Doctors Express Urgent Care Sign

Tom from Doctors Express called us and wanted a road sign.  To process a road sign, we did the following: We used 1 inch PVC and cut out the shape to make an arch top. We than printed the logo and name on the sign using our x rite system. We used 4 x 4 wood to hold up the sign and painted the post black.  It took several hours to install.

Doctors Express provide high quality, urgent care at a very low cost. They have a professional staff of physicians, x-ray technicians and medical assistants that can take care of all of your medical needs.

You can learn more on their website,

Doctors Express

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ScanTube Engraved Globe

Robert Paltauf at ScanTube asked us to engraved an elegant gift of a globe on a stand for their 30th Anniversary. Each globe has a country that Scantube is involve with. To engrave each letter we used stencils.

Engraved Globe for ScanTube by Unlimited Signs

ScanTube manufactures tubing and profiles made from fluoropolymers. Their extensive experience with tube manufacturing has created a foundation of excellence while fostering a quality conscious environment. ScanTube is located in Danbury, CT at 2 Lee Mac Ave. You can give them a call at (203) 743-0908 or visit their website,

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Boat Lettering Candlewood East Marina

Travis the salesperson from Candlewood East Marina had a customer that wanted a Black Rogue lettering on his boat, including black skeletons on the side of the boat.  To do the process of lettering, we cut the letters on our plotter using boat material. We used two colors black and gold to make it elegant looking, then we weeded out excess material. Of course we measured the letters and logo to make it look centered.

Black Rogue Boat Lettering Unlimited Signs

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Window Graphic for a Vacate Store

Scott from West Mill had a vacant store.  The store looked bare and empty.  To create the illusion the store had employees, we created window graphics of professional people working in an office.  To do the process of the window graphics, we used the internet and photo shop.  We took the pictures that we like of the professional people and printed it on our x-rite system printer.  It took 1 hour to install.

West Mill Window Graphics by Unlimited Signs

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Green Drop Building Sign and Window Graphics

Green Drop Channel Letters Unlimited Signs

GreenDrop wanted several signs on their new store.  Channel Letters, Window Graphics, and Road signs. The picture on top shows the Channel Letters  and the picture below shows the Window Graphics. To process the both the Window Graphics and Channel Letters you need to take measurements, that is a key for any type of signs.  To make Channel Letters you need aluminum & acrylic for the faces & LED lights. For window graphics, we had to print it to match their specific colors then cut out the letters and logos.  Each type of signs takes a key eye to cut and shape. Channel Letters of course takes a long time to install.  You need a raceway to attach the Channel Letters and an electrician to make the final connection.

Green Drop Window Graphic by Unlimited Signs

Simply pack your items into large plastic bags or boxes and drop them off at one of the convenient GreenDrop locations where their attendants will unload them.  GreenDrop has been selected by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia, to raise funds through the generation and collection of donated clothing and household items. To learn more visit their website,

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