Marketing At Gold Tournaments In Signs


Golf tournament signs are a great for marketing businesses. People want to see who invested or sponsored displayed on their signs. Golf tournament signs are important because it raises money and awareness of a charity and it promotes businesses who sponsored. The business will be praised for the charity and community involvement.

Since there is 18 holes in golf, there needs to be 18 sponsors. Each sponsor or business will have their logo, name, address, phone number and website to promote their business.

Why, Choose Golf Tournament Signs?

Golf is a professional business sport that relaxes the experience professional. It not what you know, it is who you know. Knowing the right people is the main ingredient of any business or profession.

How to create a Custom Signs/ Tournament Signs

To process the custom sign/golf tournament sign, we did the following: Since the lettering of the sign is one color, we use the vinyl cutter/plotter.  To do the processing of vinyl lettering in one color, the sign maker will program the logo /design to the plotter. The plotter will then cut the vinyl material in specific section, then we have to weed it out the material , and put application tape over it. We then put the logo/design on the coroplast material that is used for the custom signs/golf tournament signs.

Custom Signs/Tournament Signs prices ranges from $9 and up depending  upon the volume of signs.

Need ideas for your sign?  See our gallery of custom signs!

Depending how many signs, the turnaround time can be one day to several days.

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