Bus Graphics and Striping for Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries

The Pathway Danbury Youth Ministries rely on a Starcraft shuttle bus to transport youngsters to events or to pick them up. This ministry has been serving at-risk boys for about two decades now. Volunteers offer tutoring assistance and mentoring. The success rate of the program has proven that mentoring works and has the potential of making a huge impact on adolescents. A short five years ago, Pathways added the Naomi Mentoring Project to help girls as well. To heighten the visibility of its programs, the administrator for the Pathway Danbury Youth Ministries contacted our graphic artists to discuss the creation of a graphics package for their bus.

Bus Graphics for Danbury, CT

Bus Graphics in Danbury CT

After consulting with the client, we designed a logo graphic that we installed centered above the windshield. Along the side of the bus, we installed a horizontal stripe that spells out the name of the Pathway Danbury Youth Ministries in white on a blue backdrop with red bordering. When driving through town, picking up students or taking members of the program to outings, it is now easy for onlookers to recognize the group. This recognition has the added advantage of spreading the word about the services that the ministry provides.

Churches, Youth Groups, and Volunteer Organizations Use Vehicle Graphics to Reach Out to the Community

Busin decals and striping Danbury CT

More and more youth ministries and groups are now investing in shuttle buses to carry youngsters to camps, events, and similar destinations. Renting transportation has proven to be a budget buster, and relying on volunteers to transport children can be a daunting task for smaller ministries or those where not too many adults own vehicles. Volunteer organizations use shuttle buses or trucks to bring helpers, supplies, donations and similar items to events and other locations.

Branding a vehicle rather than leaving its sides blank is a significant step in alerting the community to the group’s presence. In many cases, presenting the information on the side of a box truck or shuttle bus is one of the first contacts a pedestrian or motorist has with the organization. By reaching out to the community in this manner, building awareness of the group’s presence is a snap. Since spot graphics, stripes or lettering packages are budget-friendly, this form of communication is quick and inexpensive.

Even so, it may yield an excellent return. It is not unusual for groups that advertise their presence in this manner to receive new volunteer commitments, donations, and inquiries about joining the programs. For groups that operate thrift stores as fundraising tools, the advertising of the organization’s existence raises interest in the shop’s products, which helps with the organization’s goals.

Discussing Vehicle Graphics for Your Non-profit with the Experts

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about treating your vehicle with spot graphics, lettering or vinyl bus striping in Danbury, CT. We can design products for all budgets. In fact, our clients are frequently surprised just how inexpensive the treatment of a vehicle can be. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your project.

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