Outdoor Sports Center Advertises with Van Wraps in Wilton CT

Located at 80 Danbury Road, the Outdoor Sports Center is your go-to location for skis, camping gear, kayak supplies, car racks, bikes, and a selection of outdoor apparel. The store initially started more than 50 years ago as The Ski Hut, but it underwent a name change in 1983. To introduce new demographics to its location and products, the company’s management team contacted our vehicle graphics specialists to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of van wraps in Wilton, CT.

Turning a Van into a Mobile Marketing Solution

Van Wraps and Graphics in Wilton CT

The company vehicle is a commercial van that features a recessed panel setup where windows would be in a passenger configuration. We created a wrap that features multiple shades of green, which depict an outdoor scene with a snow skiing image. The company’s name, logo, address, and contact information appear with white lettering. The nature scene makes the van stand out no matter where it drives. Because we used a somewhat diffused image, the consumer automatically leans closer and gives the vehicle a second look just to discern what the scene is all about. In so doing, s/he cannot help but take in the van’s marketing and branding messages as well.

Does Your Vehicle Support a Message?

What does your company’s truck, van, or car say about the business? Does it inform motorists of the firm’s name? Does it portray the branding your store uses? Does it present the enterprise’s moniker that you hope will become a household name before long? If the vehicle does not adequately perform any of these tasks, it is high time to make a change.

Mobile Marketing Works

Studies prove that the vast majority of polled consumers notice a vehicle treated with a graphics package or wrap. The mere fact that the car features this marketing product also causes would-be customers to form a positive opinion of the company – even before they ever set foot inside a storefront or visit a website. Aside from these stats, consider the three primary functions the advertising product fulfills.

  1. Name recognition. The more frequently a consumer sees your company’s name, the easier it is to remember. Pair the name with an attractive logo, and the symbol acts as the needed mnemonic device to make the combination memorable.
  2. Brand awareness. Unless the business has already built a sizable following in the area, consumers may still have to form brand awareness. For a retailer or contractor, this can mean the ability to associate a logo with a name and place it in the right niche.
  3. Product knowledge. It is not enough to be able to recognize a company’s name and logo if the consumer cannot figure out the line of business the firm is in. Achieve product knowledge with a well-placed niche explanation that outlines some of the goods or services your company provides.

How to Buy Van Wraps in Wilton, CT

Each wrap starts with a design consultation. Discuss your vision for the appearance of the vehicle with our graphic artists. If you already have some graphics on hand, we gladly incorporate them into the design. In fact, call us today to schedule a meeting!

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YMCA Fitness Center Adds Vinyl Wall Graphics in Brookfield CT

Located at 246 Federal Road, the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut is your go-to venue for healthy living assistance, fun exercise programs, youth development opportunities, and social connections. When the organization decided to upgrade its workout facility with inspiring images, its management team contacted the signage specialists at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics.

Creating, Manufacturing, and Installing Fitness Center Wall Graphics in Brookfield, CT

Vinyl Wall Graphics for Fitness Centers in Brookfield CT

After meeting with our client, we created a wall graphic that features a personal trainer with her trainee. Entitled “determination,” the lettering displays in green while the individuals almost appear like silhouettes. But a closer look at the image shows that there is too much detail work for an actual silhouette image.

The discrepancy in what they eye expects and what it perceives results in an image that has members and guests step closer for a good look. In so doing, they cannot help but take in the message, which embodies one of the tenets of health improvement. Imprinted on clear vinyl, we installed this image on a white wall background, which further highlights the creativity of the picture selection.

Make a Spa, Gym, or Pool Area Stand out with Great Graphics

Frequently, these types of facilities take on a utilitarian appearance because they lack a visual appeal. With wall graphics, it is easy to combine function with form.

  • Decorative. Dress up the walls surrounding a pool with decorative images that highlight the color scheme of the facility.
  • Informative. Remember to incorporate safety messages, too. There is no need to attach various signs and plaques to the walls when you can achieve the same effect with a combination of images and lettering on wall graphics.
  • Themed. For your spa, it makes sense to underscore its chosen theme by using pictures or wall wraps. Depending on the amount of wall space you have to work with, a full wrap can replace plenty of dust-catching knick-knacks that clutter the good looks of your setting. If you are changing the brand focus, there is nothing more useful than a themed wall wrap to alter the atmosphere of an environment completely.
  • Inspirational. Those visiting a gym after prolonged periods of inactivity find that it is intimidating and daunting. Inspire those beginning fitness enthusiasts by featuring the character traits that lead to improvements in health, overall fitness, and good looks. Placed around the walls of group exercise rooms and the areas reserved for workout machines, they help the member to visualize a path to fitness.

Buying Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Brookfield, CT

Contact our graphic artists today to discuss your ideas for image displays on your venue’s walls. When you want to go for the gusto, consider the incorporation of window graphics as well. Select perforated products that appeal to passersby on the outside. Semi-opaque products look great on the interior and still let plenty of sunlight in. For whole-wall murals, consider the choice of photos, stylized images, or painting reproductions. When you call our specialists today, we can schedule your design consultation right away. Doing so lets us get started on the project more quickly.

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