Robeks Building Sign

Pat from Robeks called us and wanted channel letters for his building sign. To do this we took measurements and we used 8 x 96  acrylic material for the word Robeks and made a 28 x 40 capsule for the Logo. It took several hours to install with a bucket truck.  They also wanted a double sided lighted oval sign to hang from the ceiling.  We made an oval lighted sign, 24 x 36, then suspended from the ceiling by 2 1.25” pipes.

Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies

“Robeks® is a smoothie and juice franchise established in 1995, by David Robertson, a health-conscious Los Angeles native. He founded the chain because he was dismayed by the lack of healthy, on-the-go, food options.” You can learn more about Robeks and find the closest location to you to enjoy a healthy, tasty treat to cool you down this summer.

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Unimin Custom Stencils

Unimin from New Canaan called us and wanted us to make stencils for their company.   They are creating bags with their logo on it.  To make the stencils, we used our new routing machine.  We used a 16th inch end mill bits, then we cut out the letters for the stencils and used illustrator for the design work.  Unimin was thrilled with the job we did. Unimin Stencil from Unlimited Signs Want to have your own stencil done or another custom project? Give us at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics a call at 203-546-7267. Or check out our website at