Serendipitous Art Studios’ New Window Decals Serendipitous Art Studios, Brookfield CT

They are a unique place where they hope to inspire you, provide you with the tools to explore and give you a place to create your own kind of images. The digital camera, and the software that supports it, puts the capacity to create into everyone’s hand.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, they hope to provide you with the opportunity to stretch your horizons with new opportunities.
Use top of the line equipment – Hasselblad, Nikon, Cannon, Epson.
Use a fully equipped photo studio or light table.
Use the latest, top of the line professional software from Adobe and Apple to edit your photo, video or graphics.
Use printing services for prints up to 17” X 120”.

Window Graphics

Gerry came over to us and wanted Window Decals/Window Graphics on their store. They wanted a 20 inch 6 footWindow Decals/Window Graphics above the door.  To do this process, they showed us what logo and graphics they wanted and we printed it on our printer.  For multi-colors we use our 5 foot printer.  Our colors are from the X-Rite Color Management System, it shows the logo in high definition.  After it prints, we double check the measurements.  To do this, we printed their logo on vinyl material, then we laminate it to protect the ink.  We cut the vinyl to size, to fit the windows. Then, it’s applied to the window with the mighty squeegee. It’s a process, but one that we are very knowledgeable about and take great pride in.  We also did the window decals/window lettering on the middle of the doors.  To do the process of window decals/window lettering in one color, we had to cut individual letters using our plotter, we then had to weed the letters and put application tape over it.  We double check the location where to install the window decals/window lettering and we install.  To install, we used masking tape to hold the lettering in place, we peeled back the backing paper and then we applied the window decals/window lettering with the mighty squeegee.
Gerry loved the job we did. .

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