Why Should I Buy an Outdoor LED Sign for My Business? (and other FAQs)

There is little doubt that an outdoor LED sign is an ideal marketing and branding product for your façade or window. But there is some confusion about the advantages that LEDs bring to the table. To make your choice easier, the experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics have put together this frequently asked set of questions – with the respective answers, of course.

Q: What is a LED and why is it better than neon bulbs?

outdoor LED signA: LED is short for light-emitting diode. It is a newer lighting product that most sign makers now use for lit signage such as channel letters or electrical cabinets. Neon tubes, on the other hand, have been a staple ever since the Art Deco Era. They have won a place in the hearts of the public old enough to remember their displays or among those well versed with film noir productions. LEDs are brighter than neon tubes, have a potential decade-long lifespan with little to no maintenance, use about ten times less power, and cost less to buy.

Q: What is a LED sign?

outdoor LED signA: This product has less to do with the LED vs. neon question, which is frequently at the forefront of business clients’ minds, and far more with the presentation of changeable messages. Envision how one LED lights up a sign from the inside. Now, imagine a huge number of small LEDs mounted one next to the other in a frame. When lit, each LED is a pixel for one-color presentations. (For full-color images, you would need sets of three LEDs in red, green, and blue tones.)

Q: Are these the signs that car dealers like to use near the off ramps?

outdoor LED signA: You are not too far off the mark. Those in the automotive sales industry have begun using large-scale, full-color, high-resolution LED signs to present vehicle commercials and marketing messages. Because of the LEDs’ bright light, the markers are eye-catching and create compelling messages that consumers just cannot look away from. It is fair to say that many of the larger dealerships display commercials that are on par with the ones you would see at home on your high-definition large screen TV.

Q: Don’t these signs cost a fortune?

A: The cost of LED signs increases with color capabilities, size, and resolution. When you envision replaying your television advertisements or similar graphics, color is your best bet, and a high resolution is better. That said, for other advertising needs, companies frequently opt for a monochromatic display, which greatly decreases costs.

Q: So, are you saying that LEDs are better all the way around?

outdoor LED signA: LEDs are better for your lit signage products. LED signs can make a significant difference in the way consumers interact with your brand. While each business is different and caters to a particular demographic, we have not encountered a company that was hurt by the installation of LED signs (or lighting).

Q: I have more questions about outdoor LED sign design, manufacturing, and installation.

A: No problem! Contact our building sign specialists to get more help. We serve the business communities in and around Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Newtown, and New Milford, CT. Of course, we accept questions and ship products across the state, country, and the world.

Outdoor LED Sign

Litchfield Crossings Adds Directory Signs in New Milford CT

You find the stores of Litchfield Crossings at 169 Danbury Road. The largest shopping center in New Milford, there is a nice mix of retailers and service providers. When the mall’s management team decided that it was time to add an illuminated directory signs, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

Putting Together Directory Signs in New Milford CT

directory signs in New Milford CTThe signs we designed feature a post and panel appeal. We placed them into the landscaping for an attractive presentation. Painted in the color prevailing on the buildings’ exteriors, we added the mall’s name with dark lettering. The directories take on the forms of lightbox cabinets that we incorporated as the panel portion of the signs. They feature the names of the retailers in their brand colors and display arrows directing motorists to the right parking areas for these venues. Each directory shows a facing with arrows adjusted for the installation location. Our technicians installed three signs that now make wayfinding a snap for locals and out-of-town shoppers.

Directories Affect the Ways Consumers Interact with Your Brand

directory signs in New Milford CTOne of the most frequently mentioned frustrations among customers is the lack of directional signage. Common complaints involve signs that are too small, placed behind obstructions such as tree branches, or just do not provide enough information to the shopper. These criticisms affect exterior as well as interior signage products.

On the other hand, when your company displays directories and similar informative signs that anticipate visitor questions, consumers are more likely to enjoy a positive interaction with your brand. There are several characteristics of informative signage.

  • Illuminated when outside. Directories on the outside of buildings should feature built-in light sources. This requirement ensures that visitors can read the information after dark as well.
  • Large font. Whether inside or out, resist the temptation to select a small font that requires the shopper to stand right in front of the directory to make out the text. In some situations, doing so is impractical and frustrates consumers.
  • High visibility. If your venue experiences plenty of foot traffic, we recommend placing signs overhead so that the directions are still visible for everyone.
  • Information is spelled out. Avoid the use of niche-specific jargon. Although it might abbreviate the listing and make it fit easier into the directory without taking up two spots, it takes away from its wayfinding function. Someone visiting for the first time may not know what the acronyms mean.
  • Up to date. If there are changes to the names that the directory displays, let the signage reflect them. For the motorist who visits your location because it promised the presence of a specific shop, only to find out that the sign is outdated, this brand interaction is decidedly negative.

Buy a Monument Sign, Pylon, or Directory Post and Panel Setup Today

If your shop, medical facility, or shopping center needs one or more directory signs in New Milford CT, discuss your vision for the product with our experts. We work with you to put together a sign that fits into your setting without interrupting the beauty of the architectural setup.

Call us today to talk about your plans!

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Get Noticed with Window Graphics for Urgent Care Centers in Bridgeport CT

A little more than a year ago, we introduced you to our client, AFC Urgent Care. Construction was going on to build an additional location for the urgent care center. Back then, we designed and manufactured “Coming Soon” and “Now Open” banners. This time, we worked with the friendly folks at 161 Boston Avenue to create and install window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT. These products take up all glass panels of the front.

Branding, Marketing, and Explaining a Niche with Window Graphics

window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CTThe Urgent Care facility is still introducing its services at the location. Because there are always new residents moving into the area, it makes sense to spell out the most popular services the group provides. Additionally, answering the most common questions via window graphics is an excellent idea for inviting new patients to walk in. In fact, these professionals succeeded in covering quite a bit of ground with just a few words and images.

  • Services menu. Across the window panes, there are red boxes that feature white lettering, which spells out various services that patients can receive at this location. Examples include lab screenings, workers’ comp services, and vaccines.
  • Hours. One of the boxes alerts patients that the facility is open seven days a week. A white window panel, which takes up the middle third of the glass pane, spells out the actual hours with red lettering.
  • Payments. Insurance questions are always a big deal. To help prospective patients understand their coverage options, the facility shows insurance information on another red on white panel.
  • Policies. Answering the question whether clients need appointments, the professionals want to ensure that patients know that they are always welcomed without calling ahead.

To break up the collection of informative red on white panels, we added graphics depicting customers and professionals at regular intervals. We reserved one panel to display the group’s logo.

What Could Vinyl Window Images and Lettering Say about a Different Business?

Imagine a wine store that features a partial window wrap depicting wineries in California, Italy, and other regions. It creates an ambiance that draws in the shoppers. When selecting a perforated vinyl material, those on the inside can still see outside. For the financial services company, the combination of lettering and numerals can create advertisements for deep discount mortgage and personal loan deals. Taking advantage of these specials could save clients thousands! At the hearts of these messages are product-centered displays that resonate with the targeted demographic. As a result, these graphics quickly turn shoppers into buyers.

Do Window Graphics Make Sense at Your Location?

You may not need window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT, but you might consider the installation of a window wrap for retailers, a graphics package for financial services providers, or the combination of images and lettering for any other kind of company. Our business sign experts are available to answer your questions, come out for a site evaluation, and provide you with sketches that show you what your façade could look like with treated windows.

Call us today to schedule a site survey!

window graphics for urgent care centers in Bridgeport CT

Young’s Fencing Advertising with Truck Decals in Ridgefield CT!

Located at 99 Danbury Road, Young’s Fencing is a landscaping and fencing institution in the area. Serving the commercial and residential client, this business is famous for its “Can Do” attitude that is also a major part of its brand message. When the company’s management team contacted us to discuss truck decals in Ridgefield CT, we were excited to help.

Upgrading the Exterior Functionality of a Mom’s Attic

The business uses a truck with an additional storage area above the driver’s cab. This is colloquially known as a mom’s attic. For marketing purposes, this spot is ideally suited to display decals and lettering for advertising messages. After discussing our plans with the client, we did exactly that. We created a white vinyl decal that features a black imprint of the Young’s Fencing name, phone number, and website address. We framed it to imitate the look of the company’s online name display. Now, you know exactly who drives down the street when you look up to see a truck approaching.

Making the Most of Truck Decals

truck decals in Ridgefield CTThere are plenty of ways to use decals when turning a truck into a mobile billboard. When you are fortunate enough to have a mom’s attic setup, this location is ideal. But even without this feature, you can still make an excellent impression with your vehicle.

  • Hood. The hood is another display surface that makes a lot of sense. Take a page from the playbook of ambulance companies and some tow truck operators who elect to have their message printed as a mirror image, which makes it possible for the motorist ahead to read the information in the rearview mirror.
  • Side doors. The doors are good places for smaller decals. Display your company’s name, logo, contact information, and anything else you want consumers to know about.
  • Sidewalls. When you want to go big, the sidewalls of a truck are perfect for the job!
  • Rear. The back, whether it has a roll-up door or employs a different opening mechanism, also offers plenty of display space for your decals.

Decals, a Graphics Package, Lettering, or a Wrap?

For the majority of clients, the budget is a deciding factor when selecting the different types of advertising graphics. For others, it is a matter of having the medium prove its worth before they are willing to invest more in the product line. Each approach has merit. If finances are a concern, we recommend starting with a smaller graphics package or a decal setup. By combining some images with lettering, you are off to a great start when you want to present your information in a way that turns heads.

When you intend to test-drive the effectiveness of the advertising approach, a partial wrap or even a colorful – or black and white – decal presentation with lettering makes sense. Add a secondary option such as a set of side decals to a hood graphic to maximize the impact of the images and make them stand out even more.

Learn more about the design, manufacture, and installation of truck decals in Ridgefield CT, by calling our experts!


Top 5 Retractable Banner Stand Uses in Danbury CT

Last year, we worked with the friendly folks at the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce to put together a retractable banner product. Since then, we have had inquiries about this signage solution. To help members of the local business community understand the many retractable banner stand uses in Danbury CT, we have put together a list of the five most frequently chosen displays.

1. Office Advertising Highlights Service Details

Retractable Banner Stand Uses in Danbury CTPlace one or more banner stands into your office’s lobby. We can imprint the banners with information that describes your most popular service packages and the benefits they offer to clients. By spelling out the must-know talking points, you make the job of selling these packages a lot easier for your associates.

2. In-store Marketing as Point of Purchase (POP) Signs

Within a retail environment, retractable banner stands become valuable point of purchase signs. Place them near the shelves where your targeted merchandise displays. Underscore manufacturing details, color and size options, and beneficial product pairings. Set up another banner display near the suggested product addition.

3. Client, Patient, or Parent Education

retractable banner stand uses in Danbury CTWithin a service provider’s office setting, there are frequently rules in place that govern conduct, interactions, and rights. Present them to clients of a spa, patients at a medical office, or parents in a school setting with an attractive banner stand display. This practice shows that you take your duty of disclosure seriously. It also eliminates the repeated questions that the signage would answer.

4. Bank Advertising Introduces Innovative Brand Interaction Possibilities

One of the fields that currently undergo the fasted technology modernization is banking. As new financial products become available, innovators also develop new methods for the ways that clients can take advantage of their benefits. From at-home to on-the-go banking, storefront machine technology, and optional add-on packages, the business is changing. Keeping customers informed ensures that they take advantage of these new technologies rather than falling behind and feeling left out. Banner stands allow for changeable displays that make it possible for your financial institution to reach this goal.

5. Small Business Brand Building for New and Established Companies

retractable banner stand uses in Danbury CTTake a page from the playbook of the Danbury Chamber of Commerce and feature a banner that highlights your services and products. Present the various means by which you serve customers, meet their needs, and perform the jobs you were hired to take on. If you like, we can incorporate your company’s mission statement, motto, or tagline. Doing so has the added advantage of combining marketing with branding, which lets even the newest business hit the ground running.

Explore Additional Retractable Banner Stand Uses in Danbury CT

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about adapting this signage product for use in your business location, contact our experts. Because these signs come in a variety if heights and widths, double and single sided display options, and support LED attachments as well as brochure holders, there are plenty of functions the products can take on. Call us today to find out more!

Retractable Banner Stand Uses in Danbury CT

We Can Design Logo Car Signs in Ridgefield CT!

Located at 963 Ethan Allen Highway, Professional Water Systems is in the business of water filtration and purification. Homeowners concerned about chlorine taste in their drinking water or hard water problems work with this company to find solutions to their problems. When the business wanted to expand the reach of its brand, a management team representative contacted our experts to assist with the design, manufacture, and installation of logo car signs in Ridgefield CT.

logo car signs in Ridgefield CTAlthough the company already had a couple of vans treated with lettering and a corporate name, the new vehicle the business uses, a Mazda CX-3, was to add some pizzazz to the mix. We worked with the team to design a logo that would augment the presentation of the Professional Water Systems name. Instead of the stripes in use, the firm wanted something that would look different and contemporary. We slightly tweaked the presentation of the name and added the illusion of movement by way of a rushing water graphic. It perfectly highlights the lines of the vehicle. The hood features the rushing water image in a near circle with the corporate name in the middle.

Combining Niche Images with a Company’s Name

logo car signs in Ridgefield CTSome business owners have a logo and stick with it. Others are comfortable with their brand identity and do not mind playing with the style elements a little. Doing so on a small scale, such as the installation of a graphics package for one vehicle, is an excellent way to test the waters, so to speak, before committing to a full re-branding process. By adding niche images to the company’s name and featuring them in a manner that the business has not previously done, it is also possible to attract new consumer demographics.

For example, prospective customers who previously believed that the company primarily advertised its services menu might come to view the new graphic as the beginning of an open-ended conversation. Instead of providing a list of services, this graphic suggests that the business can customize a solution based on an individual client’s needs. When putting both types of logos and corporate names on the roads, the company succeeds in appealing not only to a current set of customers but also to a group of clients with a different take on doing business.

Do You Need Us to Design Logos for Cars in Ridgefield CT?

logo car signs in Ridgefield CTThe vehicle image specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics routinely work with corporate clients who are unsure exactly how to approach consumers with a marketing message. Our visual artists are well versed in logo design techniques and gladly show you how various displays can highlight different aspects of your brand message.

We serve the business communities in and around Danbury, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Newtown, New Milford, and Bethel. Whether you know exactly how you want your logo presentation to look on a vehicle, or you need help and want us to put together something from scratch, we can assist. Contact us today to discuss your vision for the finished product and the types of signage solution style elements that appeal to you the most. We do the rest.

logo car signs in Ridgefield CT