Looking for Removable Car Stickers?

Look at our Cheetah Evolution stickers. Available in red or black print, they reference the Cheetah Roller, which is an iconic kit car design that makes car guys’ hearts beat just a bit faster. Showing off your love for the famous ride is easy with removable car stickers for Brookfield, CT, hobbyists. After all, these rides are not the ones that you want to cover with sticky bumper stickers and decals.

Who Appreciates the Use of Removable Car Stickers?

Removable Car Stickers Brookfield CT

Those driving vintage cars are usually first in line when it comes to purchasing removable car stickers. Commissioning them for auto shows, racing events or gear head meets, they show off their club affiliations during the festivities. Once the events are over, the static cling product goes back on its protective paper backing for future use. That said, it is not just the specialty car owner who likes the idea of not gluing a message to the window, bumper or another part of any vehicle.

Businesses That now use Static Cling Stickers

Plenty of companies understand that window and bumper stickers make excellent advertising tools. That said, these same companies also realize that car owners shy away from committing themselves to the endless display of a sticker – until this product has faded in the sun. The alternative is the use of static cling products.

  • Schools. You have seen the “My Child is Student of the Month” stickers that identify the elementary school or other institution. To allow parents to display their children’s achievements proudly while also being able to make room for next year’s crop of stickers, schools now hand out removable stickers. During the summer, parents usually remove them.
  • Specialty sports shops. Surfing, boating, hiking and similar sports have loyal followings. Advertising your business with a sticker aimed at your target demographic is a snap. Of course, the vehicles your customers are likely to drive do not necessarily have the bumper space to show off stickers. Folks use their windows instead for showing off their affinity for the activity. Make it possible for your customers to replace worn stickers by handing out removable products.
  • Service providers. Your clients do you a favor by putting your advertising messages on their vehicles. Sweeten the deal by using products that feature witty sayings, clever images and the promise of speedy removal when desired.

They are Great for Personal Use, Too!

When you like to express your personality with stickers that you design, you cannot go wrong with removable car stickers for Brookfield, CT, vehicles. For example, give your window stick figure family the right sports equipment or change out the appearance seasonally. Also, you might consider the addition of snowflake decals (removable, of course) to your vehicle in the winter. In the summer, you might favor the display of sunflowers. Alternatively, perhaps you like to do it the other way around.

If we have piqued your interest in investigating the use of removable static cling stickers a little more carefully, contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on the design process.

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