Road Signs for Historic Towns and Cities in Connecticut

Our state has a wealth of historic buildings, roads, and towns. Case in point is Wilton, which currently features restaurants, retailers and other modern amenities that nevertheless rub elbows with the historic parts of town like the Cannondale Historic District, the Marvin Tavern and the Georgetown Historic District. Another important place is the Gilbert & Bennett Cultural Center that functions as an art gallery, art museum, and music lesson studio.

Custom Road Side Signs Connecticut

When this venerable location needed a monument sign, it was clear that a typical commercial product simply would not do. We worked closely with the client to put together a post and panel sign that displays in a pleasing white color with black print. It identifies the G&B Cultural Center and the Town of Wilton. Also, it provides two – currently blank – message areas that operators of the property may use for announcements such as class times or special events.

Signs for Historic Towns in Connecticut Support Preservation

The need for signage is a functional concern. The importance of preserving the nation’s past is another valid consideration. The nearby city of Ridgefield, which is home to the J. Alden Weir Farm Historic District and the Keeler Tavern, has come to understand the connection between appropriate signage and the preservation of its heritage. Drafting a conservation plan that discusses issues of funding, ownership and signage, officials take a proactive approach and point to signs as a means of raising awareness.

From the perspective of the sign maker, this poses questions of material usage, manufacturing methods, and display options. For example, whereas a building sign for a retailer in any city might be made up of acrylic dimensional letters, a store owner in a historic district may opt for a product that is more in harmony with the character of the area. Rather than commissioning acrylic dimensional letters, this professional might opt for a routed, round HDU sign that we can install with a wrought iron arm.

Marker Options

You have a number of choices available to you.

  • Cast metal plaques. Bronze is a beautiful material that is ideal for casting. Service providers such as attorneys and accountants routinely use this signage type when setting up their offices in historic buildings.
  • Post and panel signage. The advantage of this signage product is its versatility. It looks at home in the industrial part of the city as well as in the historic part of town. Since we can manipulate the size, color, panel display shape and level of ornamentation, we can adapt the creation of a functional sign to a look that fits right into a historical setting.
  • Shingle signs. Routed or sandblasted, these signs bring an old-world flair to the setting. They mount directly to the wall or attach with an arm to the wall for a perpendicular display.

Whether you are adding building or road signs for historic towns in Connecticut, our graphic artists can help you with the design, manufacture, and installation of the products. Contact us today to learn more about material options, manufacturing techniques and installation alternatives that make the products suitable for your setting.

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LUV Ink Tattoo Brands with Illuminated Cabinet Sign in Danbury!

Do you remember when we just recently discussed the tenant panel inserts for LUV Ink Tattoo? The business was taking over a storefront and in the process of building out the studio that it would need to provide its clients with cool body art and modifications. Once the project was finished, the company contacted our graphic artists again to discuss the manufacture of lit building signage.

Standing out with Illuminated Cabinet Signs in Danbury, CT

Lightbox Cabinet Signs for Danbury CT

Illuminated signs help your business stand out!

With opening day right around the corner, the business needed the type of signage that would support its brand message and help with the creation of name recognition at its new location. Achieving this one-two punch is easy with the right product. In this case, an illuminated box cabinet welcomes clients who visit the studio well after dark. Since business hours go until 10 p.m., this is a necessity for the company.

Set into a gray cabinet, we designed and manufactured a white backdrop with black lettering. The font mix makes it easy to remember the name of the business. We used red for the small heart, which is an integral part of the branding message. Using specialized equipment, we mounted the sign to be flush with the edge of the entry door rather than centered. This creates an excellent visual division between this business and the one next door.

What Should (or could) Your Cabinet Sign say about Your Business?

Lit Cabinet Signs Danbury CT

Installing the new sign!

When you decide against dimensional or channel letters for your enterprise, you have the option of making good use of the space the cabinet’s front provides.

  • Shape. For LUV Ink, it was a rectangle. What is the right form for your cabinet? Some of our business clients like the idea of having a cabinet that is shaped like their logos. Others prefer to stick with classic geometric shapes.
  • Color. The typical sign displays a white polycarbonate front with black text and a painted aluminum body. Should you follow suit? You do not have to. Opt for any color of the rainbow – as long as the hue combination of the lettering and facing contrasts well. If the hues are too close on the color wheel, you will find that readability suffers.
  • Illumination. The majority of business clients order a box cabinet because it allows for the installation of LEDs. That said, you do have the choice of requesting a sign without the lighting. Doing so enables us to narrow the body of the product, which can be an extremely attractive look on your façade.
  • Text. Your name and perhaps a niche explanation are excellent options. Car dealerships like to mention professional associations. Physicians and other medical offices frequently add specialty mentions onto the sign. Others display the address or contact information. The logo may also feature on your sign’s front.

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about your options when considering lightbox cabinet signs for businesses in Danbury, CT. We can show you how to position your brand as either a traditional one or one that will be regarded more like an avant-garde service or product (or something completely different). Contact us today to find out how we can make this happen – and how we can adjust the look of the signage product for all niches.

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Custom Lobby Signs for Medical Clinics in West Hartford CT

Located at 67 Prospect Avenue in Suite 301, the Lice Clinics of America fill the need that thousands of parents experience during the school year, when picking up children from summer camp and for those times when playing dress-up deposits the unwelcome parasitic insects on the heads of kids. Although there are multiple at-home treatments available, parents have reported less than adequate success with many of the shampoos, home remedies, and even the traditional comb-out. The experts at the Lice Clinics of America utilize technology that is approved by the FDA, which ensures effectiveness.

Lobby Signs for Medical Centers in West Hartford CT

When this business needed one of our lobby signs for medical clinics in West Hartford, CT, the management team contacted the experts at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics. Our graphic artists visited the location for a conference with the client. We measured the space and prepared sketches for the management team. Once we were cleared to proceed, we replicated the lettering and logo design the company had chosen for its website. We installed the sign with attractive offsets that give the finished product a sophisticated shadow edge along the wall.

Why Mimicking Your Website Logo Makes Sense

Studies have proven that consumers research companies online before doing business with them. When one of these customers visits your business location and recognizes the display of your company’s name and logo, the development of brand awareness is almost instantaneous. Of course, when you are still in the process of putting together your website, you have quite a bit of leeway with respect to signage design. By the way, remember that when you are rebranding, the look of your online and lobby signage needs to change concurrently!

Combining Visual Artistry with Functionality Enhances the Atmosphere of Your Space

Once you welcome customers to your office, retail space or storefront, remember that you want to set a tone for the upcoming business interaction. For medical clinics, the atmosphere should be soothing but professional. For an architecture firm, the tone you would set could be high-tech with minimalist displays or traditional with a nod to the style of structures you specialize in. Achieving this type of look depends heavily on three distinct signage features.

  1. Material. Acrylic, metal, and foam are the most commonly requested materials for a board or dimensional letters. That said, you have other options, too. PVC, Coroplast, and prismatic plastic lettering also present you with attractive lobby signage choices.
  2. Mounting options. Lightweight signage can be installed on the wall with double-sided tape or Velcro. Heavier signs install with hooks, offsets or metal cables.
  3. Color selection. The majority of our business clients have company colors that they like to use for foyer markers. Others like the idea of having a set of geometric background images tie the sign to the business.

With so many options to choose from, it makes sense that discussing lobby signs for medical clinics in West Hartford, CT, with a professional is a great way to get started. Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about customized lobby signage for your venue.

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Face-in-the-Hole Posters for The Humane Society of the United States!

You already know The Humane Society of the United States for its commitment to stop animal cruelty. A hands-on organization, the Society’s partnership with local groups results in major advocacy events. The Society is involved in the struggle to shut down puppy mills, factory farming, and end captive hunts. When this organization needed event signage, representatives contacted the pros at Unlimited Signs, Designs & Graphics.

Face in the hole posters Danbury CT

We created three identical face-in-the-hole posters for nonprofit events. They display a cartoon pig, with the face cut out, that shows a sign reading, “I love meatless Monday.” At the top of the poster, you see the name and logo for the The Humane Society. During an event, this poster is an ideal part of a photo booth setup and creates the opportunity for excellent press shots, too. The combination of the whimsical design, clear message and logo display works to raise awareness.

Thinking Through Your Next Event Setup

Non-profit groups rely on the fundraising efforts they encourage during special events. Whether these events are open house meet-and-greet occasions or take place in a rented venue, the need for the right signage component is clear. Our graphic artists routinely work with representatives of non-profits in search of new and exciting fundraising markers, including banners.

The type of poster selected by The Human Society has a three-fold advantage.

  1. Budget-friendly. Face-in-hole posters are easy on the budget. After we apply the laminate to the front, the material becomes more durable and can be re-used for years to come.
  2. Effective. Those visiting fundraisers and events sponsored by non-profits appreciate the opportunity to partner with the organizations. Taking a photo with a prop poster is, therefore, a fun part of the event that benefits a chosen cause.
  3. Memorable. Onlookers and those seeing photos in the news are sure to remember the message of the event as well as the logo of the group sponsoring it. As a result, these products work well for all types of organizations.

Combining Signage Components

Face-in-the-hole posters are one example of effective signs that could enhance your next event. Other products also work well in that setting. Use a large photo backdrop with repeat wallpaper to identify the corporate sponsors that support your non-profit. Include their logos and company colors to enhance name recognition. Allowing press photos against this backdrop is an excellent method for nudging other companies to follow suit.

Banners create directional signage that brings in visitors. Displayed on the outside, they also allow for the creation of name recognition. Passersby, who have never heard of your organization, may use the occasion to find out more about your group. Doing so opens the door for new volunteers and donors. Complementing the look of the various signage components is as easy as ensuring a proper name and logo placement on each one.

Discussing Your Group’s Signage Needs with a Professional

Whether you need face-in-hole posters for nonprofit events or want to find a new signage setup for your storefront office to welcome volunteers, our graphic artists can help. We work with you to put together a look that quickly identifies your organization and hints at the type of work that you do. Contact us today to learn more about the design process.

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