Window Decals and Graphics for Kate Emilies A Salon in Danbury, CT

For A COMPLETE SALON EXPERIENCE make an appointment at KATE EMILIES A SALON.  Located at 54 Pembroke Road, Danbury CT and in business since 2003.  The owner and operator, Kate Dupre, is a second-generation stylist, building on the success of a family tradition.  The Salon is well versed in the latest trends.  Their 9 fully trained stylists will be able to more than fulfill your needs.  And since it’s a family oriented salon, cuts and clips are available to moms, dads and the kids.  Flexibility is key, their extended hours and being open 7 days a week, helps accommodate the busy professional or anyone squeezed for time. Their menu of services includes all types of cuts and styles: men’s buzz cuts, wash and styles, wash and set and formal Up-Do’s. Their specialists are trained in many chemical services from hair coloring, foils, and double process to permanents and smoothing treatments.  Stop by the next time you are getting ready for a night out, or just want to look your best. If you are looking for a professional makeup artist for a full application, airbrush, or lessons you will always be pleased with the results you get from Kate Emilies salon. Pamper yourself! Whether you are looking for waxing for the lip, chin, eyebrows, underarms, bikini, or legs, Kate Emilies specializes in waxing, makeup, hair, and even the latest nail salon style. They can give you a one of a kind manicure or pedicure, OPI Gel Manicure, Spa Manicure or Polish Change. An available exclusive in-house product line of shampoos and conditioners can be purchased on a visit or through their website.


Jules from Kate Emilies Salon wanted window decals/window graphics on her front door.  Before we started, we went to the store and measured all the windows and the doors, basically all the areas that needed window decals/window graphics.   They showed us what logo and graphics they wanted, and we printed it on our plotter.   To do the processing of vinyl lettering in one color, the sign maker will program the logo or window graphics to the plotter.  Since the graphics were going on the inside of the door, we had to cut the lettering in reverse. The plotter will then cut the vinyl material in specific section, and then we have to weed it out the material, and put application tape over it.  Double check your location and you’re ready to install.  To install, use masking tape to hold window decals/window graphics in place, peel back the backing paper and then apply the window decals/window graphics on the windows with the mighty squeegee.

It’s a process, but one that we are very knowledgeable about and take great pride in.

Kate Emilies Salon loved the job. If you are interested in Window Decals/Window Graphics, Unlimited Signs, Designs and graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at or contact us at 203-546-7267.

Glass Etching Beer Mugs for the Danbury Whalers

The Danbury Whalers are a minor league professional ice hockey team in the Federal Hockey League that began play in the 2010-11 season. Based in Danbury, Connecticut, the Whalers play at the Danbury Ice Arena, located in CityCenter Danbury. Their name comes from the Hartford Whalers who were a professional ice hockey team based in Connecticut and played in Hartford from 1975-1997 before relocating to Carolina.

Jed Wilson from the Whalers called us and wanted to increase the variety of logo merchandise available to fans at the Whalers home rink by selling an engraved beer mug.


To create the custom design on the beer mug we used  a glass etching process.  To do this we first took the Danbury Whalers logo and made it into a stencil. This is similar to a negative of a picture taken from a camera. The negative space lets the glass show through and the rest of the stencil covers the glass. This is what determines the part of the design thats removed during the etching process. Once the design is where we want it is taped into place and the etching process begins. For this particular project we used a sandblasting technique which is best for highly detailed artwork and high end design jobs where quality is most important.


Jed Wilson liked the work we did.  If you are interested in Glass Etching Engraving , Call Unlimited Signs Designs & Graphics. 203-546-7267.

Custom Name Badges for Brookfield CT Town Hall


If you live in Brookfield, Connecticut, we encourage residents to check Brookfield’s website,, to learn about government activities and meetings, to find answers to questions, to utilize Town Hall services and to access municipal information electronically. You can learn about upcoming events by using “News & Announcements” on the HOME page, download a wide-variety of documents and forms from various departments, navigate to specific web pages of Town Hall departments, boards and commissions, and subscribe to the Town Hall Newsletter.

Dennis, the Brookfield Park and Recreation Director  came over to us and asked if we do custom signs/name badges.  Of course we said yes.  To process the custom signs/name badges we got the pictures of the employees from Dennis and added their position and title. We print the custom sign/ name badges on our x rite color management system using vinyl material. We then place the pictures/position of titles onto a blank name badge. We then added lanyards so the employees can show their custom sign/name badge around their necks.

Dennis loved the job we did.  If you are interested in custom signs/name badges, Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at and/or call us at 203-546-7267.

Training For Warriors – Cut Vinyl Pylon Sign

We were asked by Andreas at TFW to put up a new sign marking their location at 11 Stony Hill Rd. For this we created a double sided illuminated box sign and used cut vinyl for the graphics. We chose to use cut vinyl rather than printing it out directly because we needed the sign to be opaque in some areas and to have light come through in others. The cut vinyl also gives a sharp contrast between colors that sometimes can not be achieved with printing. The sign was mounted on an existing pylon structure used to advertise the shopping center.


Training For Warriors:

Join the “Resistance” to get in the best shape of your life! Bring out the Warrior Within! Unlike everyday “Bootcamps” TFWBethel offers more than 20 unlimited group training classes between 2 facilities with a  12 person per class Cap to make sure we guarantee our commitment of “personal attention to proper form and movement” to  all our clients!

TFW is available at 2 locations –

11 Stony Hill Rd. Bethel, CT 06801

83 Stony Hill Rd. Bethel, CT

For more information on Signs, Vehicle Graphics, or any type of printed promotions please contact us.

Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267 or at our website

Tailgate Wrap and Lettering for PSC Landscaping in Bethel, CT

PSC Landscaping (Paul Stewart Caso Landscaping) is located in Bethel CT.  With clients spanning across Connecticut, PSC Landscaping serves Danbury to Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Wilton, Shelton and many other towns across the state.

Paul Stewart Caso founded PSC Landscaping LLC in 1996.  Since then, they have provided award winning Landscape design and landscaping services to many Connecticut residents and businesses including Union Savings Bank.


Paul called us and wanted his old truck car decal/tail gate wrap and truck lettering. We of course said we were happy to do it. To do the processing we first wrap the tail gate using special vehicle wrap material. For this car decal/truck lettering, multiple colors were involved, so we printed the design on our 61” HP Latex Printer, using the x-rite color system.  Before installing you need to laminate first to protect the ink from harsh weather and the abusive brushes that are used in the automatic car washes. Double check your location and you’re ready to install.  To install, we use special magnets to keep the vinyl material in place.  We then peel back the backing paper and then apply the special wrap material using the mighty felt cover squeegee, specifically designed for vehicle wraps.  This just took ½ hour since it is just a tail gate.

Here are some of the many services provided by PSC Landscaping:

  • Award-winning Landscape Design & Installation
  • Property Maintenance & Estate Management
  • Walkways, Patios, Stone Walls & Other Masonry Projects
  • Custom Cedar Fences for a Variety of Needs
  • Expert Insect and Disease Diagnostics
  • Lawn Installation, Repairs & Residential Turf Management – Organic Options Available!
  • Proper Drainage Installation to Alleviate Water in Basements & Other Related Issues
  • Tree Care and Removal

They just recently added Turf Care and Tick Control to our list of services.

Please call them at 203-744-5025 or stop at their location on 80 Wooster St, Bethel, CT, to discuss your needs.  They are always very happy to help with your landscape design and implementation.

Paul Caso was excited about the job. For more information on Car Decals/Tailgate Wrap and Truck Lettering contact Unlimited Signs Designs, and Graphics at  203-546-7267 or visit our website at

Wrapping a 2014 Dodge Caravan

The owner of Unlimited Signs decided to wrap his new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan to show what a good vehicle wrap looks like. We used 3M vinyl designed specifically to be used on vehicles due to it’s durability and resistance to fading. To make it even tougher we used a clear laminate material over the printed vinyl which will make it completely resistant to all that the road will throw at it over the next 3 to 5 few years. The full color graphics were printed using our eco-friendly HP 5 foot Design Jet latex printer, which puts out incredibly detailed and colorful graphics.


The wrap process is fairly straightforward. Once the design is chosen the graphics are created in Adobe Illustrator and then using a template of the vehicle we figure out all the necessary measurements. The design is then printed onto the vinyl and the laminate is applied over the finished graphic. The vinyl is then cut and laid out on the vehicle in the general area that it is going to be applied. From there it’s just a delicate process of using a heat gun and a squeegee to apply the adhesive vinyl to the vehicle. The hardest part is making sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles in the vinyl. That’s what seperates the beginners from the pros. When you look at a wrap up close it should appear as it’s been painted on the vehicle, and this American flag graphic is a great example of how good a vehicle wrap can look when it’s done properly.

Here’s a few interesting facts about advertising with a vehicle wrap:

1. 75% of a companies customers live within 30 miles of the businesses location, which is where your vehicle will be driving the streets or parked the most. Giving you visibility to the people who matter most.

2. Studies show that people feel a company is more established and trustworthy when they can connect with your brand visually. Seeing your name and logo around town gives your brand an edge over a comapny they’ve never seen before.

3. On average 20,000 people a day will see your vehicle. Whether it’s driving or parked it’s always promoting your business. 24/7 – 365

4. It’s one of the cheapest forms of advertising. It costs an average of 15 cents for every thousand people who see your vehicle. Compared to billboards at $1.78 (per thousand) and radio which is $10.00 (per thousand).

If you’re interested in getting your companies vehicle wrapped or lettered stop into our shop or give us a call now. It’s surprisingly affordable.

Phone: (203) 546-7267

72F Grays Bridge Road
Brookfield, CT 06804

Boat Lettering in Bethel, CT

Summer is coming soon and it is a wonderful time to go boating. If you have a business and you want to promote it, why not advertise on your boat?  How many times do you see boats docked next to seasonal restaurants? For instance, Down the Hatch in Brookfield, Connecticut.   Put your name, number and logo on the side, front and back of your boat, this will increase your visibility of your business. If you have a boat and you want a personal touch, for instance a name for your boat, design or any other ideas, Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics can help assist you with ideas and install it.


One of our customers wanted to name their boat.  We use special vinyl material for boats and our colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System. To do the process of vehicle decals/boat lettering in one color, we had to cut individual letters using our plotter, we then had to weed the letters, and put application tape over it.  We double check the location where to install the vehicle decals/boat lettering and we install.  To install, we used masking tape to hold lettering in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the vehicle decals/boat lettering with the mighty squeegee.

The customer liked the job we did. For more information on Vehicle Decals/Boat Lettering contact us, Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 203-546-7267.  Or check out our website at

Spike Innovation’s Engraved Labels

Spike Innovation needed small labels for the brewing company they manufacture. We helped them out by making small engraved pieces with an adhesive back that secures it once in use. To do this we used our computerized router. This computerized router can engrave any design from ultra thin lines to signs 2 feet in length. It can engrave on materials such as plastics, metal and glass.


Spike Innovation is the official manufacturer of the Electric Brewery systems and products. They provide everything you need to have a professional, easy to use, indoor electric brewery in your home.

Keep up with Spike Innovation via their Facebook page and stay tuned for the unveiling of their new website,

Need your own labels? Give us a ring at 203.546.7267 and we can answer your questions.