Feature A Face in Hole At Your Event

If you need ideas for Trade ShowsFundraisers, or Carnivals – life-size Face-in-Hole / Standins cut-outs are a great  idea.   It is an ice breaker for conversation, it is fun, it brings people together and it is something unique to distinguish yourself.  Also you can make money. All you need to do is take a picture, make sure it is a high density picture so it can be life-size and cut out the face.

Face in Hole

Trade Show Lead Generation Sign

For Trade Shows, you can take pictures of people with their face in the hole.  This display can attract more traffic to your booth and help generate additional leads.

Fundraisers and Carnival Attractions

For Fundraisers, Carnivals and Golf Games, you can charge to throw balls in the cut-out hole.

How to create a Custom Face-in-Hole Sign

To create the Custom Sign / Face-in-Hole Sign / Standins, we measure the picture of your choice to match the foam board material we use.  It is important to measure because you have to be aware where to cut out the face. For instance the average person is 5 foot 5.  We need to cut out the foam board face around 5 foot.

To do the build a Custom Sign / Face-in-Hole / Standins, we use a 40 x 60 foam board.  We then print the picture of your choice. The print method depends on the color of the picture you are using; if the picture is multi colored, we use our printer with colors are from the x-Rite Color Management System; If the picture is one color, we use our plotter. We then print the custom sign / face-in-hole sign/standins on vinyl material and we squeegee the printed vinyl material to the foam board. Once that is done we cut out the face.  To support the foam board we use easel backs. This will help  the foam board stand up freely.

Custom Sign / Face-in-Hole Sign / Standins prices ranges from $25 for small cut-outs to more depending upon the size.

Depending how many cut outs you need, the turnaround time can be two to three days.

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