Custom Name Badges for Brookfield CT Town Hall


If you live in Brookfield, Connecticut, we encourage residents to check Brookfield’s website,, to learn about government activities and meetings, to find answers to questions, to utilize Town Hall services and to access municipal information electronically. You can learn about upcoming events by using “News & Announcements” on the HOME page, download a wide-variety of documents and forms from various departments, navigate to specific web pages of Town Hall departments, boards and commissions, and subscribe to the Town Hall Newsletter.

Dennis, the Brookfield Park and Recreation Director  came over to us and asked if we do custom signs/name badges.  Of course we said yes.  To process the custom signs/name badges we got the pictures of the employees from Dennis and added their position and title. We print the custom sign/ name badges on our x rite color management system using vinyl material. We then place the pictures/position of titles onto a blank name badge. We then added lanyards so the employees can show their custom sign/name badge around their necks.

Dennis loved the job we did.  If you are interested in custom signs/name badges, Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at and/or call us at 203-546-7267.

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