Create and Grow Your Own Brand, Including Business Signs

While by definition, a brand is merely a type of product that is sold under a certain name, it means a lot more from a marketing perspective. Building a brand is a way to create a persona and voice for a company that reaches potential buyers. This voice should aim to communicate skills, services, values and even personality for the company.

For instance, when a consumer hears Progressive Auto Insurance, they often think of Flo, the fictional character developed to promote the brand. While not every branding effort is a fictional brand ambassador, it is a good way to think about building your brand voice. While you may choose to simply speak as the company, the voice should be as consistent as though it were an individual person. Following this rule can lead to a much more consistent presence.

There are a few tips and tricks of the trade to establish a consistent and well-thought-out brand without overextending your efforts.

Build a Platform

Having well-established social media accounts and a fully branded website with the name of your company and good quality content about your services goes a long way. The presence you develop online can be used in your signage. This gives a great opportunity to get potential customers to better research your brand while giving them as much information as they will need for purchase. It will also free up space on your signs and develop a cohesive brand voice that potential customers can learn and become familiar with.

Identify Greatest Strengths

When developing a marketing plan, it makes good sense to identify which of your services and products are the strongest. By pinpointing where your strengths lay, you can better focus on certain areas for your marketing efforts. This gives an opportunity to put more relevant information first and have less ad copy. It also creates more cohesive signage and will help organize your online presence.

Share Knowledge

While it may seem important to keep ahold of trade secrets, sharing information can be a great way to establish your brand as the go-to in your local industry. Customers that are informed are the best to work with, and those that like to be informed are more likely to choose the company that seems the most knowledgeable. Sharing key information that keeps customers in the know can both garner and keep patrons.

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Does Your Eatery Need Liquor License Disclosure Signs in Danbury CT?

You find the Pour Me Coffee & Wine Café at 274 Main Street. Its concept is refreshingly different: excellent food that is also fast, wine, and coffee. Of course, before this new business can begin pouring, it needs a liquor license. One of the legal requirements is the posting of public liquor license disclosure signs in Danbury CT. To put together one of these notices, the company’s management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Addressing the Public with a Professional Display that Informs

Liquor License Disclosure Signs in Danbury CTWe worked with the business’ team to put together a product that is durable and meets all the legal requirements. It features the posting date, the type of permit requested, the information on the permittee and owner, and a notice for anyone who wishes to file an objection. Of course, considering the unique business model that is sure to resonate with the local consumer, none are expected.

Featuring Notices for the Interior and Exterior

There are plenty of notices you want to show off to the customer and perhaps also to those who work for you. Some are legally mandated and involve employee rights and employer obligations. For the public, there is a world of possibility with advertisements and notices of new services or products you intend to add to your current lineup.

  • Outdoor display cases. Menus, advertisements, and specials look great in an outdoor display case. These sturdy products attach to the façade of your building or your entry door. They entice the shopper to step closer and learn more about your company and its products. Many business owners have had excellent success with these signage solutions by including photos of their products and images of customers enjoying them.
  • Bulletin boards. On the interior, bulletin boards add a fun component to your brand messages. Give guests or buyers a voice by allowing a section for consumers to post messages and notices. You already see this type of setup at boutique pet supply stores where pet lovers post lost and found notices as well as animals that are up for adoption.
  • Tabletop display boards. Take a look at your latest trade show setup and see if you cannot adapt its looks to your needs. The use of custom backdrops and printed notices makes your marketing messages stand out while creating an attractive display in a lobby or foyer.

For the presentation of oversized legal signage, we gladly assist you with the creation of a tough-wearing product that can withstand snow, rain, direct sun exposure, and anything else nature might throw at it. Protect the investment with an anti-graffiti coating, which is useful for products that you intend to reuse in the future.

Do You Need Legally Mandated Signage?

Whether you need liquor license disclosure signs in Danbury CT, or are required to post notices for employees and/or guests to see, we can help you put together the signage as well as the display settings. By creating professional appearances with all of your signage products, you ensure that the consumer recognizes your commitment to professionalism right away.

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EarthFit Benefits from Tenant Panel Signs for Pylon Signs in New Fairfield CT

Passionate fitness enthusiasts find EarthFit at 25 Route 39. The facility offers group and personal training. You receive assistance with healthy meal planning, and folks help you track your results. Rather than spending time in an impersonal gym where you jostle for space on a treadmill, here you have the opportunity to work on – and achieve – fitness goals. When the business needed tenant panel signs for pylon signs in New Fairfield CT, its management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Tenant Panels Make a Company Visible

Tenant panel signs for pylon signs in New Fairfield CTWhen you do business out of a busy shopping center, there is plenty of foot traffic to capitalize on. But when you want to bring in your own clients and customers, you need to be visible to motorists. Do so with a tenant panel that takes advantage of an already existing monument or pylon sign. You typically find these signage solutions at the entrances to office parks, shopping centers, and multi-tenant commercial developments.

Some company owners believe that they do not need to invest in this signage solution. We disagree. Although most everyone in the setting will have building signs – channel or dimensional letters, building panels, or lightbox cabinets – these are typically not enough to address motorists. In fact, tenant boards for monuments or pylons usually target drivers rather than pedestrians. These signs make wayfinding easy and encourage the impulse stop. A building sign alone will not suffice.

The Anatomy of a Good Panel Design

Take a page from the playbook of EarthFit and invest in a perfectly sized panel that features your information.

  • Brand message. By displaying the company’s name with its carefully chosen font and color alongside a logo, the business ensures that its brand message comes through. Consumers in search of the enterprise, typically after doing some online research, recognize the font and color play, which results in brand awareness and name recognition.
  • Bold colors. Choosing bold colors is always an eye catcher. Consumers respond well to signage that features vibrant hues and sharp lines. Doing so also allows you to boost the display of your branding.
  • Contact information. A phone number encourages passersby to contact the company and learn more about its products or services. By adding a website address, the business makes it possible for the consumer to interact with the brand online. This practice opens the door to social media interactions, online marketing, and web page advertising. We recommend adding an online component to your signage whenever possible.

Once the panel is in place, keep an eye on its overall look. Sometimes, these products need a good cleaning. At other times, a storm or similar occurrence may lead to an unsightly crack. Prevent any lapse in sign effectiveness by calling our technicians out for repairs, routine cleaning, and associated maintenance tasks.

Buy Tenant Panel Signs for Shopping Centers in New Fairfield CT

Whether you are a business owner or a property management company representative, our experts gladly work with you to design, manufacture and install tenant panels. Contact our experts today to schedule a design consultation!

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Check Out These Chamber of Commerce Signs in Danbury CT!

Long-time readers of our blog will remember the work we did for the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce last year. Located at 39 West Street, these business insiders contacted us to discuss the design of retractable banners for the office. We created a persuasive display that features the group’s name, logo, and tagline. During a recent conversation, the group’s management team asked us to come out and talk about new Chamber of Commerce signs in Danbury CT.

chamber of commerce signs in Danbury CTAfter consulting with the client, we put together 3D interior letters and an acrylic panel door sign. The lettering features the group’s name and presents in blue and silver. The individual components mount flush to the wall. Situated by the receptionist’s desk, they create a professional look and feel for the setting’s atmosphere. The door sign mounts above the entryway. It features blue printing, which contrasts perfectly with the gray frame’s color. The logo displays to the left while an all-caps presentation of the name takes up two-thirds of the board’s length.

The resulting appearance impresses with its professionalism and the ease with which visitors can now find the location of the Chamber of Commerce.

Why Signage Suites Matter

chamber of commerce signs in Danbury CCombining multiple signs on one property can significantly boost the effectiveness of the display. Rather than only communicating your brand message in one way, a combination of signs will do so with differing approaches. As a result, you may be able to reach a consumer who did not respond well to one signage product simply by providing a different message.

Another reason supporting the idea that one sign is good, but two are better, is the understanding that consumers need to be approached multiple times with a message before acting on it. Rather than waiting for a shopper to pass by your storefront for seven days, for example, why not hasten the process by featuring multiple signs that cut the seven days and exposures short?

Buying Lobby and Door Signs for Your Business

You do not have to be in charge of purchasing Chamber of Commerce signs in Danbury CT, to get on board with the idea of putting markers in place that welcome customers. We regularly work with office managers, franchise owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and company representatives to put together products that communicate marketing and branding messages. In some cases, a business wants to inform or help its clients and not miss out on the opportunity to feature a brand message, too, while putting wayfinding or ADA signs in place. We can help.

The experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics serve the business communities in and around Danbury, New Milford, Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield, and Newtown, CT. We work with corporate entities, private individuals, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Our graphic artists design anything from building signs over monument markers to ADA-compliant plaques, lobby signs, and other indoor or outdoor products. We handle vehicle wraps and graphics packages as well.

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Window Graphics in New Milford CT Promote Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Facility!

An incoming business, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers is now open at 43 Main Street. In addition to treating sports injuries and osteoarthritis, the experts at the facility also deal with sprains, workers’ compensation injuries, and post-op rehab. Before considering its setup finished, the management team contacted our signage professionals to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of window graphics in New Milford CT.

Enhance Privacy and Branding with Frosted and Etched Glass Panels

window graphics in New Milford CTThe facility that the treatment center chose distinguishes itself because of its large number of glass panels that allow the natural light to enter the setting. Of course, this advantage quickly turns into a disadvantage when you take into consideration the privacy needs of patients. After consulting with our client, we proposed the design of frosted vinyl panels. They look like the glass panes underwent a factory treatment – but for pennies on the dollar.

Out of two glass panels (the client selected the middle one counting from each side of the door), we cut the company’s logo to give the vinyl an etched appearance. It prevents the appearance of a visual monotony that detracts from the company’s good signage looks. Now, the appearance of the exterior appeals with its upscale design and privacy functions. In addition to the visuals, the marketing message comes across loud and clear, which is important not just for wayfinding purposes but for creating name recognition and brand awareness among consumers.

What Can You Do with Window Graphics?

You do not have to limit yourself to the use of frosted panels with etched images. In your setting, you may need something else altogether.

  • Attract attention. If you obscure the majority of your window panels’ surfaces with frosted vinyl but have us etch out specific portions, you can induce customers to step closer and peek through the open spaces. For clothing retailers, this is an excellent way of creating a buzz about a new collection or incoming boutique. Because you can choose to leave up the vinyl for a short-term or long-term display, there are plenty of usage options that open up.
  • Create colorful brand images. Did you know that vinyl comes in a broad range of colors? Granted, the off-white hue of the frosting is the one most frequently requested, but you do not have to limit yourself to it. If this tone does appeal to you, why not consider the imprint of colorful logo displays rather than cutting out the images? Some business clients have had excellent success with the presentation of imprinted mottos or quotes in vivid colors alongside etched logo displays.
  • Present a sophisticated appearance. Achieving a stylish look for interior and exterior glass panels is possible when featuring the frosted displays as stripes, circles or other geometric shapes. For businesses that have plenty of glass partitions instead of walls, the use of frosted and etched vinyl boosts privacy but also the optics of the location. After all, with so much glass in a room, there is a need for spatial separation.

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Litchfield Crossings Adds Directory Signs in New Milford CT

You find the stores of Litchfield Crossings at 169 Danbury Road. The largest shopping center in New Milford, there is a nice mix of retailers and service providers. When the mall’s management team decided that it was time to add an illuminated directory signs, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

Putting Together Directory Signs in New Milford CT

directory signs in New Milford CTThe signs we designed feature a post and panel appeal. We placed them into the landscaping for an attractive presentation. Painted in the color prevailing on the buildings’ exteriors, we added the mall’s name with dark lettering. The directories take on the forms of lightbox cabinets that we incorporated as the panel portion of the signs. They feature the names of the retailers in their brand colors and display arrows directing motorists to the right parking areas for these venues. Each directory shows a facing with arrows adjusted for the installation location. Our technicians installed three signs that now make wayfinding a snap for locals and out-of-town shoppers.

Directories Affect the Ways Consumers Interact with Your Brand

directory signs in New Milford CTOne of the most frequently mentioned frustrations among customers is the lack of directional signage. Common complaints involve signs that are too small, placed behind obstructions such as tree branches, or just do not provide enough information to the shopper. These criticisms affect exterior as well as interior signage products.

On the other hand, when your company displays directories and similar informative signs that anticipate visitor questions, consumers are more likely to enjoy a positive interaction with your brand. There are several characteristics of informative signage.

  • Illuminated when outside. Directories on the outside of buildings should feature built-in light sources. This requirement ensures that visitors can read the information after dark as well.
  • Large font. Whether inside or out, resist the temptation to select a small font that requires the shopper to stand right in front of the directory to make out the text. In some situations, doing so is impractical and frustrates consumers.
  • High visibility. If your venue experiences plenty of foot traffic, we recommend placing signs overhead so that the directions are still visible for everyone.
  • Information is spelled out. Avoid the use of niche-specific jargon. Although it might abbreviate the listing and make it fit easier into the directory without taking up two spots, it takes away from its wayfinding function. Someone visiting for the first time may not know what the acronyms mean.
  • Up to date. If there are changes to the names that the directory displays, let the signage reflect them. For the motorist who visits your location because it promised the presence of a specific shop, only to find out that the sign is outdated, this brand interaction is decidedly negative.

Buy a Monument Sign, Pylon, or Directory Post and Panel Setup Today

If your shop, medical facility, or shopping center needs one or more directory signs in New Milford CT, discuss your vision for the product with our experts. We work with you to put together a sign that fits into your setting without interrupting the beauty of the architectural setup.

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Get Noticed with Window Graphics for Urgent Care Centers in Bridgeport CT

A little more than a year ago, we introduced you to our client, AFC Urgent Care. Construction was going on to build an additional location for the urgent care center. Back then, we designed and manufactured “Coming Soon” and “Now Open” banners. This time, we worked with the friendly folks at 161 Boston Avenue to create and install window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT. These products take up all glass panels of the front.

Branding, Marketing, and Explaining a Niche with Window Graphics

window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CTThe Urgent Care facility is still introducing its services at the location. Because there are always new residents moving into the area, it makes sense to spell out the most popular services the group provides. Additionally, answering the most common questions via window graphics is an excellent idea for inviting new patients to walk in. In fact, these professionals succeeded in covering quite a bit of ground with just a few words and images.

  • Services menu. Across the window panes, there are red boxes that feature white lettering, which spells out various services that patients can receive at this location. Examples include lab screenings, workers’ comp services, and vaccines.
  • Hours. One of the boxes alerts patients that the facility is open seven days a week. A white window panel, which takes up the middle third of the glass pane, spells out the actual hours with red lettering.
  • Payments. Insurance questions are always a big deal. To help prospective patients understand their coverage options, the facility shows insurance information on another red on white panel.
  • Policies. Answering the question whether clients need appointments, the professionals want to ensure that patients know that they are always welcomed without calling ahead.

To break up the collection of informative red on white panels, we added graphics depicting customers and professionals at regular intervals. We reserved one panel to display the group’s logo.

What Could Vinyl Window Images and Lettering Say about a Different Business?

Imagine a wine store that features a partial window wrap depicting wineries in California, Italy, and other regions. It creates an ambiance that draws in the shoppers. When selecting a perforated vinyl material, those on the inside can still see outside. For the financial services company, the combination of lettering and numerals can create advertisements for deep discount mortgage and personal loan deals. Taking advantage of these specials could save clients thousands! At the hearts of these messages are product-centered displays that resonate with the targeted demographic. As a result, these graphics quickly turn shoppers into buyers.

Do Window Graphics Make Sense at Your Location?

You may not need window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT, but you might consider the installation of a window wrap for retailers, a graphics package for financial services providers, or the combination of images and lettering for any other kind of company. Our business sign experts are available to answer your questions, come out for a site evaluation, and provide you with sketches that show you what your façade could look like with treated windows.

Call us today to schedule a site survey!

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Buy 2 Banner Stands for $149!

If you had the opportunity to buy high-quality, customized banners for your business, would you do it? Would it make a difference if we told you that these products are the cheapest banners in Connecticut? Is it possible to combine quality graphic design with a bargain basement price? Yes – and here is how.Buy 2 Banner Stands for Only $149

  • Select two retractable banner stands. This signage solution is a favorite on the trade show circuit because banner storage is easy and transportation is a snap. The same applies to the setup. One of the banner stands features the “X” design, which offers enhanced image display options.
  • Commission two vinyl banners. The use of vinyl is customary for these stands. It is lightweight, durable, and unfolds time and again to present wrinkle-free messages. Choose vibrant colors or select black and white feature to catch the eyes of passersby. Our experts gladly help you with the design of the message and images.
  • Examine your proof. After our artists work on the design, they will present you with a proof when they are confident that they have captured your vision for the finished product. The image you see is a faithful rendition of what the finished banners will look like. If you see anything that is not correct, or if you would like to add something else, now is the time to make the adjustments.
  • Approve the proof and submit the signed estimate. When you love what you see, and we are confident that you will, simply sign off on the proof and the cost estimate. This formality is necessary because it gives us the official go-ahead that the signage looks exactly the way you envisioned it in the first place.
  • Pay a 50 percent deposit. Our technicians begin production after we receive a deposit that totals half of the cost of your order. Doing so makes sense since it allows us to cover material costs we incur during the manufacturing process.
  • Prepare to be amazed! Whether you stop by to pick up your signs or have our technicians come and bring them to you, prepare to be amazed by the clarity of the images, the crisp nature of the lettering, and vibrancy of the colors. A bit like an unveiling, we never get tired of customers seeing their finished signs for the first time.

Buy 2 Banner Stands for Only $149Typically, you have to spend quite a bit more to receive excellent banners like that. But because we can take advantage of trade-preferred hardware and material costs, we are passing the savings on to our customers. There are no gimmicks or reduced services. We are using the same high-quality printing equipment we use on all of our orders. The same graphic artists that have been delighting our customers for a good long time also handle these orders.

Because we value our customers and want to ensure that all business owners – those with large enterprises as well as those who just recently moved out of a garage and into a first storefront – have access to this fantastic signage solution, we make this offer to everyone: buy 2 banner stands for only $149. Call us today!

Buy 2 Banner Stands for Only $149

Retractable Banner Advertises for Danbury Chamber of Commerce!

You find the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce at 39 West Street. It is an invaluable partner to the local business community and works hard to grow small and large companies alike. When the friendly folks contacted us to talk about advertising with retractable banners in Danbury CT, we were ready to help.

Putting Together a Persuasive Display

retractable banners in Danbury CTAfter meeting with our client, we designed a retractable banner complete with stand. It features the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce’s name and logo as well as its tagline on the upper fifth of the material. We feature the information as blue with white lettering, which is in keeping with the group’s online presentation.

Next, we put together the informative arrangement that features the word “Partnerships” displayed vertically. A list of reasons why a company will experience significant advantages after joining the group rounds out the midsection setup. For the background, we show a blue on blue image of a Danbury map as a subliminal feature. At the bottom of the retractable banner, we present the organization’s website address with white lettering against a dark blue backdrop. This instructive display is suitable for use in a lobby, at a trade show, or at any function where representatives of the group attend.

Why Choose Retractable Banner Stands for Presentations?

What makes this product so popular at trade shows is the ease of display setup, storage, and transport. The banner rolls up inside a cassette that doubles as the stand. There, the configuration protects it from damage. Carrying the product around, even by yourself, is easy. The same goes for putting up the sign. In the past, you needed two people to put together banner stands and lift up the canvas or vinyl. This is no longer the case. Now, you can transport it in the back of the car, carry it into the venue yourself, set it up alone, and uninstall it just as quickly.

Retractable Banner Stand Options

You have options. One size does not fit all, and multiple available choices are sure to meet your needs.

  • Height. How tall do you want the display to stand? A tabletop setup may well serve with 11 inches to 18 inches. However, there are also those presentations that stand between 29 inches and 87 inches tall. They make up the bulk of available products. Going above 85 inches in height is no problem. When you like to keep your options open, an adjustable stand is your best choice.
  • Width. Smaller banners measure between eight inches and 30 inches. The vast majority of stands you would see at exhibits, however, range between 31 inches and 40 inches in width. Going above 41 inches is possible.
  • Extras. Some stands allow for double-sided displays while others do not. Silver and black are the standard colors for the base, which allows these setups to fit in with any trade show display. Consider the option of mounting LEDs for illumination. Drawing attention to your signage in this way is an excellent choice.

If we have persuaded you to take a page from the playbook of our client as a retractable banner advertises for the Danbury Chamber of Commerce, contact us to see how we can customize the product to your specifications.

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Fantastic Lobby Signs for Airport Limo Companies!

Anna’s Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is well known in the bridal business for its red carpet service. But the company also serves clients visiting for business functions and similar events. When its management team contacted our professionals to discuss the design and manufacture of a lobby sign, we worked with these luxury transportation experts to put their brand message into the marker’s elements.

Branding with Lobby Signs for Airport Limo Companies

annas-airport-limo-lobby-signThe wall that holds the sign is bright red, which required us to think out of the box for a look that would not be minimized by the shade’s strength. We created a product featuring dimensional letters with a brushed aluminum finish. The globe, which is part of the logo presentation, features an imprinted vinyl overlay that creates a crisp portrayal of the continents. The grouping of the logo and letters, which display in two different fonts, looks professional, stylish, and perfectly suited for the focal wall.

We Can Make This Type of Sign for Anyone, Anywhere!

Did you know that Anna’s Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is located in New York? With our sign shop situated in Connecticut, it would seem odd that the team decided to call our pros to handle the job. In fact, this practice is more common than you think. When you are a business owner, you want your signs to look perfect. When you know of a company that provides this level of quality, you do not waste your time hoping that you can find an equivalent locally.

Our staff and shop do indeed bring quite a few of advantages to the table.

  • State of the art equipment. When outfitting our shop, we do not take shortcuts. Although cheaper machines would be easier on the pocketbook in the short term, it would not enable us to build a reputation for superior work quality. One example is our late-model computer driven router, which is a tool few sign shops currently employ.
  • Responsiveness. When you have a question or concern, we answer quickly. There is no lag time. Our clients get answers when they want them, which is why they recommend us to other businesses across the country.
  • In-house manufacture. Because we take pride in our work, we do the heavy lifting in-house. By keeping the manufacturing in the shop, we have absolute quality control. If we find that a sign did not turn out right, we scrap it and start again. When outsourcing a project, this is not necessarily what you get.
  • Expert consultation. Our designers collaborate closely with clients. Sometimes, they sit side by side at the desk to create a proof. At other times, emails and proofs go back and forth. The point is simple: you need access to an expert to get exactly the sign that you want, and we have the experts who make themselves available to you.
  • Top shelf materials. Just like with cooking, you get out what you put in. We rely on top-shelf materials that ensure high-quality signs with long usable lives.

Whether you need lobby signs for airport limo companies in New York or you are just around the corner from us, call us today to discuss your next signage project!

Lobby signs for airport limo companies