber of Commerce’s image as well as the gala’s theme display centered against this scenery, attendees could not help but get in the mood.

Beyond the Gala

Although the gala is a social event that allows members of the local business community as well as guests to rub shoulders and get acquainted, the signage nevertheless plays a pivotal role in the success of the affair. The same goes for corporate functions that you may host or for special customer appreciation events that retailers and service providers routinely put on at their venues.

A number of signage displays can set the tone, underline your setting’s ambiance, or just highlight a branding message that you want to incorporate into the event. What are your options?

  • Banner stands. Something as simple as a large logo display can take the attention off the branding messages that your meeting venue – a hotel or convention center – puts out via wall graphics and similar signage.
  • Graphics. Show off the name of your event as well as your logo display via a graphic. Our clients have had excellent success with mounting it on lightweight PVC, which is simple to attach to walls with painter’s tape. Doing so allows you to cover up other branding displays quite effectively.
  • Step and repeat banners. For photo opportunities, a step and repeat banner is a necessity. Enhance your company’s name recognition and brand awareness among consumers simply by having celebrities, dignitaries and others photographed against the background of the banner. In doing so, you may see the image in print, online and possibly also on TV (depending on the event).

Ordering Event Banners and Graphics in Brookfield, CT

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your upcoming event. We work with you to put together a signage display that succeeds in creating the right look and feel for any occasion. Whether you need to outfit a multi-level meeting locale or a ballroom, entrust your next event graphics order to our experts. Contact us today to discuss your project with the specialists and see how you can succeed at making this year’s special occasion one that will be remembered by attendees for years to come.

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