Ten Tips For A Successful Trade Show

1)      People need to know you are going to be at the show.  Social media is a great tool to let your customers or guests know that you are in a trade show. Twitter, Facebook and LinkIn are most common.

Trade Show

2)      Make sure you advertise weekly that you are in a trade show and invite people to bring guests.  Tell people about a give-away or promotion if they come to your booth.

3)      Make appointments at the show to meet in the next week or two. Response to any requests from the show as fast as you can, that night if possible.  Follow up with everyone who came into your booth.  Prepare a response e-mail ahead of time, and then modify it to make it personal to the attendee.  People will forget so remind them what they saw or what was of interest to them.

4)      Be kind to everyone.  If a person feels they are not being treated right, word will get around.

5)      Look professional and be alert. Be assertive and talk to everyone.  Prepare to give a 30 second presentation on your business.  Have a set of questions to ask to help qualify attendees.

6)      Be unique and stand out.  Make sure you are heard.  Don’t sit in the booth; be facing out ready to welcome prospects.   What product do you sell that is different from the rest. Be ready with success stories and knowing your unique value so people will remember you.

7)      Trade lead with every other vendor, you never know who might have a prospect for your business.

8)      Don’t sell at the show, the goal is to get an appointment for a follow-up visit.

9)      Give away cool sway after talking to people at the trade show

10)   No matter what, you need to BRAND ALL YOUR PRODUCTS THAT YOU GIVE OUT.

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