What You Need To Know About Starting A Business

First, you will obviously need to know what type of business you would like to have. What do you enjoy? What do you know? What do you do well? What will bring you success? Those questions probably sound fairly easy to answer….but starting a business is not an easy thing to do, and not something to attempt without careful consideration, lots of thinking, and much planning. Yes, there are many benefits to being “your own boss”, but there are also many responsibilities in doing so, and many many things to consider.


If you are unsure and need help or guidance, there are Business Coaches available to help you. Or, you could find information from Entrepreneur Magazines. If you want your business in Connecticut or Rhode Island, I would recommend Luc Deslauriers from FranNet of CT/RI. He, or any business coach, will provide you with a list of businesses that fit your financial and personal needs. They will also help with recommendations regarding different ways of funding your business, from liquidating asset, to taking out a loan, or other options available to you. To do this, you will receive a list of questions to help you determine what type of business is right for you. The whole procedure might take a couple of months, depending upon your business needs. But, remember, the ultimate goal is to have a business that you are satisfied with, one that will bring you happiness and success

Once you establish your business, you will need to enlist the professional assistance of a Business Attorney. Entrepreneur magazines provide information on these type of attorneys. Again, if you’re interested in having your business in CT, I would recommend Cliff Ennico. An attorney will help you with all the legal issues involved, for instance types of corporations, regulations, license requirements, zoning regulations and restrictions, and much more. Obviously, it’s very important to get a good attorney, one who is knowledgeable and understands your needs.

Another neccesity is an Accountant. Your attorney can probably recommend a good accountant. They review the financial aspect of the business you are looking into. While looking for an Attorney and an Accountant, you may also have to start looking for a location for your business. Depending upon the type of business, you’ll need to decide what type of location you need. For example, for a Retail business, you’ll want to try to be on a highly visible street. Other types of businesses may be able to be located in an industrial or corporate park. Once you establish your business, your location, you’ll undoubtedly need to advertise. Advertise your business.

We at Unlimited Signs Designs & Graphics are always available to provide you with ideas regarding advertising your business….with Signs, Vehicle Wraps, Window Graphics, and much much more. We understand the importance of having a business, the importance of your business. We understand that starting a business isn’t easy, and keeping it going is a full-time job…..but, we are here to help in any way possible to ensure the success of your business, and to make you know that starting a business was the right thing to do. Please contact us at 203-546-7267, or visit our website at www.unltdsigns.com. “Unlimited support to your unlimited success”.

Car Decals for Connecticut Institute For Communities in Danbury

Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc. is a not-for-profit, Community Development Corporation that was founded out of a commitment to help meet basic human needs in the fields of health, education, human services and housing for disadvantaged children, families and adults in our service area. It is the only organization in Western Connecticut that combines health care, education, human services and housing in a coordinated approach.


Holly Denise called us and wanted the Company’s Recreational Vehicle car decals/recreational vehicle graphics. The 1994 RV was donated and they wanted us to remove the existing graphics and put their logo and graphics on it.  To do the process of removing the car decals/recreational vehicle graphics we use acetone and a special vehicle scrapper. The acetone is a glue remover and the special vehicle scrapper will help scrape the vinyl material off, without damaging the vehicles paint.  It took several hours to scrap off the existing graphics because it was on since 1994.  To do the process of car decals/recreational vehicle graphics, we measured the RV first and marked out the position of the windows. Once we establish the measurement, we print the car decals/rv graphics on our printer since the colors are multi-colors.  Our colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System.  Some of the lettering was only 1 color, so we also used our vinyl cutter, to cut out those letters.   To install, use masking tape to hold the special vehicle graphics in place, peel back the backing paper and then apply the special vehicle vinyl to the rv with the mighty squeegee. It took 6 hours to apply the special vehicle vinyl.

Holly Denise was very excited about the job we did.  If you are interested in Car Decals/Recreational Vehicle  Graphics,Unlimited Signs, Designs and graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at www.unltdsigns.com or contact us at 203-546-7267.

Building Business with Custom Signs at Trade Shows

Most business owners are finding success through face-to-face networking.  They are meeting new people and getting new business by sharing their needs and wants.  For instance, Chambers of Commerce provide trade shows to new and existing businesses.  These shows provide samples of what they do.  With Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics, we are showing examples of what we do to assist you with your trade show.


We help businesses become visible so they can attract more customers. By bringing more customers to your business, you will increase your productivity and profits. We make custom signage for display and around the booth, as well as banners and large format printing.

The first thing you need to do is provide your vision.  What is your goal?  What is your need?  Who is your targeted audience?  Next, you need to create a design that can catch someone’s eye.   We can provide that for you.

For instance, within our company, we divided our booth into three sections: Banners, Custom Signs, and Vehicle Wrapping.    We provide pictures of our work.  People need to feel, touch or see an item that they want done.  Try to be unique and creative so you can stand out.  With Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics, we can offer that service. Please contact us at 203-546-7267 or visit www.unltdsigns.com.

Car Decal for Hobby Center in Danbury, CT

Welcome to Danbury’s one stop center for all your hobby essentials:  The Danbury Hobby Center.  They are a full service store.  They have years of hands on experience with all types of radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats, and cars.  Our large selection of plastic model kits, rockets, tools and supplies give you plenty to choose from.

They have a new online catalog store for all of our customers and especially our long distance customers.  This catalog is a new concept provided by one of our largest suppliers.The Hobby Center has something for everyone! The hours are: Closed Monday, Tues thru Friday 9:00am – 6PM, Saturday 9-5pm and Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00pm.  The phone number is 203-743-9052.


Karl the owner of the Hobby Center wanted his Mazda Miata pin striped.  Before we started we needed to find out the type of pin stripes.  Karl gave us a template of the pin stripes he wanted. He wanted the wide range pin stripes that cover the center of the front, roof and the trunk of the car.  Making it look similar to a sports vehicle. To do the processing of car decals/pin stripes graphics, we first had to measure the hood, roof, trunk, and placement of the emblems on the car. We had to wrap around all the emblems.  This took us a while to complete because all the emblems are different. To print thecar decals/pin stripes graphics we use our plotter because one color is only used.  We used special black gloss wrap vinyl, to make the vehicle look sharp.  The plotter will then cut the vinyl material in specific section, and then we have to weed out the material, and put application tape over it.  We then double check the location and we installed with our mighty squeegee.

Karl liked the work we have done.  For more information on Car Decals/Pin Stripes Graphics , contact Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at www.unltdsigns.com

Signage Plays A Great Role For Customers

Do you know why people go shopping in department stores two or three weeks before the holidays? It’s because of SALES, SALES, and SALES.  Where would a department store put the word “SALE”?  They would put it on a sign, of course. Signs play a vital role for the customer. Everyone is looking for a bargain and to do this, you need to put this message on a sign that can attract people and stand out.


Depending upon your business and your time, you need to find an effective sign that works for you.   For instance, if you have a sale that ends in two weeks, you need a standard sign that is inexpensive because it is only going to last two weeks. Business store signs have to be changed a lot, so you have to budget this in your signage cost.

However, if you have a private business, such as a painting job, you can advertise by vehicle wrapping.  This is an advertisement on wheels.  This can last years and will attract many customers.  If a discount is being used at the painting corporation, you will not put this on the car.  Instead, you can advertise this on a sign in the store, or in fliers.  Signs vary with the type of business you have.

To see what sign works best for your business, please contact Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics at 203-546-7267 or visit www.ultdsigns.com.

Custom Cut Vinyl Lettering for Sarah Noble Intermediate School in New Milford, CT

It is the mission of the Sarah Noble Intermediate School Community to embrace and empower all children to realize their dreams and potential by fostering the partnerships that ensure a positive, secure learning environment where learners are encouraged to develop an awareness of learning styles and strengths.  In order to become independent, successful citizens of good character, students will be provided experiences that will enhance the whole child so that they become active participants in an ever changing world.


Public | Grades: 4-6 | 1024 students
District: New Milford School District

25 Sunny Valley Rd
New Milford, CT  06776-3333

(860) 210-4020


Joe from the school asked us to put up custom signs/cut vinyl lettering.  He wanted the custom signs/cut vinyl lettering to go on the school’s building, awning and poles. The color of the custom signs/cut vinyl lettering is lemon.

Each awning and pole received a different positive leadership type word. To do the process of custom signs /cut vinyl lettering in one color, we had to cut individual letters using our plotter, we then had to weed the letters, and put application tape over it.  We double check the location where to install the custom signs/cut vinyl lettering and we install.  To install, we used masking tape to hold lettering in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the custom signs/cut vinyl lettering to the building, awning and poles with the mighty squeegee.

Joe loved the job we did.  For more information on Custom Signs/Cut Vinyl Lettering, contact Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at www.unltdsigns.com

How To Pick A Nice Lobby Sign To Meet Your Needs

 Lobby signs vary with your personality, and the type of lobby sign needed depends greatly upon the type of facility  you are in.   For example, in a Hospital, the sign should be eco-friendly, non-toxic and environmentally safe, so that patients will not complain about or get sick with potential odors.  The sign should be simple and bright, and it should stand out.  Lobby signs can be directional signs that locate tenants in the building.  Or, they can be something imaginative, like a large animal picture in a Pediatrician’s office.


Most corporations use a Directional sign for a lobby sign, because their buildings may have multiple tenants and/or multiple departments, and people (like me !) need assistance in finding where they need to go.  But, if you have a small office (yes, I can get lost there too !), you may want to have a sign that stands out.  The best way to determine the kind of sign best fits your needs is to ask yourself a few questions:  Who is my audience?  Who am I catering to?   What will my audience like?  For example, my son’s Pediatrician’s office has a lobby sign that contains pictures of numerous exotic animals.  There are birds, monkeys, camels and several other exotic animals.  The kids rave about the animals, and they try to make animal noises when they see the picture.  It creates an atmosphere of fun, helps their attentiveness (it keeps the kids busy, while I’m trying to read a magazine !), and it is educational.  Parents enjoy it, because sometimes the wait time can be consuming. The Pediatrician’s office knows their audience, they know what catches the children’s attention.

Some offices like to only have their corporation name in the lobby.  It is branding their name, and it helps to create a professional atmosphere.  If you are a small office that sells technology, create a lobby sign that has neon lights.  With Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics, you can work together with us so that we can create a lobby sign that works for you, as well as your audience.

Charity Work Can Help Advertise Your Business

Most people like to help people in their community.  When tragedy happens most people would come together and help. They can provide food, clothing, shelter and comfort. People appreciate people who are there for them. They feel trusted.  That is why when you start a new business, you need people to trust you.  For a new company you need to brand yourself, you need people to trust you, feel comfortable with you, your  product, your service and your quality of work.   The price of your goods and services does matter, however the trust is more important.  For instance, you can make a cheap product and it looks cheap.  But, when you trust someone making a product , you might spend a little more because they know it is you who is making the product and they know they can trust you.


Charity work can sell your product. You can donate signs, time, and money.  People know you are available. They know who you are, what you do and how you do the services.  People love to gossip about people.  Wouldn’t it be great if they gossip something good about your product.  You might get business from the charity, and you feel good too.  Helping people gives you a sense of purpose, pride and maybe a friendship. Helping a community can help you connect with other business owners and community leaders and serve a purpose at the same time.

Wings and Things in Patterson, NY Gets New Custom Road Sign

Route 22 Wings & Things is a new bar and grill that opened in July 2013 specializing in America’s favorite simple foods: wings, burgers and salads. With different specials throughout the week they intend to become your new favorite place!

Description: Located in front of Thunder Ridge Ski area, Route 22 Wings & Things came to be in March 2013 by a local family.  They provide take out, lunch specials for local businesses, full service catering hall, private parties, holiday parties.


John Orgoch called us and wanted a custom sign/road sign for their restaurant.  He wanted a custom sign/road sign that can be seen 5 feet away.  To do this we first measure the posts to see what size sign we need. After taking measurements, we used a 6 feet by 8 feet Lexan material. Lexan material is a thicker material that can be used for harsh weather. To produce the black background we used black vinyl material and our colors are from the x-rite color management system.  We had to cut individual letters using our plotter, we then had to weed the letters (take the excess vinyl material of), and put application tape over it.  To install, we used masking tape to hold lettering in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the letters to the custom sign/ road sign with the mighty squeegee.

John loved the job we did. For more information on Custom Sign/Road Sign, contact Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at unlimitedsigns.net

Basic Info: started

March 2013

Food Styles

American (New)American (Traditional)Burgers



Mon – Wed: 11:30 am – 12:00 amThu – Sat: 11:30 am – 3:00 amSun: 11:30 am – 12:00 am






Takes ReservationsWalk-Ins WelcomeGood For Groups

Take Out


Waiter Service

Outdoor Seating

General Manager

Amanda Orgoch


Parking Lot

Public Transit

Taxi, Metro North RR (Patterson Station)

Payment Options


Banner for Ross Solar Group

Ross Solar Group is a supplier of turnkey solar panel solutions for your home or office. They keep solar roof panel systems competitively priced, while providing customers with the highest-quality solar installations and service. Ross Solar provides solar solutions for homes and businesses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


The Ross Solar company was attending a trade show in Massachusetts and needed a banner right away. They asked us to make a new banner and change the design of their previous trade show banner to something a little brighter and more noticeable. The banner had to be 120” in width and 30″ in length and was going to be hung from the ceiling. The design

To find out more about banners or any other sign or promotion related product, contact us at 203-546-7267 or http://www.unltdsigns.com