Is Vehicle Wrapping Right For You?

Have you considered wrapping your vehicle? Not sure where to begin? We outline it for you below.

Car Full Wrap Mr. Rooter

You want your vehicle wrapped, but you are not sure if you want the whole car done? You have a logo, but it is not creative enough.  Below are questions you should ask yourself to help you decide what is right for you.

1)      How much are you willing to spend?  If you want the whole car wrapped, it can be costly.  Chose a budget that is right for you.  Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics can work with you on your budget and make your car look great. We can offer you choices such as fleet lettering, designs, graphics, and partial wraps.

2)      Who is your targeted audience?  If you are a service person, such as a plumber, painter, or construction worker, you need to advertise your van.  What design or logo do you want to use to represent your business or company?  If you are a plumber, for instance, you might want to show a person with a wrench or pipe to give a visual effect of your services.  A partial wrap and fleet lettering might do.  However, if you have a tour bus, a whole wrap will be more effective.

3)      Do you have a logo for your business?  How big is the logo?  Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics can work with you on your existing logo, or create a logo to enhance and design your advertising needs.  If you are interested, please contact us at 203-546-7267 or visit