98Q Danbury Connecticut’s Vehicle Graphic

WDAQ (98.3 FM), “98Q”) is a Hot AC station licensed in Danbury, Connecticut and serving the immediate Danbury area. The station is owned by Berkshire Broadcasting Corp, along with sister stations WLAD and WAXB. WDAQ broadcasts on 98.3 MHz with 1.3 KW (1300 watts) ERP (Effective Radiated Power).

DAQ first signed on in 1948 as WLAD-FM, one of the first Class A FM stations to sign on in the United States and the first to sign on in the Danbury area (over a decade prior to the sign on of the higher powered WINE-FM). Originally, the station was part of the Rural Radio Network as one of two Connecticut affiliates of the New York-based network. This programming would last until the 1950s when WLAD-FM evolved into an extension of its then daytime-only sister station, WLAD-AM.

In the mid-1960s, spurred on by FCC regulations forcing FM stations to create formats separate from their AM sister stations, WLAD-FM upgraded to a stereo signal and flipped to an automated easy listening format. In 1979, the call letters were changed to WDAQ, competing with WEZN from Bridgeport and WHUD from Peekskill, NY for Greater Danbury’s easy listening audience. The station gradually shifted to soft adult contemporary. In 1986, the station rebranded itself as “Lite 98” and shed the easy listening instrumentals.

By the late 1980s, WDAQ faced a more crowded market of adult contemporary signals. WEBE Westport/Bridgeport adopted the A/C format in 1984 and then WEZN contemporized its easy listening format in 1987. Seeing an opportunity between teen formatted WKCI-FM, mainstream A/C WEBE and soft A/C WEZN, WDAQ was reborn as Hot A/C 98Q in September, 1989. The station’s initial music mix relied heavily on 1970’s titles that had not been played on the radio for several years. Within a year, WDAQ shot to #1 beating sister full-service WLAD and crosstown rocker WRKI.

During its more than 20 years as “98Q,” the station has finished first in the majority of Danbury Arbitron market ratings surveys. The station continues to be hyper-focused on Greater Danbury as opposed to the more regional approaches of the other FM stations in the market.


Mike Delpha, the Advertising Sales Manager contacted us to have the 98q van wrapped.  They wanted their silver Volkswagen Routan entirely wrapped in Orange with performers decals and their 98Q Logo. To wrap the van from silver to orange, we used 3M wrap vinyl material. The work we perform relating to Car decals/Vehicle Graphics depends upon whether the logo or graphic needs several colors or just one.  If only one color is involved, we use the vinyl cutter/plotter.  It’s a simple process to do.  We just print the logo/graphics on the vinyl cutter and weed the excess vinyl off.  If the logo/graphics needed are multi colors, we use the printer.  Our colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System.  The 98Q had several graphics and designs all over their vehicles.   To avoid wind, dust, bugs and even snow, we put the kicks van in our climate-controlled garage.

Using the vehicle template, we do the most difficult part first.  The sides are the most difficult, since you have the doors, molding and the gas cap to work with.  That’s why it’s important to have the template.  The template will give you the measurements between the doors, the molding, and the gas cap, and also the pin striping.  Mistakes can easily be made, but must be avoided.   Since the car decals/vehicle graphics uses multiple colors, we use our 61 inch printer. We print the car decals/vehicle graphics logo/graphics on specialize vehicle wrap material. Before installing you need to laminate first to protect the ink from harsh weather and the abusive brushes that are used in the automatic car washes. Double check your location and you’re ready to install.  To install, we use special magnets to keep the vinyl material in place so we can line up the panels together.  We then peel back the backing paper and then apply the special wrap material using the mighty felt cover squeegee, specifically designed for vehicle wraps.  It can take several hours depending upon the design, texture and size of the vehicle.

98Q loved the work we did; they’re among our many satisfied Customers.   If you are interested in Car Decals/ Vehicle Graphics , Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at www.unltdsigns.com and/or call us at 203-546-7267.

Custom Thermometer (Fundraiser) Sign for New Fairfield Public Library

The New Fairfield Library seeks to serve the community as a source of information, education, recreation, and enjoyment by assisting individuals and groups in their daily activities and development, and by being a center for business, social, cultural and recreational development. The library card allows you to check out books, magazines, DVDs, videos, music CDs and cassettes, recorded books on CD, cassette or Play away devices and large print books. Visit the library for children’s and adult programs, newspapers, reference help, or local history information. Other services include color and B&Wcopiers, a public FAX machine, interlibrary loan services and Internet workstations. From home, you can access the catalog, your account and multiple databases. Cardholders have statewide privileges allowing you to borrow materials from any public library and return them at any public library. The library is located on 2 Brush Hill Road, New Fairfield, CT 06812. Contact number is (203) 312-5679.

thermometerKathy from New Fairfield Library wanted a custom sign/thermometer (fundraiser) sign to indicate how much they raised from donations to update their library. To do the processing of custom sign/thermometer (fundraiser) sign, we used our printer.   We print the custom sign/Thermometer picture and graphics on vinyl material, and we use the x-rite color management system for the face of the sign.  We then apply it to both sides of coroplast material using the mighty squeegee. The coroplast material is similar to plastic cardboard which is mostly used for yard signs. We then put large stakes to hold up the custom sign/Thermometer (fundraiser) sign.

Linda and Kathy were very excited about the work we did.  If you are interested in Custom Sign/thermometer (fundraiser) signs, Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can help you.  Please visit our website at www.unltdsigns.com and/or call us at 203-546-7267.


Spiderman Film’s Vehicle Wraps

Have you seen the new Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spiderman 2? I bet you didn’t know that Unlimited Signs wrapped a couple vehicles for the film.


Although we didn’t add the Oscorp’s logo to these cars, we did have the opportunity to wrap the cars for the filming of an action scene.  Since only one color was needed for this full car wrap, we ordered 3M matte black.  This process is relatively simple, we just take the large panels of the film and wrap it over the vehicle.


You can see the cars we wrapped in a matte black at one minute in this video.

Matte Black SuburbanWhat did you think of The Amazing Spiderman 2? Do you want us to wrap your vehicle? Check out more information about vehicle wrapping or call us at  203-546-7267.


UCONN FSAE Racing With Unlimited Signs

This year we were fortunate enough to sponsor the UCONN Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE). This is a student run organization that designs, manufactures, and races a Formula-Style car competitively all from scratch. These engineering students have the opportunity to get real hands on experience.


This year the car they created completed FSAE Michigan International Speedway and placed 20th our of 120 teams. UCONN FSAE also was named the number one team in New England at this event. The team has also competed for a few years at the Formula North located in Canada.10369126_631760390225498_5454019873642856025_n


How does it work putting all the logos on the car? Each logo design is cut in pieces using one color vinyl. Then using a squeegee each logo is applied seperately. Our logo was featured on the side of the car.


After nearly a year of  design, development, and construction the vehicle has its first test drive: 

Finally the vehicle was unveiled to the public: 

Follow UCONN FSAE’s adventures on Twitter. We wish the team many more successes!