Boost Cycle Adds New Awning Letters in Newtown CT!

Located at 274 Main Street, Boost Cycle is a spinning fitness center that caters to the indoor cycling clientele. As a boutique fitness studio, the company emphasizes the availability of classes that challenge beginners as well as advanced athletes. By focusing on weights as well as climbs, this company succeeds at bringing in aficionados of the sport that simply cannot get this type of experience at a standard gym. Yet because the company took over the location from another owner, the management team needed the pros from Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics to come out and update the signage.

Awning Letters for Retailers in Newtown, CT

Awning Signs and Lettering Newtown CT

The signage for Boost Cycle takes the form of an awning. Our technicians removed the prior company’s lettering. Next, our graphic artists designed and manufactured the lettering for the new owner, which includes blue and green style elements. We installed the letters and effectively updated the sign with their elegant look. Now, the cycling studio markets and brands the company with the awning. This product also succeeds at providing wayfinding assistance to consumers in search of the studio.

Building Signage Makes a Huge Difference after an Ownership Change

When you stay in the same niche but change ownership, it is vital to modify building signage as soon as possible. Those who knew that the original company would go out of business may not realize that someone else has taken over and is operating a company in the same niche. Consumers in search of the new company will not realize that the business is open but has not yet had a chance to switch out the signage. As a result, we recommend a signage change as soon as you are the confirmed owner of the venue.

You have plenty of options open to you.

  • Lettering modifications. When your sign consists of an awning with vinyl lettering, it is easy to change out the letters and identify your company as occupying the location. This is also true for a business that uses dimensional building letters for its identification.
  • Box cabinet. A lightbox cabinet can be as easy to update as changing out the facing. Removing the old facing and replacing it with a new one that features a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay is a cost-effective method for signaling the ownership change.
  • Channel letters. When the business uses channel letters, a complete exchange of the letters is needed. Choose from front-lit, back-lit and dual-illumination models.

Remember that you need to change out the building sign as well as the display on any monument sign on the property. If you are in a shopping center with a pylon or similar tenant sign, remember to commission a new tenant panel as well.

Ordering Your New Signage

Whether you need vinyl awning letters for retailers in Newtown, CT, new lightbox cabinet facings or any other exterior building sign upgrade, our professionals can help. Contact us today to discuss the design of your signage product. We work with you to make the switch as quickly as possible.

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