Benefits of Building Signs

Making use of your building is a great idea for your signage. You already own or lease your building, so you already are paying for the space you could use for your signs. This makes your building a smart place to advertise. Aside from the obvious financial reasons, your building is also a physical representation of your business. People easily associate your physical location and your storefront with your business. With the right signs, you can reinforce this association and make sure that potential clients can easily find your business. If you’re looking for building signs, here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the best signs:

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Choose the Right Font

The font that you use for your sign copy is important in general. When it comes to your building signage, this becomes even more important. Your building signs will be competing with other outdoor signs for the attention of your audience. You also want to make sure that your business is the first thing that comes to mind when people see your signs. This means that you’ll want to pick a font that stands out but that also can be easily associated with your business. The font of your sign will be an easily customizable aspect of your signs and should be something that sets you apart.

Maintain Your Brand

You’ll also want to make sure that your font and color scheme mesh with your existing branding and marketing materials. You’ll want your sign to be instantly recognizable and you’ll want people to know who you are when they see that sign. This means trying to maintain a consistent, recognizable brand that will keep your business in the front of people’s minds. Your building sign should utilize the same colors and images that you use on your other advertisements.

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Your Location

Building signage can easily help people find you when they’re searching for a business like yours, but it also reinforces experiences with return customers. When someone uses your services, they’ve already sought you out and have found your location. This means they’re familiar with your business and more likely to use your services again in the future. Your building signs will be a gentle reminder that you’ve been a reliable partner and these individuals will be able to find you again because they’ll easily be able to remember your location.

Choose the Right Style

Building signs are a beneficial type of signage and there are different styles that we can provide for you. If you’re in need of illuminated signs, we can make sure your building signs are visible at all hours. We’ll even work within your local regulations to make sure your illuminated signs aren’t getting you in trouble. We can install channel letters, lightbox signs or pin-mounted letter signs that will suit your budget and your brand.

Make sure your physical location is easy to find and that everyone can easily remember where to find you with building letter. Make sure you’re getting the best building letters with Unlimited Signs. We’ll work with you to make sure you get maximum visibility.

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Why Should I Buy an Outdoor LED Sign for My Business? (and other FAQs)

There is little doubt that an outdoor LED sign is an ideal marketing and branding product for your façade or window. But there is some confusion about the advantages that LEDs bring to the table. To make your choice easier, the experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics have put together this frequently asked set of questions – with the respective answers, of course.

Q: What is a LED and why is it better than neon bulbs?

outdoor LED signA: LED is short for light-emitting diode. It is a newer lighting product that most sign makers now use for lit signage such as channel letters or electrical cabinets. Neon tubes, on the other hand, have been a staple ever since the Art Deco Era. They have won a place in the hearts of the public old enough to remember their displays or among those well versed with film noir productions. LEDs are brighter than neon tubes, have a potential decade-long lifespan with little to no maintenance, use about ten times less power, and cost less to buy.

Q: What is a LED sign?

outdoor LED signA: This product has less to do with the LED vs. neon question, which is frequently at the forefront of business clients’ minds, and far more with the presentation of changeable messages. Envision how one LED lights up a sign from the inside. Now, imagine a huge number of small LEDs mounted one next to the other in a frame. When lit, each LED is a pixel for one-color presentations. (For full-color images, you would need sets of three LEDs in red, green, and blue tones.)

Q: Are these the signs that car dealers like to use near the off ramps?

outdoor LED signA: You are not too far off the mark. Those in the automotive sales industry have begun using large-scale, full-color, high-resolution LED signs to present vehicle commercials and marketing messages. Because of the LEDs’ bright light, the markers are eye-catching and create compelling messages that consumers just cannot look away from. It is fair to say that many of the larger dealerships display commercials that are on par with the ones you would see at home on your high-definition large screen TV.

Q: Don’t these signs cost a fortune?

A: The cost of LED signs increases with color capabilities, size, and resolution. When you envision replaying your television advertisements or similar graphics, color is your best bet, and a high resolution is better. That said, for other advertising needs, companies frequently opt for a monochromatic display, which greatly decreases costs.

Q: So, are you saying that LEDs are better all the way around?

outdoor LED signA: LEDs are better for your lit signage products. LED signs can make a significant difference in the way consumers interact with your brand. While each business is different and caters to a particular demographic, we have not encountered a company that was hurt by the installation of LED signs (or lighting).

Q: I have more questions about outdoor LED sign design, manufacturing, and installation.

A: No problem! Contact our building sign specialists to get more help. We serve the business communities in and around Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Newtown, and New Milford, CT. Of course, we accept questions and ship products across the state, country, and the world.

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Yes, We Can Help with Building Signs in Brewster NY!

PracticeMax has been in business for almost five decades. It specializes in medical practice management and has succeeded in serving providers in all states. At this time, the company operates regional centers of excellence in six states. Locally, you find the office at 1620 Route 22 in Suite 202. When the company’s management team needed to discuss building signs in Brewster NY, its representative contacted us for assistance.

Electrical Cabinet Signs Make Sense in All Settings

building signs in Brewster NYAfter discussing the options with our client, the company decided on the design of a lightbox cabinet. We manufactured a narrow product that fits perfectly in the space between the upper doorjamb and the overhang. Our technicians painted the cabinet black to complement the colors of the door and window frames. The facing is white, which helps the lettering and logo portion of the corporate name to stand out. When lit, this sign makes wayfinding a snap after dark. No matter the ambient lighting, this sign always displays the business’ brand and marketing messages.

What is a Box Cabinet?

Although plenty of business owners are familiar with channel letters, not that many know their ways around electrical cabinets. Because we always enjoy “talking shop” with our clients, we have put together a few highlights about this signage solution.

  • Aluminum body construction. Our technicians shape the body of the sign with aluminum. This material is sturdy, does not rust, and promises many years of use.
  • Shape. Select a standard shape, which is a rectangular box with square edges. If you prefer, we can also produce rounded corners. Other geometrical body shapes are possible, too. By the way, we can also form the sign’s body to take the shape of your logo or a niche-specific image to support your brand message.
  • LEDs. Our technicians place light sources on the interior of the sign.
  • Fronts. We close off the fronts with an acrylic board. Choose from a straight-line product or a pan face display that lets the material protrude over the cabinet’s front seam. For an eye-catching 3D appeal, we recommend the presentation of embossed lettering or logo elements. We can imprint the material directly or apply a printed vinyl overlay with your chosen display information.
  • Mounting options. For building signs, we usually install box cabinets directly to the façade. This signage solution is also suitable for installation with a monument sign. When you like the idea of having your message appeal to motorists or pedestrians who are a way off, we can mount it to a pole. In this situation, we would manufacture two fronts so that consumers on either side of the sign read your information.

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If you are wondering whether this signage solution could be right for your company, discuss your thoughts with our electrical cabinet specialists. We gladly visit your location for a site survey, take measurements, and show you what type of product would be ideal for your setting. Call us today to schedule the consultation!

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A List of Popular Building Signs for Brookfield CT

Whether your company does business close to the Brookfield Four Corners or near the Historic District, you need the right building signs for Brookfield, CT. Because of the broad range of possible designs and material combinations, your company’s location can stand out – tastefully – no matter where your storefront or office is located. What are your options?

Light Box Cabinets Offer Adaptable Shapes

Building Signs Brookfield CT | Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Although the typical electrical cabinet displays as a rectangle, you are not obligated to observe this convention. Our clients have chosen shapes that resemble their logos, other geometric forms, or designs that adjust to the features of a building such as steeples or overhangs. No matter what setup you select, we use sturdy but lightweight aluminum for each design. Illumination comes from LEDs or fluorescent lamps. The facing consists of a polycarbonate sold under the Lexan trademark.

Channel Letters Highlight Your Font and Underscore Company Colors

Building Signs in Brookfield CT | Channel Letters

The typical channel letters remind of the box cabinet’s manufacture. That said, we take care to shape each letter in your chosen font, which assists with branding. You have the opportunity of illuminating these building signs with façade lamps or opting for built-in LEDs, which make it easy to present with an attractive display after dark. Choose from front or back-lit lettering. Our installers either mount the letters directly to your façade or opt for the raceway method when the first option is not feasible. Doing so ensures that we can always service your signage if needed.

Dimensional or Pin-mounted Letters

Building Signs Brookfield CT | Dimensional Letters

Sometimes, our clients like the idea of ordering a building sign that they can then reprise on the interior in a size-adjusted setup. In these cases, dimensional letters are ideal. Choose from metal or plastic lettering that our technicians cut, cast, mold, or fabricate. It makes sense to mimic the look of your online presentation, which helps consumers with wayfinding as well as brand recognition. We correctly color-match the letters to your preferred tones, which enhances the overall cohesion of your marker displays. Depending on your façade’s setup, our installers may suggest a flush or a stud mount.

Monuments or Pylons

Building Signs Brookfield CT | Pylon Signs

Depending on the setup of your business and the zoning rules of your particular location, you may opt for a monument, which usually is no taller than six feet or a pylon that rises into the air and displays your message for motorists to see from a distance. Monuments may have brick bases although contemporary products also feature pre-fabricated foam or aluminum construction. Pylon signs feature sturdy support poles that display your company’s marker in between them. Frequently, these are electrical cabinets.

How to Buy Building Signs for Brookfield, CT, Locations

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your product requirements. If you are unsure which sign would be the most suitable for your location, our experts gladly visit your venue for a site survey and evaluation. At that time, we take measurements, gauge the speed of traffic, and investigate the makeup of the façade. Once our survey is done, we are equipped to give you recommendations. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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Building Signs in Brookfield CT for Education Centers and Schools

You find C2 Education at 143 Federal Road. What was once a private tutoring program has grown into a nationwide chain of education centers. The company estimates that it serves about 12,000 learners each week. Providing personalized coaching approaches, college test prep, and SAT/ACT training for students, these centers have devised an approach to meeting their students’ needs that works well. When one of the branches needed a building sign, its management team contacted our professionals.

Building Signs for Education Centers in Brookfield, CT

Building Letters for Schools in Brookfield CT

After consulting with the client, we conducted a site survey. Learning that the façade featured long-board siding, we decided to use standoff mounts for the individual letters. Since the client chose to go with blue lettering that would spell out “education” and a red “2” as well as the “C” that doubles as a stylized half apple, which makes up the company’s logo, we manufactured the product to fit perfectly between two façade columns for a centered display.

Channel or Dimensional Letters?

Both products have distinct advantages for your façade.

  • Font displays. Letters show the font that you chose to differentiate the display of your company’s name from those names selected by your niche competition.
  • Colorful appearance. The use of custom-painted aluminum or polycarbonate fronts presents the letters with the splashes of color that communicate your branding message.
  • Sizing. When we meet with you, we take in the sizing of the letters that your nearest competitors have chosen. We also gauge the speed of traffic in front of your business. The higher the speed limit, the larger we need to make the letters for easy readability.

There are also differentiations between the two products. For example, channel letters present you with four types of illumination options (front lit, backlit, a combination of the two and open-face displays). The majority of dimensional letters rely on façade-mounted spotlights to provide the illumination needed to show off the signage after dark. When you like the look of continuous script, channel letters offer you further advantages. On the other hand, if you like the three-dimensional expressiveness of prismatically formed plastic, you will do well with a dimensional letter setup.

Exploring Additional Building Signage Options

Take a page from the playbook of C2 Education and rely on a lettering approach to building signage. That said, you have other options as well. For example, box cabinets also allow for lit and unlit product manufacturing. Formed in standard geometric shapes or worked to imitate your logo, these products provide you with a sizable facing that lets you display more than just a name and logo. When ordering building signs for schools in Brookfield, CT, this product choice invites the mentioning of professional affiliations, honors, and distinctions the school has earned.

If you are unsure what type of building sign would be ideal for your business, contact our professionals for a consultation. We work with you to discover the message that you want to present to consumers and compare signage examples that your competition has chosen. At that time, we work to incorporate graphics that you already have on file. When you want to see something completely different, we design your signage from scratch. Contact us today to get started on the design process.

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