Custom Sign/Awning Lettering for Shoe Service Plaza, Bethel CT

Fausto, the owner of Shoe Service Plaza, wanted his awning lettered. To do the process of the custom sign/awning lettering we need to measure the awning. The awning is 25 feet wide and we needed to center the letters so the letters will look even and centered.  We had to go on a 15 feet ladder to apply the vinyl.  After completing the measurement of the awning and where to place the letters, we then applied the letters. Since the letters are in one color we used our plotter to cut the individual letters. After the letters are cut, we then had to weed the letters (take the excess vinyl material off), and put application tape over it.  To install, we used masking tape to hold lettering in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the letters to the custom sign/awning letteri Cng with the mighty squeegee.


Shoe Service Plaza is a full service shoe repair shop.

  • We clean, dye, remove scratches and repair ANY shoes or leather product.
  • Shoes shined while you wait.
  • Zippers replaced. Leather stretched, sewn, fabricated.
  • We stock a full line of leather care, shoe polish, creams, laces, shoe and boot trees, shoe horns, and more


  • Heels – Rubber, English (combination of leather and rubber), Foam, and Leather
  • Soles – Full Leather or Rubber
  • Tips – Leather, Rubber, or Metal Tips
  • Cleaning, Color and Refinish
  • Heal counters (back lining)
  • Innersoles
  • Stretching


  • Heels – Rubber, English (combination of leather and rubber), Foam, and Leather
  • Soles – Full and Half Leather or Rubber, Protective
  • Tips – Leather, Rubber, or Metal Tips
  • Cleaning, Color and Refinishing
  • Stretching
  • Heel Counters (back lining)
  • Innersoles

Shoe Service Plaza, 68 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801 · they repair any leather, shoes, boots, handbags, suitcases, wallets, and belts.

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Full Van Wrap for Cumulus Media Danbury Kicks Van

As America’s second largest operator of radio stations, Cumulus provides high-impact local marketing solutions in 68 metropolitan areas.  They introduce businesses of all sizes to our communities of 14 million listeners via radio, digital media, targeted e-mail, and on-site promotions.  These solutions help our customers build strong brands and tap into over $400 Billion of spending power.

With over 350 stations to choose from, they offer programming for every lifestyle and taste. Listen anytime, anywhere…including right here!

Whether you aspire to engage listeners on air, produce award-winning advertising, or build a career as a media sales professional, they’re always on the lookout for talent.  Cumulus provides its employees with the tools, training, and leadership needed to help make the most of your skills.


The work we perform relating to Car decals/Full van wrap depends upon whether the logo or graphic needs several colors or just one.  If only one color is involved, we use the vinyl cutter/plotter.  It’s a simple process to do.  We just print the logo/graphics on the vinyl cutter and weed the excess vinyl off.  If the logo/graphics needed are multi colors, we use the printer.  Our colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System.  The Kicks Van had several graphics and designs all over their vehicles.   To avoid wind, dust, bugs and even snow, we put the kicks van in our climate-controlled garage.

Using the vehicle template, we do the most difficult part first.  The sides are the most difficult, since you have the doors, molding and the gas cap to work with.  That’s why it’s important to have the template.  The template will give you the measurements between the doors, the molding, and the gas cap, and also the pin striping.  Mistakes can easily be made, but must be avoided.   Since the van uses multiple colors, we use our 61 inch printer.  We print the car decals/full van wraplogo/graphics on specialize vehicle wrap material. Before installing you need to laminate first to protect the ink from harsh weather and the abusive brushes that are used in the automatic car washes. Double check your location and you’re ready to install.  To install, we use special magnets to keep the vinyl material in place so we can line up the panels together.  We then peel back the backing paper and then apply the special wrap material using the mighty felt cover squeegee, specifically designed for vehicle wraps.  It can take several hours depending upon the design, texture and size of the vehicle.

Cumulus Media of Danbury loved the work we did, they’re among our many satisfied Customers.    If you are interested inCar Decals/ Full van wrap, Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can help you.  Please visit out website and/or call us at 203-546-7267.

Custom Sign/Directional-Signs-Lake Lillinonah Shores Condo- Brookfield, CT

The Lillinonah Shores condo community in Brookfield is the only condo community along scenic Lake Lillinonah. This community of 48 contemporary style ranch and townhome units sits on 40 beautiful acres.

lillinoahdirectionalsignsThe community amenities include a pool, tennis court and boat dock. Lillinonah Shores was built between 1978-1982. Some units do feature a main level master suite. Others have features including cathedral ceilings, lofts & finished basements. The secluded setting is great for biking & jogging.  Joan came to us and needed a new custom signs/directional signs.  She needed ten directional signs for the development as the original signs were rusty, bent and twisted.

Making a Custom Directional Sign

The process to make af custom directional signs includes measuring the original sign which . We used 1 inch PVC instead of the original metal so the new sign will not deteriorate the way the original sign did. To create the sign we painted 2 coats and then sand it and repainted again. This took two days to do. For the numbers and lettering we used special reflective vinyl material, so it will be easier to read at night. To cut the individual letters and numbers out we used our plotter. We then had to weed (take the excess vinyl material off of) the letters , and put application tape over it.  To install, we used masking tape to hold lettering in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the letters and numbers to the custom directional signs with the mighty squeegee.

Joan loves the work we have done. If you would like to enjoy the country condo living in this prestigious community, please visit their website. Currently, there are 4 units on the market with an average listing price of $333,975 (per CMLS 8/7/09).

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Bus Graphics for Ted Lipkin at Pro Motion Group Media

Ted Lipkin’s clients typically ask for branding solutions that influence consumers where they live, shop and play. They want advertising that is big, bold and draws. Their goal is supplying branding attention in a clutter media environment, at low low CPM. Bus adverting is ideal if you want to reach a large audience repeatedly and consistently. It is seen by thousands, which is the equivalent of millions of impressions over the course of the campaign.


They specialize in creative, effective and cost efficient ways for our clients to reach their customers. and offer advertising medium that consists of placing advertising on buses, outside as well as inside.

They offer clients out-of-home advertising opportunities to make their message stand out in a competitive marketplace. Exclusive ad placement appears on primary forms of transportation most visible to people on-the-go everyday everywhere. The true beauty of transit advertising is; You can’t turn it off, throw it away or click to the next page.It does generate conversations. It engages the viewer. All media except transit (out of home) has become avoidable, transit is everywhere. People are literally forced to see the displays, as they have nowhere else to look. As buses go slowly down city streets the displayed message reaches out to people on the streets and people in vehicles.

When you think of Transit; It’s on your way to school, from soccer, the supermarket, shopping. It’s the definition of top-of-mind brand awareness.

For a media kit e-mail Ted at or 203 530 8658

Ted sent us an email regarding Car Decals/Bus Graphics.  He wanted several Car Decals /Bus Graphics. 15 – 21 x 70 known as Bus Tails and 2 –30 x 108 known as Queen. He gave us the logo and the design.  To do the process of Car Decals/Bus Graphics we use 3M vinyl material. Since the car decals/bus graphics is in multiple colors, we use our printer that uses the x-rite color management system.   After we printed the vinyl, we laminated it to protect the ink from the harsh weather.

Ted loved the job we did.  For more information on Car Decals/Bus Graphics, contact us, Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267 or at our website

Custom Sign/Road Sign for Brookfield Library CT

Anita came to us and wanted a custom sign/road sign they also wanted a reader board. To process the custom sign/road sign, we used two pieces of 1 inch PVC. We put it together to make the face, and trimmed it with Rams Head Crown Molding. The post was 6 inch by 6 inch by 12 feet. The posts were cemented into the ground, and we stained the post white.  The letters on the custom sign/ road sign were cut out of black vinyl. To cut the individual letters and numbers out we used our plotter. We then had to weed the letters (take the excess vinyl material of), and put application tape over it.  To install, we used masking tape to hold the letters in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the letters to the custom sign/road sign with the mighty squeegee. After we made the custom sign/road sign we installed the sign. The custom sign/road sign was installed in front of the library which is a historical district. After the custom sign/road sign was installed, we then installed the reader board. The reader board includes letters and numbers so the librarian can write activities on the board. The Reader Board is a cabinet sign, which has tracks to put up letters and numbers to change the message.


The library is located at: 182 Whisconier Road, Brookfield, CT 06804
Fax 203-740-7723

Check out their website for  Adult Events, Kids Events and Teens. for more information.

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Custom Monument Sign for Steven Kalayjian in Katonah,NY

Steven Kalayjian works for Lumineye.  Lumineye have traders who are passionate, individualistic, and perfectionistic. It is a trading experience that was more immersive and less complex. Since 2006, they’ve been developing and perfecting innovative trading technologies, not to serve market demands, but to satisfy those who share the love of trading and the frustration with the status quo. Creating a superior trading experience isn’t simply the goal – it is the vision.


Steven Kalayjian came to us; he wanted a custom sign/monument sign for a friend of his.  His friend was having a birthday, and he wanted to surprise her with a custom sign/monument sign that had the emblem of the school they both graduated from in Florida.

For the face of the sign, we used 1” PVC that had the letters carved into the face.  After the carving was completed, we painted the sign face with a 3 part paint, which is similar to automotive paint.  The face slides in to the posts, and has a support on the bottom without having to screw the face to the frame.   The posts were made out of PVC, with end caps on top to keep the weather out of the posts and to create a “finished” look.   Once the sign was completed we installed 4”x4” ground breaking stakes that are driven into the ground.  After the stakes were installed, the sign posts slide over the stakes and secured with screws.  The sign, as it stands now, can with stand a wind load of 80-100MPH, which is stronger than some town’s require.  With all the extra effort we took with this sign i.e. automotive paint, PVC we can almost guarantee that this sign will be up for the next 15+ years.

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Lawn Signs for Fundraiser Water Witch Hose Company #2 New Milford, CT

Dave called us about a for a Santa Express Fundraising event.  To do the process of the custom signs/(lawn)site signs we used 4 feet x 6 feet coroplast material( The sign is for temporary use, so coroplast material is perfect) .  Since the custom signs/(lawn)site signs uses multiple colors, we use our printer. We printed the custom signs/(lawn)site signs logo and graphics on vinyl using the graphics that Dave approved. The material we use is vinyl material and the colors we use are controlled by the x-rite color management system .  We then apply the vinyl material to the coroplast sign using the mighty squeegee.


Dave loved the job we did. For more information on Custom Signs/(Lawn)Site Signs, contact Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at

How Water Witch Hose Company #2 in New Milford Connecticut got started:


On May 8, 1830, a number of community-minded people residing in or near the center of New Milford, met for the purpose of  “forming a fire engine company for the use and management of the fire engine recently purchased to protect the center.”

The company records show that  in 1903, a parade carriage was purchased from the Portland, CT Fire Department.  The carriage has become the symbol  and source of pride for Water Witch Hose Company No. 2.    It was even featured in a 1973 Double-mint Gum commercial filmed on the Green. As Their town has continued to grow and prosper, so have the number of calls to which we respond. We have kept pace by purchasing newer equipment throughout the years to enable us to meet the community’s need for protection.

From plane crashes to propane explosions. From structural fires to flood duty performing rescues on the Housatonic. Water Witch Hose Company No. 2 has faithfully served the community since 1863.