Custom Menu Board for Hawleyville Deli

Hawleyville Deli, in Brookfield, Connecticut, came to Unlimited Signs after our company produced materials for them through a Pepsico order. The deli enjoyed our previous work and was looking for a new menu board for their location. The sandwich shop serves an array of sandwiches with options in subs, rolls, breads and wraps for customers, which they were looking to have prominently displayed in an eye-catching new menu. The company was also looking to showcase their daily lunch specials and option to order ahead.

When creating the new menu board, our designer Alex Batista created a simple design that communicated the options in different bread types while keeping the focus on the sandwich types. We added a simple line to prompt customers to ask about lunch specials and a prominent corner design letting customers know they could call ahead for easier ordering. The boards were created with coroplast with printed vinyl, giving a finished and cohesive look. From start to finish, the project took only two weeks. The client was happy with the end result, as it gave a simple solution for many elements in the menu without wasting space.

hawleyville menu board

Menu Board Design

The way a menu board is designed can make a big impact on any business in the food industry. Making a menu easy to navigate and accessible for customers can determine their impression of the company, even without tasting the food. After all, a company that serves decent food and is very convenient will likely get more regular traffic than one with great food but customers can’t figure out. Of course, the goal is to have great food, but the menu board has a bigger part of the customer experience than most business owners account for.

This is especially true for sandwich shops. For most of these shops, customers are grabbing something on the go either while running errands or on a lunch break. By letting customers know what types of deals there are on lunches, there is a focus on the customers that frequent the store. Even further, it helps keep them on the go, which will prompt them to come to the establishment more often due to the convenience.

If you are in the food industry, contact our team today. We have the experience to create a cohesive design that puts the focus on the best parts of your menu while keeping the customer experience in mind.

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