Ask Us About Custom Door Cutouts for Private Parties in Brookfield CT

Doorways greet visitors to your location. Within the context of suite entrances, you already know that the display of a high-quality door sign can have a significant impact on a client’s opinion of your company. But entries also make a difference at special events you might be hosting. In these situations, you cannot fall back on a suite sign to do the heavy lifting. Instead, you need door cutouts for private parties in Brookfield CT.

What are Door Cutouts?

Door Cutouts for Private Parties in Brookfield CT A door cutout transforms an entrance into something different. It might turn an ordinary doorway into the gateway to a speakeasy, a cave, the Wall Street trading floor, or to an undersea adventure. We use a variety of displays and materials to achieve this look.

  • Banners. Clients who have an eye on easy storage ask for banners. By combining a horizontal banner with two vertical retractable banner stands and their displays, we can cover any door area. Companies like to commission this type of product when they plan to reuse it at a later date. (We recommend fabric banners for the added texture.)
  • Sign foam. For a three-dimensional, more physical, experience, we suggest the use of sign foam. Imagine the look of a cave entrance complete with adjacent rocklike structures that set the tone for the display. Customers who request this material typically leave the cutout in place for a while.
  • Cardstock. It offers the best of both worlds. Storage is easy, and reuse is possible. For schools, corporate uses, and really for any business setup, cardstock is a versatile, budget-friendly option that allows for a quick installation and convenient subsequent storage.

At the heart of these products is the graphic artist’s ability to mimic a perfect illusion of light and shadow play, nuanced gradient color changes, and outstanding lifelike realism of the images. From there, our late-model print equipment handles the rest.

What Can You Do with Cutouts?

At corporate events, they create an excellent tie-in for a theme, new product launch, or re-branding. Schools order them for drama departments and to dress up the stages for choir and band performances. At proms, the cutouts communicate the theme of the event. In a retail setting, cutouts combine with standees for a point of purchase (POP) display.

You frequently see this around special shopping events and holidays as well as the weekends before significant sports matches. Another product you may combine with the presentation of door cutouts is the floor graphic that presents a themed means for leading up to the treated doorway. Then, there are floor stands for creating interest in exploring the decorated area.

How to Buy Door Cutouts for Private Parties in Brookfield CT

Because the success of this product is highly dependent on achieving the right pizzazz, we recommend that you work closely with our graphic artist to put together its appearance. We help you to envision the finished cutout and make sure that it is exactly what you had imagined it could be. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

Door Cutouts for Private Parties in Brookfield CT

Vinyl Door Graphics Soothe Seniors in Assisted Living Centers in Connecticut

The thought of living with dementia is chilling. Add to this the notion of (most likely) residing in a facility that specializes in caring for patients with the progressively worsening disease. What makes it so difficult for those holding on to fewer and fewer memories is the fact that institutional living offers up limited opportunities for individualization. Hallways look the same; the carpeting is identical throughout most facilities, and doors do not differ in size or color. But this is where one Dutch business has seen an opportunity for change. Why not do the same here and have vinyl door graphics soothe seniors in assisted living centers in Connecticut?

Door Makeovers with Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Door Graphics Soothe Seniors in Assisted Living Centers in Connecticut The concept is surprisingly simple and based on hard science. Researchers acknowledge that dementia patients lose memories that go as far back as their early 20s. However, they tend to retain those they formed when they were younger. The company decided to change the look of the institutional doors at a Dutch assisted living facility. Using photographs and descriptions from family members and patients, they recreated the look of the front doors the patients had known and loved during their young or adult lives. By changing the institutional environment with the door makeovers, residents at the facility now have a much easier time finding their rooms.

We Do Door Makeovers, Too!

Vinyl Door Graphics Soothe Seniors in Assisted Living Centers in Connecticut There is no reason why we cannot help patients with dementia enjoy early memories of childhood homes or even the residences they have known for most of their adult lives. If you have pictures that show even partial door images, we can usually recreate the full appearance of the surface. Because we use high-quality print equipment and the perfect vinyl material to capture the images, you get highly detailed displays that feature wood grain, simulated wear at the kickboard portion, and plenty of shadow play. The more intricate the design, the better!

Of course, we do not only serve patients in assisted living facilities or their families. We also work with children, parents, and anyone who would love to recreate the look of a beloved door on a more industrial or institutional substrate. Kids, who have to live away from home in a hospital or other treatment facility for a period, appreciate having an image of their familiar front door.

Vinyl Door Graphics Soothe Seniors in Assisted Living Centers in ConnecticutBut why stop there? We can also recreate the view from your window. This type of project is a great way for anyone who is homesick to have a little corner of home in his or her new surroundings. If there is a wall where the window view would look right, we can place it there in the appropriate size. When you add window treatments, you can make this graphic seem like the real thing, which is a great idea for the office, apartment, or house that is short on beautiful vistas.

Whether you want to talk about how we can help you have vinyl door graphics soothe seniors in assisted living centers in Connecticut, or you would like to discuss a personal project, call our vinyl graphics specialists today!

Vinyl Door Graphics Soothe Seniors in Assisted Living Centers in Connecticut

Pictures courtesy of Country Living Magazine.

Easy-to-See Door Lettering for Weston Public Schools!

The Weston public schools consist of Hurlbutt Elementary School, the Weston Intermediate School, Weston Middle School and the Weston High School. When the administrators decided to enhance the safety of the facilities with vinyl door letters, they contacted our professionals to do the job.

Easy-to-See Door Lettering for Weston Public Schools

Vinyl Door Lettering for Schools in Weston CT

We designed square decals that affix to the upper edge of the doors. They identify the location with a letter and a number. Doing so allows personnel to report in with their exact locations in cases of emergencies or during facility upgrades. These signage products further give students the tools needed to request assistance by providing their correct places in this manner. When instructed to exit the building, the administration may do so by referencing the doors that students and staff members are to use. For after-hours use of the facility, posted signage that alerts those present to the location of an unlocked door further enhances the safe use of the establishment.

Display Clarity Matters

The decals are part of our no-frills product line. Although we frequently create innovative signage products for commercial purposes, there are occasions when clarity of the information supersedes the need for decorative touches.

  • Safety displays. Marking your exit signs, providing directional assistance or warning of possible safety hazards is the kind of information that you want to get across at a glance. Ornamentation of the signage can get in the way of doing so. The same goes for a door letter.
  • Instructions. More and more businesses are now offering defibrillators installed in wall cases. In the event of an emergency, someone trained to use the machines can do so quickly and potentially save a life. When a trained staff member is not around, a member of the public may have to step up and follow the instructions quickly. For this reason, we design instructional signage with the least number of words and style elements possible.
  • Labels. Whether you need inventory tags, decals to identify defective equipment or letters to name exit points of your building, we strive for clarity by displaying only the information necessary at a suitable color contrast.

Are Your Safety Signs up to Par?

Working with the schools in Weston, CT, was an important job. It got us to thinking that there are still plenty of facilities out there that may not know about safety labeling of doors, windows and other places inside their properties. We recommend taking an inventory of the safety signage you currently display. Examples include EVAC maps, instructions for fire extinguishers and other emergency gadgets, ADA-compliant signage and directional markers that keep unauthorized personnel out of areas that could be dangerous to them.

If you need help with deciding whether your signage is sufficient, contact our professionals to conduct a site survey. We welcome the opportunity to visit your location and document the signage you currently have. Afterward, we can show you weak spots in your setup where additional signage could enhance safety or bring you into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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